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What's in a name?

The names of equipment in the World of Warcraft are really hit or miss. You have a few that are absolutely amazing, some that are downright awful.

On the one hand, you have Crul'shorukh, Edge of Chaos. Stop reading for a second, and say that out loud. Crul'shorukh, Edge of Chaos. Roll it around on your tongue, savor the flavor. That name alone radiates manliness, and it helps that it was a darn good weapon in its day. If Bruce Lee and John Wayne had a child, I bet its name would be Crul'shorukh. This right here is the height of awesome.

And then... then, you come across the Wand of Happiness. Come on, really? The Wand of Happiness? When I spotted this in Nagrand, I completely forgot whether I was playing the World of Warcraft or Cuddly Pink Ponies in Dreamland. Am I supposed to be slaying orcs and dragons by the dozen or rolling dice to see if I get to wear the pretty tiara? Well... I guess I'm doing both, technically, but thats not the point. How about Wand of Blowing Stuff Up instead? Eh? Ehh? Yeah, that's what the World of Warcraft is really all about.

Crul'shorukh. Mmm.

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Wowhead adds new item links

My favorite database site has recently added a new feature to their item listings. When you look an item up on, you'll notice a new link to the right of the item's name which says "Get in-game item link". When you click on it, a new window will pop open with some highlighted text. Simply copy the text into your in-game chat window and hit enter. You'll be given an in-game item link for the equipment you looked up on Wowhead, so you can check yourself out in the dressing room or pass the info on to another player.

This is certainly a cool feature and one I'll probably play around with quite a bit. This may allow me to do away with some of the item database addons I currently use in-game. I'm already alt-tabbing out to read Wowhead all the time, so it won't be much hassle at all to copy their links into the game when necessary.

Will you be using this feature at all? What do you think about it?

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Looking good while leveling is never wrong

Cheri asks if learning a weapon skill just because a weapon looks cool is dumb. If you're asking me, Cheri, I'd say, "not at all." She's even talking about just learning a weapon skill, and I'm saying that if you have to respec just to use a cool looking weapon, go for it.

My Shammy was all about shields and maces while leveling, all the way up until Kang the Decaptator dropped and I won the roll. I couldn't pass it up-- I went ahead and grabbed the two-hand spec point just to wield that weapon. Nowadays, as a resto raider, I'm back to using the snake mace and a shield, but if a terrific caster staff dropped and fell into my hands, I wouldn't mind switching at all. Likewise, after looking at the rogue builds, I decided to go for a combat daggers build because it seemed like that would let me do what I wanted as a rogue. But I can't seem to find two daggers that look really cool to wield-- I have to say, I'm seriously thinking about speccing swords (away from my beloved backstab!!) just to wield two gigantic blades of destruction. Heck, I've even worn a cloth headpiece for a while on both my Shammy and my Rogue, just because I thought it looked much better.

The purists among you are probably apoplectic by now, shocked that I would choose a piece of gear for its looks rather than its stats, or that I would change my playstyle simply for cosmetic reasons. But what can I say-- the looks make the Orc. What's the point of min/maxing all those abilities and that equipment if you can't look good doing it?

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