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Guildwatch: They should ninja a dictionary

Blizzard's "new" approach to the endgame is nowhere more apparent than right here in Guildwatch: final endgame bosses use to only be the domain of world firsts and sponsored guilds, but one look through our Downed section this week shows that even casual guilds can now roll all the way up to Yogg-Saron and take him out. Sure, Algalon, that "destroyer of raids," is still no pushover. But the endgame is definitely much more accessible than before.

That downed news can be found after the link below, along with all of the drama and raiding news we've received lately from around the realms. Click on to read this week's Guildwatch, and feel free to send us your tips at -- you might see them right here next week.

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Guildwatch: Ninja tested, GM approved

This isn't guild drama, but what a move -- Kokor of Draka convinced a PuG to help him through a second run of Gun'drak just so he could ding level 80. And take a guess what he did as soon as he dinged -- yup, split off to Naxx, leaving the PuG, who'd just helped him level the last few points, in the lurch. The jerk store called, and they just ran out of Kokor.

More stories of drama in this week's Guildwatch below, including a prodigal son that isn't so welcome. Plus, we've got downed and recruiting news from around the realms -- if you want to know what the guilds are up to on your server, it's in here. And don't forget, send your tips on drama, downed and recruiting news to, and you'll see them right here in the future.

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Nihilum downs Vashj

We knew it was coming. And now it's happened: Lady Vashj is down at the hands of Nihilum.

And just as Eliah suspected the other day, the Fang of Vashj dropped with her-- at 92.8 DPS, it is now the highest DPS one-handed anyone-can-use weapon in the entire game (the weaponsmithing weapons are a little better, but only for specialized blacksmiths). Healing Pally gloves also dropped (Plate +20 spell crit and +48 healing), as well as a few vials from the Well of Eternity (which might actually be one of the most powerful items ever given to players, if you think about it), two of those elusive Nether Vortexes, and a Tier 5 helm token for Warriors, Priests, or Druids.

The picture on Nihilum's site shows her respawning right over her corpse, so it looks like, as they say, "tuning is needed." But grats to Nihilum on downing Lady Vashj for a world first. Next up: Kael?

[ via MMO-Champion ]

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