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5 tips to improve your DPS, no matter your spec

5 tips to improve your DPS, no matter your spec
Readers may have recently caught our six simple tips for getting started in tanking, and the follow-up, six simple tips for getting started in healing. We couldn't really come up for six simple tips for getting started in DPS, other than, you know, hit things with damaging spells, don't stand in bad, that sort of thing, so we're taking a slightly different angle with this short guide. And yes, some of the tips will be kind of obvious to old hands, this guide is aimed at new players, but you never know, you might just learn something if you stick around.

While tanks and healers are in the spotlight by merit of their lower numbers in groups, DPS stress comes from the fact that your skill is almost always visible. No, a mistake from you isn't as likely to wipe the group as a mistake from a healer or a tank, and yes, there is safety in numbers, but there's no escape from Recount or Skada, or another DPS meter of your choice. As such, DPS is a numbers game, and it's a case of the bigger the better in many cases. So, what can you do to improve your DPS?

1. Don't fear the meter

That is a retro song reference if I ever saw one. I mentioned meters a moment ago and they're back again, from a positive angle this time. While DPS meters can be less than perfectly accurate, and a source of stress for DPSers, they're also a great way to analyse your performance. DPS improvement, as we'll see going forwards, is a lot about information.

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In the next installment of our guest post program, welcomes Kelly Krehbiel. Kelly plays as Galestrom, a Night Elf Hunter on the Turalyon realm. A proud member of <The Elders of Turalyon>, he's been playing the game for a little over a year. "The coolest thing to me, is really having fun with this game." His guild makes it simple, he says. "They're some of the most helpful and knowledgeable people I know, and they really make it easy to have a blast." In From Manners to Mechanics -- Five tips for DPS in heroics, Kelly explores how you can be at the top of your game during your random heroic dungeon runs.

It's a known fact that we DPS are a dime a dozen. If we leave an instance (or are kicked), another waiting DPS immediately steps in and the fight goes on. For us, things are a little different. We're waiting several minutes to run heroics, hoping to close out our dailies before the 'Enter Dungeon' button finally arrives.

While it's true we're easy to replace, there's no question we bring value to the fight. If we weren't around, it would take a significant amount of time for the tanks and healers to get the job done. Thankfully, enrage timers keep us in business we're handy to have along, so it behooves us to ensure we're doing our part.

From the way we carry ourselves, to the very mechanics of our class, there's a few tips we can use to make sure we're getting the most out of our heroic runs. After the break, we'll show you how to do just that.

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