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WoTLK to bring new emotes

I know I've complained a bit about Warcraft's lack of character customization, but I must say that it seems like they've been slowly but surely taking steps to make things better on that front. There's the dance studio and the barber shop incoming, of course, but here's another leak that's popped up from the Alpha: New emotes!

I know it sounds silly, but having pre-made emotes can really add to the fun factor of playing your character. Add them in macros (but don't spam them, that's just annoying) or use them to register your enjoyment, surprise, shock, or disgust at the situation. There's some really good ones in here that I've been wanting for a while -- although, word to wise, Blizzard: Facepalming is generally done with one palm, not two. I know you've seen the facepalm ASCII on the General Forums, too. Also, I would like to thank you for allowing me to finally act as my hero, Phoenix Wright, through the magic of emotes.

I know it's just a minor thing, but still, I'm looking forward to having a bit more variety in playing with my character in the social part of the game. Now if we could only get outfits and player housing too...


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Breakfast Topic: Emote humor

I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for practical jokes. I fall for emote humor all the time. In EQ, I fell for the pickpocket joke. And the BG joke that is definitely a little mean has gotten me as well. So I am always happy to hear that I am not the only sucker around and tonight much of my guild fell for a little ninja loot humor.

Narayan is a Boomkin. So there is no way he should be looting the Seventh Ring of the Tirisfalen. Even if he were a Feral Druid, he still wouldn't need all of that shield stuff. But for a minute, most of the people in Tempest Keep seemed to forget that loot text is green and not orange. To say that the tank was a little miffed would be an understatement. But my guildies have a great sense of humor, so there will be no ensuing drama reported in Guildwatch.

Have you fallen for an emote practical joke? Or are you the emote joke perpetrator? What is your favorite /e humor?

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WoW Rookie: Communication Part 1

WoW Rookie is brought to our readers to help our newest players get acclimated to the game. Make sure you send a note to WoW Insider if you have suggestions for what new players need to know.

The joy of MMORPGS is being able to interact with other players.At some point we all group up for quests, instances, raids, battlegrounds, arenas, guilds, just for company.This column is dedicated to the basics of how we communicate in game.Next week we'll discuss the third party programs that are frequently used in games.

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Bugs show a little emotion

Sorandra over on Livejournal has an interesting bug happening when she runs WoW in Vista-- her female draenei is showing a different skin in different situations. Out of water, she's got the face you see up on the left. But in water, a different face appears. It looks like her toon just really hates water.

Of course it's just a texture error (a known one, at that), most likely fixed by updating her video drivers. But it does kind of make you wonder a little bit why Blizzard doesn't bother implementing something like this for real, and making characters actually show facial animations. Sure, the mouths move, but we can't actually frown when we /frown or smile when we /smile. If it's this easy to change the face textures, it seems like it would be just as easy to show displeasure for real.

The only obstacle might be that they'd have to design different textures for each gender and race, which would take a bit of time (time probably best spent on the actual patches and expansions). Still, a little more emotion would be fun to have. If Blizzard ever gets around to doing a graphics overhaul (much like Dark Age of Camelot has done with one of their expansions), hopefully something like this will be on the list.

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/e is easily amused by emotes

Impossibility over on the WoW Ladies Livejournal is, I'm sure she'll agree, a newbie. But she did just finish Deadmines (grats!), and she was surprised, after completing the instance, to see the message above. Her rogue ripped her off!

Now, as she soon learned, she didn't really get pickpocketed-- rogues can only pickpocket mobs, not players. But she did get emoted-- what happened was that the player typed "/e successfully steals.." and it appeared like that above. You can do all kinds of fun things with emotes, because although they always appear in orange (in the default UI), players, even experienced ones, can get them confused with all the other messages coming by. The most common trick is usually "/e rolls 99 (1 - 100)", which looks like you got a really nice roll (except for the color, of course, which makes the trick easy to spot in a big list of rolls). Another good one is "/e receives [Sword of Awesomeness]," or just shift-click whatever item you want it to look like you just looted something cool on your own.

A warning: Just like the old Piccolo, lots of players usually find this more annoying than funny, so use it at your own peril (and you should never use it to try and rip other players off-- alert players will know exactly what you're doing, and then you're in real trouble). But a little levity sometimes goes a long way, and it's a fun trick to use once in a while.

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Have Ideas for New In-Game Emotes?

Blizzard is looking to expand the different emotes available within the game, and they're looking to the forums for suggestions. While you can always type out emotes if you want something especially custom, the pre-defined emotes are the only way to express yourself to the opposing faction. So, do you think the the game needs a /learn2play emote? Suggest it here.

Breakfast Topic: Emoting

It's those little things that make Azeroth a fun place to be -- and these days, it seems no MMO can get away without a /dance emote. The list of emotes you can perform ingame is quite long (hit the "Read" link for the official rundown), and you can even create your own using /me -- although opposing factions will only see indecipherable gestures if you use anything but pre-approved commands.

What's your favourite in-game emote? If you could add your own to the pre-approved list, what would it be?

If I'm questing in a contested zone and I really don't want to be bothered, I tend to fire off a macro at approaching Alliance players -- /hug, /kiss, /bow -- which is supposed to tell them that I'm feeling peaceful and want to make my offerings to the Earthmother rather than kill Alliance. Unfortunately, I end up getting ganked anyway, but c'est la vie. A more specific emote might help -- "Player is deeply absorbed in her given task and does not feel that today is a day for war" -- but people would likely gank me out of spite. I don't mind ganking, but there are some days when you only have an hour to play and you really want to get all those bear livers!

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