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Preview of new Dustwallow Marsh content

Player Szilia has scoped out the changes to Dustwallow Marsh to add more mid-level content to the zone coming in Patch 2.3. She reports back that Mudsprocket, a new, neutral Goblin town has appeared in the southwest, complete with Flight Paths and graveyard.

Mudsprocket is the main quest hub for both Alliance and Horde, though most quests appear to be Alliance based. Other new quest hubs include Tabetha's Farm and additional quests on and around Theramore Isle. One of the new quests centers around the disappearance of the King of Stormwind and involves both Jaina Proudmoore and Bolvar Fordragon

Other changes include the arrival of the Grimtotem Furbolgs, the dragonkin outside Onyxia's lair losing their elite status and the introduction of a new sea beast.

Szilia doesn't give out any loot rewards, but with new Epics introduced in the lower levels, maybe the quest rewards will be better than usual. And Alliance really needed an alternative to the 15 level grind that is Stranglethorn Vale.

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New zones in old Azeroth

Dreadly of Nerz'hul asks a question that I'd like to know the answer to, also-- will we ever see new zones in Old Azeroth?

I can't say I'm as concerned about this as I was a week or so ago-- the revelation that we'll finally see some new content in Dustwallow Marsh has me content (so to speak) about midlevel content for a while. But it would be interesting to know if Blizzard has any other plans to add on to old Azeroth (either by creating new zones like the Draenei and Blood Elf starting zones, or by developing existing zones like Mount Hyjal and Gilneas).

Bornakk, always the spoilsport, says what you would expect: while it would be cool, there are no plans right now. He also says, however, that Blizzard is "more excited" about working on new continents, like Outland or Northrend, at the moment. As usual, it comes down to the player base-- because Blizzard sees so many characters at 70, they're "more excited" about expanding the endgame than the midgame.

Bad? Good? We do know this: Blizzard has a history of paying attention to what their players do, not necessarily what they ask for. When Molten Core was packed with guilds every weekend, they made more 40 man raids. When Karazhan got super popular, they made Zul'Aman. And hopefully, when Dustwallow Marsh is overrun by players running alts through the middle of the game, Blizzard will finally see how badly players are scrambling for new content in the "old" game.

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Leveling improvements for Patch 2.3

Are you in the midst of leveling a character between 20 and 60? Well right now is the time to stop everything, rush over to this forum post from Blizzard, and sing a happy song while you hurry up and wait! That's right, in answer to the crying pleas of casual alt-oholics everywhere, Blizzard is finally speeding up the tedious leveling curve for old world content in patch 2.3, adding in a bunch of new quests, nerfing a lot of the nastiest bad guys, and buffing a whole bunch of the items they drop.

Here's a summarized list of the changes, with the full post by Vaneras copied for you beyond the link below.
  • Amount of experience needed to level reduced by 15% per level between 20 and 60.
  • Experience gained from completing quests increased between levels 30 and 60.
  • Outdoor elite quests will now now be soloable, with the same (or better) rewards.
  • About 60 new quests and a new goblin town based in Dustwallow Marsh (levels 30 to 40)
  • Level ranges for old dungeons to be narrowed down a bit (so that if you are high enough to start them, you are high enough to finish them too)
  • Increased questing experience for dungeon quests.
  • Buffed up item drops from dungeon bosses.
As Vaneras says, "Though we've given you a few examples of the things to come, we think everyone will pleasantly surprised when they see the full extent of the changes discussed above." Keep reading to see all the juicy details.

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