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Ready Check: M'uru

Ready Check is a weekly column focusing on successful raiding for the serious raider. Hardcore or casual, ZA or Sunwell Plateau, everyone can get in on the action and down some bosses. This week, we look at a nerfed guild-killer.

The prize for this week's most-talked-about Sunwell boss goes to... an imprisoned naaru. Formerly resident in Silvermoon City, in patch 2.4 M'uru was captured by Kael'thas and taken to the Sunwell Plateau, where he now holds the place of fifth boss in the instance. After defeating the Eredar Twins (which gives you a handy teleport to their room) and clearing a few trash packs, you'll find yourself at the doorway of M'uru's circular room.

Initially a fairly unimpressive looking boss -- discounting the 'wow, it's a naaru' factor -- as the encounter gets into full swing you begin to marvel at its clockwork complexity. Killing M'uru isn't the end of the fight, either; instead of dying, he transforms into a void god called Entropius, who you have to burn down as quickly as possible. It's a very intense encounter, even post-nerf.

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M'uru nerfed

The small handful of guilds worldwide that have killed M'uru thus far are going to have an achievement therein that nobody else can touch. As of yesterday's patch 2.4.2 (today on the European realms), Blizzard has made the following change to the encounter:

We've changed the Negative Energy spells cast by M'uru and Entropius to no longer cause spell interruption on the target. This should ease the frustration of the encounter for those casting classes who can not obtain 100% resistance to spell interruption through talents and effects such as Concentration Aura.

Having not done the fight myself, I can't really comment on how big of a nerf this is, but it's something, anyway. (Background: M'uru is the next-to-last boss of Sunwell Plateau, followed only by Kil'Jaeden, and Entropius is another aspect of M'uru that appears during the fight.) Guilds who have been wiping on M'uru, or who intend to try him in the future, do you welcome this change?

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Enter... Entropius!

[Warning: Possible spoilers ahead! -- sorry, Arturis!] The shaping-up-to-be-über-sweet Patch 2.4 has a few more surprises stored in its files. Some folks were able to dig up the model for a unique-looking demon boss named Entropius. While no more raid bosses have been announced -- it's just M'uru and Kil'jaeden left to kill in Sunwell Plateau on the PTR -- there is much speculation as to the relationship between the formerly chained-up, payback-seeking M'uru and this so-called "Void God". Entered into the wowhead database as early as February 13, it looks like this anorexic voidwalker has more in common with the Dark Naaru than originally thought.

The folks at MMO Champion certainly seem to speculate that M'uru and Entropius are pretty much one and the same, or at least that Entropius is pretty much tied into one of the rumored phases that the M'uru fight will have. You can check out the images above to see them superimposed over each other. See something familiar? It looks like Entropius and M'uru go to the same haberdashers for their shoulder gear. Lore fiends are debating on their relationship now, but in the meantime, it's really nice to see that Patch 2.4 isn't just bringing changes to items and game mechanics, it also seems to promise a lot of developments to World of Warcraft lore.

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