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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: What other skills should your class have?

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic What other skills should your class have
Each week, Blog Azeroth hosts a Shared Topic for bloggers to answer on their own blogs and then link to in the forum. Last week, Effraeti from Awaiting the Muse asked:
We all have our favorite classes, and sometimes, even with our favorites we wish they had just a little something more. Like another skill that would be super cool and perfect to our class. Like for my Shaman, I think I should have more elementals.

If you could have another skill or two for your class, what would it be?
My answer? More druid ports.

Way, way, way back in the day, when druids first got the teleport to Moonglade spell, we were told it was the first of our ports. That text went away after a while, along with any hint of any other ports ever hitting the druid spellbooks.

When I used to play Everquest, there were two classes that had ports: wizards and druids. They were in constant demand for porting people to their respective portal sites. It's obvious that the original plan was to borrow the same idea, at least for self-portals. Maybe Blizzard didn't want to seem too copy-catish? I don't know. But I was bummed that my druid never saw another teleport spell.

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