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Blizzard unveils patch 4.2 Dungeon Journal Preview

One of the more exciting GUI elements coming in patch 4.2 has to be the new Dungeon Journal (formerly the Encounter Journal), a tool that allows you to research basic elements about various boss fights, the bosses' loot tables, and their abilities. Blizzard answered some questions about the feature 2 months ago, but the only way to get a real feel for the Dungeon Journal was to log on to the PTR yourself and take a look, which our own Matt Low did last month.

With patch 4.2 likely to drop next week, and with the Dungeon Journal undergoing some minor tweaks since its launch, Blizzard has decided it proper timing to give us all an official preview of this great new tool. The preview shows and explains the different aspects of the Dungeon Journal, from the sortable gear listing to boss mechanics.

The latter aspect -- boss mechanics -- has proved to be quite a controversial feature amongst those who worry the information contained therein will ruin bleeding-edge progression. Though it's unlikely to quell those concerns, Blizzard once again addresses them in the preview:

4.2 Dungeon Journal Preview
Our goal is to give a solid foundation for taking on the boss, a general sense of how the encounter will play out, and some context to the abilities, without taking the place of creating independent strategies.

For those interested, we have the full preview available after the break.

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Patch 4.2 PTR: First look at the Encounter Journal

Recognize the little guy in the top left corner? Yup, that's Crabby! He's back to help guide you and your party through the various encounters found in Azeroth. Who would have guessed a simple crustacean had so much to offer?

If you don't want to spoil yourself for any specific lore reasons, you may wish to avoid using the encounter journal until you at least get to the encounter itself. A recent patch 4.2 build had enabled it, and already I can see this being a huge asset to players who wish to dive into dungeons or raids.

The encounter journal effectively tells you three things:
  • Loot drops
  • Boss abilities
  • Notable phases
Some of the journal entries also provide a little lore background into the areas you're invading. If you're a person like me who doesn't read quest text much and just hits "Next" on everything, you might sometimes wonder why you're going into some dark part of the world to take down some villain. At least now we have some idea as to why.

What the journal won't tell you is how to take down bosses. You get a full list of boss abilities and mechanics, but it's entirely up to the raid to determine what tactics should be used to respond to said boss abilities.

Warning: Partial encounter spoiler ahead.

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