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Patch 4.3 PTR: New loading screens and zone maps

You can't hit a new dungeon without knowing where you're going these days, can you? MMO-Champion has datamined the new loading screens for all three new dungeons, the new Darkmoon Faire, and the Dragon Soul raid, and Wowhead News snapped up maps for all the new instances, as well as some old.

The zone maps include not only the new instances and raid dungeons, but a new map for the Vault of Archavon, the Forge of Souls, and Baradin Hold. Baradin Hold seems to indicate we'll be seeing a third boss with this patch. I wonder what will happen to the wandering eyes of Occu'thar?

Check out the gallery for a look at all loading screens and maps for patch 4.3.

Brace yourselves for what could be some of most exciting updates to the game recently with patch 4.3. Look at what's ahead: new item storage options, cross-realm raiding, cosmetic armor skinning and your chance to battle the mighty Deathwing -- from astride his back!

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Patch 4.1 PTR: Burning Crusade dungeon maps

A new build is rolling out on the patch 4.1 PTR tonight. Wowhead has really stepped up its datamining game these last few months and has already posted one of the coolest additions to this build: new dungeon maps.

Maps for all of The Burning Crusade dungeons and raids are now available on the PTR, from the lowly Hellfire Ramparts to the mighty Sunwell Plateau. I must say, looking at the maps is pretty fascinating to me. I spent countless hours in all of those dungeons for two years, and I knew how to get through all of them effortlessly via landmarks and simply memorizing the flow. I never had an image in my head of what the overall picture looked like, and now I do -- years later!

In addition to The Burning Crusade maps, there are also maps for the updated Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub, as well as an updated map for Baradin Hold indicating the addition of the second boss. Do note, however, that we probably will not be getting that boss in patch 4.1, since the raid content was pushed back to patch 4.2.

Head over to Wowhead to see the full spread of dungeon and raid maps.
WoW Patch 4.1 is on the PTR and WoW Insider has all the latest news for you. From previews of the revamped Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub to new Valor point mechanics to the new Archaeology items.

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BlizzCon 2010: Patch 4.1.0 brings enhanced dungeon maps

Cory Stockton (World of Warcraft lead content designer) announced an unexpected feature that will be coming in patch 4.1.0. It has been revealed that Blizzard is adding maps for all dungeons from Burning Crusade all the way back to classic in order to match the features that the current Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm dungeons bring with them.

The new information is that they're planning on taking those maps up a notch. Instead of just a stylized skull icon marking where the bosses are on the map, we'll be getting enhanced information about each boss encounter.

This will include a 3D portrait of the boss, a brief bit of lore about why exactly you're fighting them and a list of what all loot drops. While all that is all well and good, this is not where the new features end.

The interface will also give you a listing of what abilities each boss uses. That doesn't mean that you are given the strategy, but instead you'll be able to find out what things to look for during the encounter and react a little faster. You'll know if a debuff will be something that you must cleanse immediately or something that you'll be able to ignore for a moment while healing and then get to when you have a moment. These features will not only be for 5-man content, but will also be available in 10/25-man raids as well as heroic content.

Their reasoning behind this is two-fold. First, a lot of players already tab out to check sites like Wowhead to find out loot and boss abilities. Secondly, when presented with a new dungeon a player doesn't have to have as many things explained by the dungeon guide. We'll see how this develops when 4.1.0 starts to get closer.

BlizzCon 2010 is upon us! WoW Insider has all the latest news and information. We're bringing you liveblogging of the WoW panels, interviews with WoW celebrities and attendees and of course, lots of pictures of people in costumes. It's all here at WoW Insider!

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Ulduar revealed on full map

Stompalina over at Rawrbitchrawr pointed us in the direction of a map of Ulduar that was meticulously pieced together by a guild mate. The map contains major spoilers, so do not click on the links if you want everything to be a surprise. The map contains a list of all the possible bosses, including those that haven't been announced yet.

The map also reveals a possible progression through the dungeon, which should be indicative of the relative difficulty of the bosses as players head towards the final boss. It's a rather interesting map, if you're willing to see spoilers. The map is spawling and looks massive. Head on over for a peek at the big dungeon of Patch 3.1. Have I said it was filled with spoilers yet? Well, it's filled with spoilers!

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New dungeon maps on the patch 3.1 PTR

MMO Champion has posted all of the in-game maps for the new Northrend dungeons. We'd heard a while back that they'd be added in, and though there was no mention of them in the 3.1 patch notes, sure enough, they're out on the PTR.

They obviously use the same style as all of the other in-game maps, with labels of each area and concept art of the dungeon itself behind each layout. But here's something we didn't expect: each map has a skull placed where the bosses are, so with just a glance at the map you can see where the big bad guys are found. Right now, obviously, we know where they all are, but that will be interesting when maps of future instances become available.

And right now, on the world map, areas get drawn in as you discover them, but we'd guess that these maps will be opened up as soon as you enter the instance (you don't discover parts of an instance, you discover the whole thing). It'll be interesting to see, next time we explore some new instanced content, just how these maps can affect gameplay.

Patch 3.1 brings us Ulduar, dual specs, significant changes to all the classes, and more! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1.

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