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The OverAchiever: Combining The Ambassador and Mountain o' Mounts

Every Thursday, The Overachiever shows you how to work toward those sweet achievement points. This week, we contribute to Azeroth's obesity epidemic by refusing to walk.

Mounts: They get your ass from point A to point B, and if you're lucky, they'll do it as stylishly as possible. They're the most immediately visible status symbol in WoW and often give you a one-glance note on the kind of player at whom you're looking. People astride Invincible can be counted upon to be hardcore raiders from the Wrath of the Lich King era, someone riding a Violet Proto-Drake is never new to the game, and players rocking a White Stallion are seriously old school.

Players who have been around for any length of time almost inevitably accrue a stable's worth of beasties to cart them around, but some folks go the extra mile for the Leading the Cavalry and Mountain o' Mounts achievements. In Cataclysm, these are a lot easier than they once were, although you should still be prepared to dump a ton of gold and time into them no matter what. Fortunately, the first part of the Mountain o' Mounts trek should also net you The Ambassador achievement and title.

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A few more changes from 2/29

First off, a Black War Elekk has been added in a recent PTR push! Rejoice PvPers, you now get a giant elephant mount. I know a few of my guild mates have been waiting for this, so I imagine it'll be a welcome addition, if a small one. I might get one for my Paladin, running around on the Charger is getting a bit boring and I honestly don't know what else would be appropriate.

For up and coming Alchemists, the Philosopher's Stone has been altered. Like the Alchemist's Stones after it, it is now a trinket. Also like the Alchemist's Stone, it'll do a little something for everyone. Emphasis on little. The new Philosopher's Stone will add 5 to each of the basic stats.

In addition to the little boost to Alchemy above, the materials for the new Alchemist's Stones have been toned down somewhat. Rather than 16 primals per stone, you'll need only six. That's anywhere from a 100 to a 300 gold reduction in price depending on the primal and your server's market, or a few hours of farming saved, so I really can't complain.

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Around Azeroth: Words never spoken by a Dwarf.

Beware of booze in Terokkar Forest. If you happen to get yourself smashed while in Stonebreaker Hold or Allerian Stronghold, you just might start seeing things, as demonstrated above, by test-Dwarf Flaym of Thrall. (And you do need to see the image full-size to properly appreciate it, so click for a larger version!)

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! Or perhaps you'd just like to see more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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Children's Week coming in patch 2.1

Reader Baxmaniac (thanks!) sends along a little tip that Blizzard's event calendar page has been updated, and Children's Week has been officially scheduled for patch 2.1.

Usually, the event has appeared in the first week of May, so lots of players were wondering what exactly had happened to it-- were the children going to be abandoned this year? But though Blizzard hasn't given an official reason for the holdup, most likely it was because they're adding new Outland versions of the event, including all new pets (I'll be running to get my Metroid pet ASAP).

And finally, while Blizzard has not officially announced a date yet (do they do anything officially anymore?), the patch has been showing up on the background downloader, so it's a pretty good bet that 2.1 will be hitting tomorrow. By this time next week, you too could be carting little Dumbo the Elekk around Outlands.

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WoW Moviewatch: Mount up for Burning Crusade

Is it too late to get excited about spoilers from the Burning Crusade? If you don't want to see what all the mounts to come in Outland look like, don't watch this video. They've got everything, from the flying mounts to the Chocobos sorry, the Cockatrice sorry, the Hawkstrider. Common to epic, Griffon to Nether Drake-- watch at your own spoilery risk.

Of course this is clearly on a hacked server (we're not going to see mounts flying around IF, ZG, or TB for a long time), but it's still awesome. I can't wait to get my soon-to-be-created Blood Elf mage to 40, just so I can get me a non-mechanical birdie. WARK!

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Exalted with Exodar?

Everyone's trying to get a jump-start on preparing for the Burning Crusade, whether it's by getting new PVP gear, finding a leveling guild or gathering all your jewelcrafting mats. Some people take the phrase "getting a jump-start" a bit farther than others, though -- like the members of the Exalted with Exodar Club.

Yes, these brave souls have gotten exalted with the Draenei faction so they can get the Draenei elekk mounts as soon as Burning Crusade hits. And since you can't get Exodar faction by doing runecloth turn-ins, they did it the hard way, by grinding turn-ins in AV that raised their rep with all Alliance cities. Warla, a warlock from the Dragonmaw server, got Exodar as her twentieth exalted faction. Holy magoley, Batman! I can't even imagine the /played it takes to get that.

There are a couple Horde who have posted about being exalted with Silvermoon City, but not nearly as many as on Alliance. Maybe the Horde are all busy PVPing, or the hawkstriders are just uglier than the elekks, or (my theory) the Horde generally can't win at AV enough to do this.

Whether you consider getting exalted with the new factions on live to be genius or crazy, you've got to admit it's an interesting way to pass the time until the expansion.

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Leaked Burning Crusade Alpha Videos

Within the past few days, as you're probably aware, the Burning Crusade Friends and Family alpha disc has leaked its way out onto the internet, and recently videos have sprung up made by people who were able to reverse engineer (or otherwise emulate) the WoW servers. It's probably worth noting at this point that that's definitely against the Blizzard TOS, if not completely illegal.

But if you're hungry for Burning Crusade information (and don't care about spoilers or seeing unfinished product), there's a ton of information to be seen in these videos. One more disclaimer: besides the fact that watching these will probably spoil a lot about the expansion for you, these screens are all from the alpha version of the game, and so every single thing here is subject to change, or could even be faked-- there's no guarantee about any of this, and it's definitely not confirmed by Blizzard. But hey, if you're still interested, here they are.
Personally, I can't wait for the expansion, so I'd rather be surprised by what I see in the game than spoil it by either watching these videos or playing on a hacked server. But as I said, there's lots of information in these videos already, and we'll probably see more and more of this as we get closer to release. Enjoy.. if you want to.

[Thanks, Slipknot, and others]

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