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Scattered Shots: Reputation rewards for Hunters in Wrath of the Lich King

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! You didn't think Scattered Shots was taking the day off, did you? Hopefully, there's enough of you who aren't completely zonked out on turkey, ham, or beef to read this.

So by now, I figure most of you are well on your way to 80, and are probably starting to ask yourself: Which reputation should I grind first? There's tons of ways to choose, be it roleplaying who your character would align themselves with or choosing the one that's easiest to grind. One of the most popular and most effective though, is pretty simple: Asking yourself which one has the best loot. Today's Scattered Shots will center around that last one.

If you're still not sure how to grind reputation in Northrend, or forgot where the quartermasters are, be sure to check out our Wrath 101 post on reputations, as well as our post on the Wolvar and Oracles of Sholozar Basin. Once you've done that, or if you remember the basics, read on!

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Phat Loot Phriday: Dory's Embrace

Cloak time! This fairly new cloak sits in a weird place in the endgame ecosystem-- it's a PvP cloak in a PvE world.

Name: Dory's Embrace
Type: Epic Cloak
Armor: 114
  • +34 Stamina
  • Improves critical strike rating and resilience by 20, attack power by 46, and your attacks ignore 112 of your opponents' armor
  • So it's a Rogue PvP cloak. But wait-- this cloak actually comes from, well, go read the "How to Get It" part below. Go ahead. I'll wait.
  • Isn't that a little weird? To get one of the best PvP cloaks for rogues in the game, you have to do PvE. Blizzard doesn't think it's that weird-- they say that originally, they were keeping PvP gear only for PvPers and PvE gear only for those raiders. But later on, they decided that was a bad idea, and now we've got cloaks like this. Still, it's a pretty awesome (and nice looking) cloak.
  • And your guess is as good as ours who "Dory" is. I thought it was that fish from Finding Nemo, and it turns out that it's actually a type of fish, but considering the flavor text is "approximately priceless," that doesn't seem right.
How to Get It: To get this cloak, you've got to visit good old Gears G'eras in Shattrath, and turn in a whopping 60 Heroic Badges. Badges, as you probably already know, are available from Heroic instances, as well as from raid bosses in Karazhan and Zul'Aman. So this is a cloak that you can only get from doing PvE.

If you jumped down to this section from the section above, you can go back now.

This cloak was added in with the patch 2.3 gear, so if you haven't seen it there before, that's why. The good news is that even though 60 Badges is a lot, you can supposedly pick up 22 Badges in a full Karazhan run. So just run it three times and you're all set.

Getting Rid of It: This cloak is disenchantable, and like all level 70 epic items, DEs into a Void Crystal. Sells back to a vendor for 60 Heroic badges. No, I'm just kidding, but wouldn't that be nice? Vendors won't buy it back at all-- apparently they have no need for your ratty old Epic gear.

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