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World of Warcraft is ending, what do you delete?

Pretend for a minute end of the world is actually happening*. Fire and brimstone will rain down from the sky, earthquakes will shake apart the globe, and a real life cataclysm will take place.

Besides the fact that I'd be perfectly fine with that (humanity isn't very redeeming these days), I'd need to do something in WoW to mark the end. After all, it's been a constant companion for the last eight years. To mark it I'd do two things.

First, I'd plant myself at the hills overlooking Elwynn Forest and sit down. My first character would be my last -- my warrior. Even though he's no longer my main, I think it'd be fitting to go out with him. He was the character that got me hooked to the game and the people in it.

Second, I'd delete something. I'd pull out my Quel'Serrar, the original one from back in the day, and I'd delete it. Gone. Entirely. Kaput. It would be a dead polly. The only appropriate tribute to the end of WoW for me would be the deletion of the single most meaningful item I had back when things began.

What would you delete at the end? And don't say your character, because when the charred remains of the Earth are found by these guys, they might want to reconstruct WoW and see what all this fuss about CRZ and dailies was about.

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Breakfast Topic: Doomsday predictions

WoW Doomsday predictions -- they're happening in the comments of The Queue, in the official forums, actually everywhere that people can comment relevantly about World of Warcraft. It's the end of WoW because of pandas. WoW is dead because of the Black Market Auction House. The WoWpocalypse is near because Blizzard is catering to the casuals.

I know that subscription numbers must be a little down right now. Many people suspended their accounts in order to play Diablo III. Many others canceled until they see how Mists of Pandaria turns out. I don't know what the magic number of subscribers is for Blizzard to make a profit from its MMO, but my guess is that it's much less than the 10.2 million reported last month. Most MMOs would be happy with a third of that number.

Despite what the very loud doomsayers predict, millions of people are enjoying Azeroth and are happily paying the subscription fee to do so. As Ben at the Asylum Wall pointed out, the entertainment dollar per hour value is low. Of course, you still need to be having fun playing, or any amount of money will be too much to pay.

Are you still subscribing? If not, why not? Do you think the end of World of Warcraft is nigh? Why? Even if you think WoW will be around for many years more, what do you think would bring about its demise?

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Breakfast Topic: How should WoW end?

"The dark times will pass."

Blood Elf NPCs say this all the time, but how do they know? Are they just saying that to try to give us enough hope to finish the task they just gave us? Or do they actually foresee an end to the evils that we fight on a daily basis?

With 11.5 million subscribers, WoW is going to be around for a long time. Even if 8.5 million people leave for whatever reason, there will still be 3 million people left -- which is great for a pay-to-play MMO. But someday it will end and when it does, it would be wonderful if Blizzard provided us with a playable end of the world.

We discussed this a couple of years ago, but WoW has changed since then. We now have new possibilities for world-ending events and there will be more expansions and major content patches giving us even more paths to complete. But will the stories end and how would you want them to?

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