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Last day to enter WoW Insider's Brewfest Giveaway

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter a comment (on the other post, not this one) to get a chance at winning this striking Thargas Anvilmar toy... sorry again-- "Action Figure" from WoW Insider and DC Unlimited. Brewfest ends on Tuesday, and this figure doesn't release in stores until October 24th, but we here at WoW Insider are making the best of the drinking festival and hooking one lucky reader up with this baby, a Dwarf Warrior outfitted in Tier 5!

To enter, put a comment on our original post (not this post) by this afternoon at 3pm EST telling us what your favorite drink for Brewfest is. You guys all went with the "in-game" idea, which is fine, but personally, I like drinking out of game a lot better than in-game (in-game drinking just gives me a headache). So for me, Jack and Coke is the drink of choice. For beer, definitely Fat Tire with a meal, or Guinness if it's just a pint at the pub.

But good luck with the contest! Official rules are here (short version: must be in the US and 18 or older, one randomly selected comment will win and you can only enter once). Happy Brewfest!

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Phat Loot Phriday: Mirren's Drinking Hat

Unfortunately for us Hordies, this snazzy hat is Alliance-only. But if you're the right faction, the MDH is the perfect headgear for drinks on the go!

Name: Mirren's Drinking Hat
Type: Rare Cloth Head
Armor: 92
  • +18 Intellect
  • Increases spell damage and healing by 35, which makes it a nice quest reward for any caster around level 62 or so
  • Restores 5 mana per 5 sec, which makes it even better
  • And here's the fun part: Use: Reach into the hat for a drink. That's right, once every 60 minutes, you can use this hat and get a free drink in your inventory. The drink changes all the time, but it's usually some type of alcohol (naturally-- you get it from a dwarf). And some of the drinks that come out actually work as mana drinks, too, although at one every hour, it's not quite enough to live off of.
How to Get It: It's cake if you're already in Outland. Down in the southwest of Hellfire Peninsula, just south of Falcon Watch (the Blood Elf tower), there's a little dwarf camp where you'll find Mirren Longbeard. He's got a short chain of two quests-- the first one will be a quick run back to Honor Hold to fetch the guy some beer (but wait, if he's got this hat, why does he need beer?), and the second one will send you just south to the Arrakoa camp to kill their pet birds and collect the feathers.

Bring back the feathers and he'll give you this pimp hat, obviously named after 2007 Best Actress Oscar Winner Helen Mirren.

Now, Horde, like I said, this quest isn't for you-- this is, unfortunately, an Alliance-only item. But don't worry-- you still get free booze! Down in Stonebreaker Hold, there's a barrel to the left of the inn that you can click to get some free Stonebreaker Brew! (the barrel despawns when too many players use it at one time, so if it's not there, check back later) Free booze!

Apparently there's also a clickable barrel for Alliance at Allerian Point. But since they get this hat, we just won't tell them about that one.

Getting Rid of It:
Sells to a vendor for 1g 85s 22c, or disenchants (req 225) into either Arcane Dust, Lesser Planar Essence, or a very small chance of a Small Prismatic Shard.

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Raiding under the influence

The response to Monday's breakfast topic got me thinking about drugs, alcohol and WoW. A lot of people said they drink to pass the time while farming in WoW. If you're 21 or whatever the legal drinking age in your country is, that's fine -- at least you're not driving. And as for other substances, well .... we're not the FBI and we're not here to judge or moralize. Generally, it's probably better to play WoW while intoxicated than, say, perform brain surgery or control the country's nuclear arsenal.

But dealing with drugs and alcohol can be tough if you're in a group situation, especially if you're in a raiding guild. There's a thin line between "having a good time" and "wiping the entire group because the suppression room is spinning." I've been in raid groups with extremely drunk or high people, and the result has rarely been good. Sure, there's the odd person who can heal or tank just as well while under the influence, but I've also seen a drunk mage whisper me with "loool im kiting gluths stuff," and heard one too many guildmates explain that they couldn't remember why they quit the guild/insulted the officers/yelled out their phone number in Vent. Pretty entertaining for those of us watching, but for a guild actually trying to make progression, such members can be hard to handle.

The worst I've seen was when I was guilded with a tank with an admitted drug and alcohol problem. He was an excellent tank when he was present and conscious, which is why guilds kept giving him chances. The end of the line for him with our guild was when he was the main tank for Nefarian -- we were just beginning to learn the fight, and the guild leader figured a tank with Will of the Forsaken might make things easier. He did a good job the first try. He did a good job the second try. But after the ten minute break before the third try, he disappeared. He didn't log out or tell anyone he was going AFK -- he just stayed still until he disconnected. Turns out he had taken quite a bit of alcohol and/or cocaine before the raid and had passed out at his computer. Needless to say, he didn't get to tank Nef again (although he did stay in the guild.)

What does your guild do with people who are clearly intoxicated during instances? Do you have a drug-free zone policy during raids, or do you consider it a violation of the person's privacy to tell them what to do in their personal lives?

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Phat Loot Phriday: Darkmoon Special Reserve

Yes, there's lots of things to do in Azeroth, and fortunately, getting drunk is one of them. Our expansion finally shows up next week, so before then, let's have another round on the best tasting stuff you can find.

Name: Darkmoon Special Reserve
Type: Beverage
Damage / Speed: Messes you up but quick
  • "An extremely potent alcoholic beverage."
  • Yup, this is the hard stuff. When you want to get virtually drunk, settle for nothing less. It's the official beverage of fishing superstar Nat Pagle!
  • You know how when you get a few in you, it feels like you can take on the world? This beverage is no different-- after consuming it, not only do you get the normal blurry vision (seen above), but mobs will actually look lower in level to you. Get smashed on this stuff, and a level 50 mob will actually look level 45 or 46. Careful though-- this stuff packs a heck of a hangover. Too bad you can't find a chocolate milkshake anywhere in the game (trust me, that's the best hangover cure ever).
How to Get It: As the name implies, you can get it at the Darkmoon Faire-- the beverage vendor there sells it cheap. The Faire shows up either outside Thunder Bluff or Stormwind, depending on where it happens to be at a certain time. But the vendor will sell it to you anytime, no matter what faction you are, as long as you make your way over there.

But the other, better way to get it is to stop by the most legendary fishing spot in all of Azeroth. Nat Pagle, fisherman extraordinaire (named after Blue's Pat Nagle), has a nice little fishing spot hidden in none other than Zul'Gurub. At the camp (where you also summon Gahz'ranka). There's a few boxes there, and you can stock up on the Special Reserve to your heart's content. Pagle fished in style, baby!

Getting Rid of It: Drink the stuff-- it does a body good. If, for some reason, you've decided to cut down on the consumption, a vendor will buy it back for 12 copper. Cheers! Here's to the Burning Crusade! See you in Outland!

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