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Blizzard explains the early WotLK No-Flight-Rule

Vengeance LandingMany players were unhappy to hear that their hard earned flying mounts aren't usable in the early parts of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Every player has to beg, borrow and steal to scrape together the 5,000g for their epic flying mount. Or in this case: grind, loot and mine. Why should they have to put aside their hard earned and beloved mount?

Recently, CM Bornakk explained the reasoning behind that unpopular decision. Essentially, they don't want players flying over the early content. The entire expansion is designed with a certain progression in mind from zone to zone. Flying would make that irrelevant.

There will be a point in the expansion where flight will be enabled in Northrend. Blizzard is currently considering level 78, but hasn't made a concrete decision.

What do you guys think? Should flight be enabled immediately or should you enjoy the early zones flightless?

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A guide to BC pre-raid goals and how to achieve them

I'm a little compulsive about finishing every quest in a zone. Ok, ok, I'm certifiably compulsive about it. I love exploring all the various corners of a zone and learning their dangers and rewards. Because of this, I barely got through half of the Outlands solo content before I hit L70. After thoroughly enjoying Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest and having just a taste of Nagrand and Blade's Edge, I hit the level cap. Why should I continue?

Starryknight of the Executus server has an excellent answer: completing every Outland quest and running through every dungeon will net you the 5,000 gold for your epic mount, gain the necessary reputation to access later parts of the game and get you keyed for both the Heroic dungeons and Karahzhan. Essentially, you will be ready to jump into the raiding game, if you so desire.

To achieve this, he wrote up a general guide on what to do in every Outland zone with links to more specific information about the quest chains for each area. For me, this is what I needed to push on and continue exploring the wonders that Warcraft still has to offer for people already at the level cap. Even if you don't intend to raid, the goal of buying an epic mount is reward enough. Check it out, it may be what you are looking for to refocus your goals in the game if you find your motivation has flagged.

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Epic mount price drop rumors

Some people are passing the rumor around that the Epic Flying Mount prices have dropped to 3000g on the PTR. This is not true. The price is still 5000g and will probably remain so until there is another expansion or later. Drysc confirms:

Depending on how mount riding skills are going to progress, the most likely point for a price drop would be with the release of the next expansion, just as the ground mount prices dropped when Burning Crusade was released. Again it would likely depend on a few factors, and may actually not change. But that's a question for a later time.

Three days have passed since Quiham first posted this topic and it is still on the front page of the WoW General Discussion Forum, so this is a hot topic.

Do you think, as Mike does, that the current Epic Flying Mount price is too steep? Or are you happy that only the privileged few have them? Or do you agree with many of the posters, that the "privileged few" = "players with no life outside WoW"?

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Breakfast Topic: Epic mounts

I finally got my epic flying mount for my main the other day, and boy is that thing fast! 5200 gold well spent, if you ask me (5000 for the training, 200 for the mount itself). There aren't too many flying mounts available in game. Alliance get the choice between four different colors of gryphon: blue, red, purple, and green (I went with blue). The Horde counterpart is windriders, which come in yellow, red, purple, and green. Additionally, both factions in theory have access to the Nether Drake. Members of the top Arena team on each realm at the end of each season will get an armored Swift Nether Drake, which gives a 310% speed increase (other epic flying mounts are a 280% increase). For those of us who aren't going to be making it to the top of the Arena ladder anytime soon, Blizzard have said that there will be a way to get a 280% (non-armored) Nether Drake via questing, which will be "difficult" but not require a raid. Drysc also said there will be a 310% speed boost counterpart to the Arena reward, though he was unable to give details on how it might be attained. I'm guessing massive gold sinks.

Have you got your epic mount yet? What color did you go for? And do you think it was worth the gold?

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The joys of cat shopping

When I first hit level 60, I was poor. Training up a multitude of new skills and working on my equipment left me living life with nary a gold coin in my pocket for weeks, but like many other level 60s, I decided I wanted an epic mount. Although I'm still saving runecloth for a cross-racial mount, for now I've gone the traditional route and upgraded to the next brand of saber, as I'm a night elf.

Getting the epic mount has been the culmination of weeks of half-formed ambition and several days of single-minded determination. Grinding and farming with the sole purpose of cash (although I tried to get reputation along the way) has almost burnt me out on solo play, especially on the night elf in question. However, when I rush across the landscape faster than ever before, running and jumping from the sheer joy of a speed increase, it all seems worth it.

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The Challenges of Azeroth

What was your greatest challenge when traversing Azeroth?  Of course there are epic monsters to conquer and countless bloody PvP encounters, but character after character I find that the most challenging and time-consuming obstacle in the game involves acquiring a mount.  Even though I consider myself a conservative spender, I've never reached level 40 with anything near the 100 gold needed to buy one, and the following hunt for gold in all its forms usually lasts for several levels of scrimping and saving.  And after all that work, there's nothing quite like running furiously back to town and buying that mount.  There doesn't seem to be a single quest or monster that occupies my time as much as the attempt to acquire that first mount does every time.  Is anyone out there with me on this?

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