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Breakfast Topic: What's the best excuse you've ever heard?

Once upon a time when my guild was raiding Icecrown Citadel back in Wrath, we had a few players who were notorious at making excuses for sudden AFK's or calling off. It wasn't the first time I'd heard of this however -- previous guilds had members that also used any excuse in the book to take a break. One raider in an earlier guild I was in was notorious for screwing up achievements for the guild. After wiping our raid for the umpteenth time in the middle of an extremely difficult achievement, he promptly typed into raid chat that he had to go next door and deliver his neighbor's baby.

Now you would think this was ridiculous enough on its own, but he then made a long, detailed, thought-out post on the guild forums about how he was fine and so was the neighbor and she had a little boy and he was just beautiful ... he waxed on and on and on. Someone asked him to post a picture of the child, at which point he promptly made some excuse about scheduling and quietly left the guild. For the next few months, anyone going AFK would blurt "AFK-having-baby" in vent as fast as they could and crack everyone up.

Players all have their own reasons for going AFK, or even calling off to a raid. But sometimes the excuses are just that -- excuses. And that's where the Warcraft player base seems to shine in creativity. Assisting with childbirth has to be the one of the toppers on my list, right up there with the guild member that went AFK to answer the door with a gun (I ... never really did find out the details on that one, but I don't think I really wanted to know), and "The pool is on fire." So let's hear it guys -- what are the best excuses you've ever heard for calling off or sudden AFK's?

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Breakfast Topic: It was lag, I swear!

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Lag is probably the single most common excuse for mistakes in all internet gaming. From the beginning of the big craze of first person shooters to now, mistakes are chalked up to lag. The expressions change from: "Oh sorry, you didn't get a heal? I lagged real bad!" to "Oh, I had a huge lag spike!" -- even expletive-laced shouts at the lag itself, as if you could personify bad latency. This happens in PUGs, guild runs, and even just friend and family groups.

The question is how often are people actually lagging versus how often is it merely an excuse, because no one else can prove you did not lag. The truth is, it is not always lag -- but sometimes it is. I have went on expletive-laced tirades when I disconnect during a boss fight or see that horrible thing when my entire action bar is lit up with queued spells but I am not moving. However, if you actually make a mistake that is your fault, I am a big proponent of taking credit for and owning it. If you blame lag or someone else every time you make an actual mistake instead of taking ownership of your shortcomings, you never learn from them. Admitting you used an ill-timed spell, moved into the fire, or just got caught up in your rotation and had a lapse of attention allows you to learn and grow from your mistakes (and hopefully never make them again).

Do you ever use lag as an excuse when it was a personal mistake? Is it a common go-to excuse you use often? Or do you believe in admitting your mistakes and trying to get better from them?

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Breakfast Topic: Best way out of a bad group

It starts out innocently enough. The tank loses aggro, the healer goes down, the rest of the group falls like dominos. It happens. Regroup, head back in, try again. But then it happens another time, then another time. What in Elune's name is going on?

Is the tank undergeared? Is the healer running out of mana too soon? Does the mage have to open with his biggest nuke? It could be one thing or a lot of things. But one thing's for sure: this 90 minute run through an instance is starting to look like a 4 hour death fest with a repair bill kicker.

So, I ask you this, gentle readers. When faced with a non-functional group, how do you get out? Nicely? Bluntly? Oops, my kid kicked the power cord? What's the classiest exit line you've seen or used? The funniest?

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Forum post of the day: Worst ninja excuse

Ninjas -- we know them, we hate them, we laugh at how they'll never get a group on the server again. Most serious ninjas tend to go linkdead immediately after looting, to spare themselves being yelled at and reported. But some try to justify their behavior by whatever thin threads of logic they can dredge up. Thorsgaard of Moonglade-EU has started a forum thread of the best and worst excuses for unneeded need rolls, and there are some doozies:

  • "I'm a rogue and rogues steal things. It's RP."
  • "I died a lot, and selling this at the vendor will cover my repair costs."
  • "It's shiny and fits well with my gear."
  • "Because I don't have a red hat yet."
  • "It'll be good camouflage in WSG."
  • "Rogues can use axes in the next patch."

It almost makes me grateful for the silent ninjas. On my home server, the classic ninja line is "doesn't go to u" followed by leaving the group. What's the worst ninja excuse you've seen?

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