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Breakfast Topic: Are you ready for WAR?

Warhammer Online comes out today. For many players, this is an exciting time, as the game looks fantastic and there have been many favorable reviews of the game. As a huge fan of PvP, I was greatly attracted to Warhammer's RvR concept and how PvP actually shaped the game world. I was really all ready to sign up and even purchase the Collector's Edition but when EA-Mythic released the specs for the game, I was sorely disappointed. Unlike Blizzard games, which are made for Macs and PCs, WAR is only coming to Windows.

So I'll be sitting on the sidelines and watching my friends try out Warhammer. I think I'll be alright, though. Blizzard recently announced that Wrath of the Lich King will be released on November 13, and to be frank it's more than enough for me. While I would've loved to try out Warhammer Online, I think I'm pretty content with the game I'm playing now. In fact, I don't think I've ever been more excited to play the game. With less than two months to go before Wrath, I think it's a great time for the MMO genre in general. How about you guys? Are you ready for WAR?
Are you ready for WAR?
Yes! I'm going to WAR and never looking back!626 (5.9%)
I've got my subscription to both. I think I'll check it out.1131 (10.7%)
I'm not interested in going to WAR.4729 (44.6%)
I'll wait for a while to see what others say before deciding.2300 (21.7%)
I quit! I don't like MMOs!128 (1.2%)
Where's World of StarCraft?1698 (16.0%)

Extensive Warhammer Online coverage, guides and news can be found on our sister site, including their excellent WAR for WoW players feature.

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EA: You don't need $1 billion to compete with WoW

You just need $100 million to beat it. No, we're kidding -- after Activizzard founder Bobby Kotick's presumptuous statement a few months ago that any game company would need at least half a billion dollars to challenge World of Warcraft, EA/Mythic's Mark Jacobs has responded in kind on the eve of their big Warhammer Online release, telling MTV Multiplayer that the number is closer to around $100 million. And that they spent less than that on their big MMO.

We'll be realistic here: we don't think anyone believes, including EA, that WoW's numbers are attainable for another MMO coming out this year -- even Blizzard believes that eventually WoW will go by the wayside, but as Jacobs says, anyone releasing a game today isn't just competing with WoW, they're competing with WoW and Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. And no matter how long your development cycle or how big your budget, you can't compete with three years of people working around the clock to make the game better for live players.

But EA does want to be successful, and Jacobs says success for him would mean upwards of half a million players. Six months from now, he says, if Warhammer is folding servers and not adding them, the writing is on the wall. There's no reason to think that will be the case, of course -- Warhammer looks like a great game led by one of the biggest publishers in the world supporting one of the best MMO developers, and it's about as close to guaranteed a success gets in the MMO space. But even Mythic would say WoW stands on its own -- while WoW is running, it's highly unlikely we'll see any MMO come anywhere near its 10 million total subscribers.

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