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Markee Dragon taken offline, MMOwned moving

We've received an interesting report on the WoW Insider Tip Line today. Two large World of Warcraft hacking and account trading websites, Markee Dragon and MMOwned, are offline.

Article Update:
According to MMOwned, they are moving servers, which is the reason their site is offline for some.

Attempts to reach the sites prove unsuccessful.

This is a good thing for everyone that wants to have a more legitimate gameplay experience in WoW, as both of these sites actively encouraged people to exploit bugs, break the ToS, and do all other sorts of tom-foolery that destroyed the game for legitimate players.

Our tipster mentioned that these sites were taken down in part by action taken by Blizzard, however we don't have any proof of that.

I've selected the angry baby picture for this article, since that's how the exploiters and account traders are feeling right now. Buh-bye.

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Mysterious twink rends worlds [UPDATED]

Our inbox has been absolutely flooded with reports of this mysterious twink, Aigni of Ner'zhul, that appeared on the official forums in the last 24 hours. If you look closely at his Armory, you'll notice some pretty big oddities. For one, the character is wielding a weapon he really shouldn't be able to have. Two, the character has some other items equipped that are normally far out of the reach of a level 10, such as the Violet Badge. Three, he has the achievement for downing Gruul the Dragonslayer.

A lot of people have called 'hax' on it, but how it went down was probably more innocent than that. Not completely, entirely innocent, but more innocent than hacking Blizzard's Gibson. Our first instinct when looking at the items is that he must have simply completed a few bugged quests that had no minimum level requirement. Looking at his achievements killed that theory pretty quickly, though. The sword he's wielding, the Combatant Greatsword, is from a quest in the Borean Tundra. According to his achievements, he's never been to the Borean Tundra.

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Scouting around with the Crashin' Thrashin' Racer

Cabinetsanchez over on LJ has documented something that I saw in action yesterday while running a few instances -- while it's a ton of fun to run my Crashin' Thrashin Racer around (I'm undefeated since I picked up the achievement the first day I got the toy, by the way), players have found a few extra ways to make the Racers work for them. Yesterday, I saw one of my group members using the Racer a few times to scout the instance ahead and see what pulled with what, and as CS says, it worked great: while the Racer will aggro enemies, they won't tag on to the rest of the group -- they'll just reset after they destroy the little car.

CS also says that the Racer takes no falling damage, so you can send it exploring off of cliffs and platforms, and he says that though the car is considered level 60, its aggro range is pretty small (I can attest to this, as we were driving it pretty close to enemies yesterday without it registering on their radar). And he's got an even more devious use (some might say this is an exploit): bosses aggroed by the racer will sometimes despawn after they conquer it for up to 30 seconds or so. That seems like a hotfix waiting to happen, but I haven't personally tried it, so it may not be as useful as it sounds.

The downside of this is that the Racer was meant to be a fun item, and if it really does lead to behavior that Blizzard considers exploiting, they might have to think twice about including great items like this in the future. We'll have to see what their ruling on this is, but hopefully no matter what happens (I'm guessing a quick hotfix, maybe even shrinking the range of the Racer's controller), this won't prevent Blizzard from giving us more fun toys later on.

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Exploitation and the demise of Heroic Leap

There was a time in the beta of Wrath of the Lich King that Warriors everywhere were excited little special snowflakes. They had not one but two, count 'em two, special talents: Heroic Leap and Titan's Grip.

While the dual wielding goodness/badness that is Titan's Grip continues today, Heroic Leap was removed mid-beta with Warriors everywhere screaming and crying. Yours truly shed a tear. I loved leveling through the Howling Fjord and Dragonblight with Heroic Leap at my side. One press of a button and bam – I'd be raining down upon my enemies with my plate shining and dual two-handers blaring.

Its demise has always been speculated upon. Many thought that the skill just provided one too many ways for a warrior to quickly move about the world. Others thought that it was due to it being too over powered in PvP. Still others thought it had to do with exploitation of the terrain.

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Wowhead Beta key contest cancelled

Wowhead has put up an announcement this afternoon that the beta key contest they were running has been cancelled. The announcement tells us that the distribution of the keys were exploited. Though there is no official word on what exactly the exploitation was, there is some unconfirmed talk about the beta keys being ebayed.

This is most unfortunate for those wishing to participate. Malgayne, the "Voice of Wowhead," does go on to say however that the remaining prizes will be given away using a different method soon. We'll get any more news up on this as soon as it becomes available.

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McAfee report reveals the most dangerous web domains

In an era where clicking on the wrong link while browsing the web could mean your account will get hacked, and one of your guild members clicking on the wrong link means your guild bank could get emptied as well, it's always good to protect yourself and keep abreast of web security issues.

In that vein, it's worth checking out a new report released by McAfee called Mapping the Mal Web Report Revisited. It tested 9.9 Million websites in 265 domains to find out which ones had a higher risk of exposing visitors to malware, spam, and malicious attacks via a red, yellow, and green system.

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Blood Sport: Yup, still broken

PvP in its purest form is a beautiful thing. Amanda Dean, always obsessed with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat brings you news you can use in the Arena.

The World (of Warcraft) seems to be full of arena lovers and arena haters. I suppose somewhere out there you might find some folks that are completely indifferent to the arena. The recent changes to the Personal Rating system seems to have brought out a furor in both camps. Suince the dawn of the Burning Crusade Blizzard has made many attempts to balance the arenas, now I find that the arenas are still broken, just broken differently.

In a sarcastically titled thread "New PR system is cool" Camelvendor of Korgath explained his situation. He played on his 2200 rated team with his old partner, who obviously had a lower rating for 33 games. Boasting a record of 29 wins and 4 losses for the day, the end result was a rating change of 56 points lost. Since the team rating was considerably higher than one of the personal ratings on the team, they found themselves playing in the 1500 bracket.

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Exploit or not?

I was scanning the internets for my nefarious purposes (I was bored. Yes, nefarious boredom.) when I came upon this thread in the Dungeons and Raids forum. While the discussion is not particularly polite, it seems poster Selenae of Mannoroth would like to know if a particular method of killing Archimonde is considered an exploit or not. From watching the video and reading the various posts, it seems that the method in question is to cluster on a hilltop in order to avoid having to deal with Doomfires. Now, I'm not sure if it means that they get Air Bursted more this way or not... to be honest, I could barely watch the video, the cluttered UI made my eyes hurt.

Some posters seem to be of the opinion that this is 'cheesing' the encounter, while others compare it to ducking behind the pillars on Talon King Ikiss or ducking below the water to avoid spouts on The Lurker Below. So i put it to you, dear readers: when is terrain use 'creative use of game mechanics' and when is it an exploit? In the case of the Archimonde encounter, is not having to worry about the fear/doomfire combination really that big a deal? Or is the exploit inherent in the removal of the doomfire from the encounter entirely? Go ahead, discuss, mix it up, the comments await you.

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Queue dodging: The latest in underhanded arena tactics

The arenas have been a nearly constant source of conflict for many players. It seems that many creative schemes have been used to inflate ratings in the pursuit of gear and glory. The developers implemented personal ratings to combat ill-gotten gains from a single slot buyouts and high-rated team sales. It seems that the latest fad for ratings boost may be queue dodging.

Recently, Kenjiwing of Korgath brought this phenomenon to the attention of the official forums. There is currently no penalty for a team that fails to join an arena battle once the queue pops. The team that actually does show receives no reward and the match is recoded as a draw, which does not count toward the requisite games for the week. They are left to wait for another battle in hopes that the other team will show.

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Silver tabbies as far as the eye can see

Thanks to tipster Enaress, we have a short video of an amusing (albeit potentially annoying) exploit ingame that allows you to summon an unlimited number of noncombat pets. From the date on the video, it looks as if this has been live since at least patch 2.3.0,and a few of the commenters have successfully tried it for themselves. A note of warning: be careful if you do this, as dropping out of sync with Blizzard's servers can definitely be considered an exploit, and, at Blizzard's discretion, could get you banned from the game. Odds are a fix is already en route.

I have to admit, I was amused at the prospect of having my small army of pets out and about, but from what Enaress has observed, doing this does have a tendency to contribute to the lag in Shattrath (which seems to be especially noticeable with complicated pets like Lil' Smoky). I don't think I'd try it for myself; Shatt can be bad enough during server high time. But there's something about the notion of my Druid as a dedicated cat-herder or, say, an Undead being followed by a swarm of cockroaches, that just made me laugh.

One more thing; would the Disgusting Oozeling's aura stack, you think?

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Oh Noes!!!1!1!1one: I've been hax0red!

On Saturday night I noticed a guildie acting strangely. He kept switching between characters and wouldn't respond to tells from even his closest friends in the guild. Concerned about him, we gave him a call... on the phone, to see what was up. You guessed it, he was nowhere near his computer at the time. He went to log in and found his password was changed. Unfortunately, he had also forgotten the correct response to his secret question "What is your favorite activity?"

The hacker kept running in and out of the Shadow Labyrinth. I checked the customer service forums and found that this was common behavior among hackers. Either there is an exploit in that instance, or hackers just really enjoy hanging out with Blackheart the Inciter. I'm leaning toward the latter.

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Blizzard cracks down on Arena pet naming exploit

Jagoex over at Warlock Therapy dropped us a note that Blizzard says they'll crack down on Arena fighting Hunters who name their pets after their Arena partners. Apparently some of the higher end Arena players will create macros to target certain opponents in the Arena (though I'm not sure if this is just because they constantly face the same people or because they create the macros quick while waiting for the match to start). And if a sneaky Arena Hunter names his or her pet the same name as the priest on their team, the macro will target the closest target with that name (usually the pet).

Blizzard says no dice to that-- though Jago isn't clear how they'll enforce it (and we're not, either), they say that if they find a Hunter naming his pet the same thing as an Arena team member, the pet's name will be forcibly changed. Of course, using macros in the first place is pretty wily-- I could see an argument that if you choose to use macros, then you also choose to realize that they might not work all the time. But Blizzard has spoken, thus it shall be.

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There is no summoning in the Zul'Aman room... yet

Tried summoning within Zul'Aman lately? If you have, you may have noticed that since yesterday's maintenance, it's a no go. Tigole confirms that summoning within Zul'Aman has been disabled due to an exploit (although we haven't heard what the exploit was-- it may have been something to do with the timer quests). It should be re-enabled soon.

And he says something else that summoners everywhere will be extremely happy to hear. Blizzard is planning to enable summoning from within instances to anywhere else in the world. No longer will you have to wait for that extra healer or that battleground PvPer to make it all the way into the instance before you can summon them and the get the raid started-- after this gets implemented, you'll be able to summon people to the instance (with a Warlock, of course), directly from anywhere else they are in Azeroth.

Huge change, and definitely will help not only raids to get started on time, but substitutions to join raids quickly as well. Not summoning in Zul'Aman now is a small price to pay for that update, which may come (Tigole says they're still working out the kinks) as soon as patch 2.4.

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Void Reaver exploited, brought down in 53 seconds

Word's flying around about a Void Reaver exploit that involved mind-controlling a Tempest-Smith, and then blasting the heck out of him with the bomb ability. One guild, as seen above, has brought VR down within a minute-- apparently the ability has no cooldown, so VR can come down as fast as your mind-controlling Priest can click. However, Blizzard has said this is an exploit, and it is not recommended that you do this on the live realms. Blizzard will definitely be watching VR raids-- avoid the banhammer!

But still, a fix has got to be incoming as fast as possible. The question is: how? The most obvious answer is that they have to simply make the Tempest-Smiths not be mind-controllable, but I'm not sure how it works-- in order for the groups to go down right, most raids will sheep or trap these guys, so they do have to still be vulnerable to some kind of CC. The other option is to put the bomb on a cooldown, but even then, that kind of DPS will still help the raid against VR.

At any rate, Blizzard will think of something, and probably sooner than later. Interesting exploit, but an exploit just the same, and a definite no-no.

[ via WoR ]

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Will name changes let ninjas run free?

While Robin and I think it's a great idea, some people are in an outcry about the upcoming name-change service that Blizzard is offering. As Monsoon tells Blizzard on the forums:

This is probably the worst ever decision ever made. How are we supposed to track ninjas and retards who may apply to our guild if there is no way to track their name changes?"

Nethaera calmly responds:

Perhaps putting them on an ignore list might help.

The ignore list will be automatically updated once that character's name change gets activated. Of course no system is fool proof, and there will always be someone looking to exploit things, but realistically, is it a terribly big problem if people you consider "ninjas" and "retards" yet are still unwilling to put on your ignore list can change their names once every 90 days?

In my experience, the kind of person who likes to call others "retards" generally isn't very nice themselves, and tends to find new "retards" all the time (with no offense meant to Monsoon here). I don't think it would be possible, even if the ignore list were extended to include a potential thousands of names, for some people to be satisfied that all the "ninjas" and "retards" were sufficiently dealt with and removed from the system

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