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Authentication issues tonight [Updated]

In the last fifteen minutes or so we've received numerous reports that authentication servers are down for North American realms. While the outage does not appear to be affecting anyone in game, those folks logging in will be stuck at "authenticating" for the time being.

There has been no word from Blizzard about this, but if we've gotten a dozen tips about this in the past fifteen minutes, I'm sure they have too.

We'll update this post when we have more information.

Update #1:
Speak of the devil, there's a blue post about this now.

Update #2:
It appears the issue is now resolved.

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BlizzCon tickets listed as sold out [UPDATED]

Most of those who wanted to buy a BlizzCon ticket have just been through two horribly rocky days marked by constant refreshing, stylesheet errors, and the dreaded Fail Murloc. For better or worse, it looks like that wait is at an end, as the multiple sources are reporting that BlizzCon Tickets are sold out.

This is probably something Blizzard's going to see some backlash on one way or another. Whether it was poor planning, poor servers, an expected deluge of customers, or a combination of all 3 and more, the experience of trying to buy a BlizzCon ticket for most has been anywhere from 12-36 hours of pure agony marked by small 5-20 minutes windows where handfuls of lucky customers made off with the precious tickets.

Of course, all hope may not be lost for those who failed to capture a ticket, as this may simply be yet another CSS error.

In addition, Blizzard did sell the Worldwide Invitational tickets in waves as well. They may need to do the same for Blizzcon here, if only to give a fair shake to everyone who could never get past the CSS errors and the cold unforgiving face of the Murloc.

EDIT: A commenter on the official BlizzCon forums says that a Blizzard phone rep told him they are not sold out.

EDIT 2: The ticket page appears to be working again and not showing the tickets as Sold Out. The Fail Murlocs and XML errors continue apace, however.

Edit 3: The saga continues. as of 4:40 PST EDT, some sources are reporting the dreaded sold out notice again -- or are having the ticket mysteriously disappear from their cart once they make it to checkout.

Edit 4: Nethaera has just posted to say that most BlizzCon tickets are now sold out. However, they will be selling a small reserve starting tonight at 8 PM PDT.

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The Tuesday Morning Post: I survived the Fail Murloc edition

Good Tuesday Morning, everyone! By now, I'm sure you're all aware of the amazing and frustrating odyssey that has been the attempt to secure BlizzCon tickets, as documented here by Mike. This writer finally managed to buy his ticket only at 9 PM PDT yesterday, despite having been poised at the virtual ticket counter since approximately 7 AM yesterday. The sight of the Fail Murloc and his cousin the Fail SCV (shown at right) have almost been burned into my very retinas. As of this writing, some of my colleagues still haven't managed to get through to buy a ticket.

As a reminder, the store will reopen sometime this morning, and Blizzard has said that there are a lot of tickets remaining.

Despite the hubbub, all this trouble hasn't (completely) dampened our enthusiasm for the wonders of BlizzCon. We've spent the refreshing time tossing around speculations about what we'll see on October 10th. See if our predictions match up with yours.

In other news, it's an extended maintenance this morning, which means downtime goes from 3 AM PDT to at least 11 AM PDT, which means you should have plenty of time to read WoW Insider. There's plenty of news to catch up on, of course, especially with a new build hitting the Wrath Beta servers. Let's take a look at some of it:

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