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The Question on Everyone's Mind...

Beyond racial skills and available guilds, I know everyone's just dying to know what the new race's dance is.  Well, here's one of them - the male blood elf dance.  The voice commentary in the video also does a good job of addressing the obvious questions brought to mind...

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A brief tour of Outland

Outland, the remains of the planet Draenor, is an alien and futuristic place. Entering through the Dark Portal, players encounter a vista with a strong science-fiction feel -- giant planets hang in the sky, highlighting the scorched red earth. Populated by creatures including Hellboards and Stormsnout-style Mutated Clefthoof beasts, it's reminiscent of the Blasted Lands and similar areas of Azeroth.

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WoW Moviewatch: Naxxramas Trailer from E3

This video, Shadow of the Necropolis, gives us our first glimpse of action in the upcoming Naxxramas instance, included in the 1.11 patch, from the Blizzard previews at E3. Those are some seriously gnarly spiders...

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Hands on with baby Draenei

The Draenei that feature in The Burning Crusade are firm believers in the Light, and I took a Draenei Paladin out for a spin. As a healing class, the Blessing of the Naaru racial becomes another tool to be used in tricky situations, but its effectiveness leaves a lot to be desired. The spell takes 1.5 seconds to cast, with a 3 minute cooldown, and acts as a fairly weak heal-over-time.

The alien feel of Ammen Vale works well with the storyline -- the Draenei are survivors, and much of the questing revolves around healing. The vale is dark and blue in atmosphere, similar to Teldrassil but with hints of Un'Goro Crater's otherworldliness. It's a futuristic and strange place, and serves as a nice bridge between the fantasy feel of the current WoW zones and the new planet Outland.

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WoW Moviewatch: The Darkmoon Faire trailer from E3

This is the first part of a series of press release videos from E3; this one spotlighting the events at the Darkmoon Faire. It probably doesn't contain anything that most of us haven't seen, but it's a nice little video, in any case...although it could really use one of those carnival barkers yelling "Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!". Enjoy...

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Hands on with baby Blood Elves

I played through the first few levels as a Blood Elf Mage at E3 today. As a veteran of every other newbie land, I have to say that starting from scratch as a Blood Elf has a similar feel to the other races -- there's only so much you can do as a newbie, after all.

However, the newbie quests have an interesting twist. Thanks to the Blood Elves' Mana Tap racial, levelling downtime is reduced, and quests teach you how to use the racial effectively. It's going to be a really vital get-out-of-jail card -- when you Mana Tap enemies, their mana is reduced and you receive a buff with no immediate effect. You can stack this effect up to three times, and then unleash the Arcane Torrent racial to restore your much-needed mana at a time when it really counts. The cooldown means you can't use this all the time, but I can see it becoming really vital for healers, for instance.

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WoW Moviewatch: Flying Mounts at E3

Again, from an anonymous, on-the-spot cameraman, some hazy, blurry, brief, yet extremely cool glimpses of flying mounts at E3. Take off, eh?

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History of the Blood Elves

The official World of Warcraft site has been updated with a new feature, detailing the lore & history behind the mysterious Blood Elves, soon to be gracing Azeroth in the Burning Crusade expansion.

The story follows the legacy of the outcast elf Dath'Remar Sunstrider, and how he led his people to their new home in Azeroth, millennia before the first war. From reading this, it looks like Blizzard has done another excellent job in setting up the backstory of the new Horde race & incorporating their history into the World of Warcraft; you can check out the story right here.

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WoW Moviewatch: Burning Crusade at E3

Thanks to this stealthy cameraman, you can get an almost-realistic, slightly-lifelike, not-so-reasonable, low-rez facsimile of previewing the Burning Crusade expansion at E3. It's like being there, only with poor eyesight & without all the geeks! Enjoy...

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Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan on the Burning Crusade

Today's New York Times has an interview with Blizzard designer Jeff Kaplan, where he speaks out for the first time since E3 & the announcement of the new Draenei playable race. The piece is a very informative Q&A where Kaplan fields questions regarding the selection of the Draenei and the dev's motivations behind this & other upcoming changes that will accompany the release of the new expansion.

For all those following the latest expansion news from E3 & elsewhere, there are some great tidbits of information here, concerning a wealth of subjects related to the Burning Crusade. Kudos to the Times, also, for such an unapologetically gamer-centric article, with no pretense of trying to explain what the hell they're talking about to the non-gaming reader. Click here to read.

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Some Info on the Tier 3 Sets

Gnome mage in tier 3 armorIGN went out and collected a multitude of screenshots focused on these new armor sets.  As we know from this morning's New York Times article, the sets will be 9 pieces (all of the usual armor slots as well as one ring).  The pictures are somewhat blurry, but the print is legible and the visual concept of the sets are obvious.  The armor show seems to follow the recent trend (with Dungeon 2 sets) of more subdued armor coloration (no bright purples here), which I'm perfectly content with.

Update: Of course as soon as I posted that, I found some additional information (better organized, if nothing else) here

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Nether Drake is first flying mount

We already knew that the Burning Crusade expansion will feature flying mounts, but at E3 we've seen firsthand the Flying Drake, one of these mounts. Zones like Outland are being designed with flying mounts -- which are available at level 70 -- in mind, so getting your new mount will unlock new content within these zones.

The Flying Drake was demonstrated with a Draenei character, but we don't know which other mounts will be available, or to whom. Given the existing quest storylines, gryphons or hippogryphs may be a possibility, but it's likely that Blizzard will introduce some brand new mounts as well.

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Burning Crusade: the lowdown

We sat down with J. Allen Brack, Senior Producer at Blizzard, to look inside the Burning Crusade expansion and find out more about what's in store. The expansion will be released at the end of 2006 (with no increase in the monthly fee), so here's some information to keep us all going until then.

As we already know, two new races will be introduced -- the Blood Elves for Horde, and the Draenei for Alliance. Draenei players will be able to become priests, mages, hunters, paladins or warriors, with a racial that allows healing regardless of class. These spiritual creatures are large -- Tauren-sized -- and start out in Ammen Vale, on Azuremyst Isle, south of Teldrassil.

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Hands on with the Burning Crusade expansion

We know pictures speak louder than words -- the image above is from the E3 teaser video --so we've the following screenshots from The Burning Crusade expansion for you to pore over. Gameplay-wise, the expansion demonstrated at E3 is identical to the current version of WoW; it ran smoothly on the demonstration Macs.

We explored both the Draenei and Blood Elf starting areas, but we'll have more impressions later when we speak to Blizzard -- any comments or questions you leave in the next two hours may be passed on. In the meantime, enjoy these shots.

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Blizzard's Word: WoW Movie Officialy a Go

We reported yesterday about the news of a new WoW motion picture in development, and now it looks like the boys in blue have indeed confirmed that report. An official press release went out today, announcing the joint development of the film, with producers Legendary Pictures at the reigns.

The release quotes both the Blizzard creative team and the filmmakers, and shines some light on what we can expect to see from the upcoming epic. No talent or crew have been signed as of yet, but I'm sure that the rumors will start flying anytime now, and the fans will have plenty to chew upon as the project comes to fruition.

Aside from my wary words yesterday, I do indeed hope for the best with this adaptation; aside from being a fantasy fan in general, I would enjoy a property I'm familiar with being given the proper screen treatment. I'm sure every WoW fan under the sun has their own idea of what the ideal Warcraft movie would be, and I'm sure the filmmakers are going to be listening to those ideas as the project moves forth, so start your dream casting now, folks!

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