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Why do people blog about WoW?

Why do we feel compelled to spill out our guts all over the intertubes for the entire world to read? The answer, of course, is a subset of the larger question, why do people blog about anything? It's probably a variation of the same question that medieval bards asked the operators of the first printing press: "Dude, why do you want to put yourself so, I don't know, out there?"

The "serious" answers get all sociological and some junk. We want to be heard popping off about our opinions on talent trees, bragging about one-shots, or feeling part of the larger WoW community outside our own servers.

However, as a WoW blogger myself, I know that the truth about us isn't nearly that pretty. We blog to brag about Kara exploits or show off our expertise on the Hunter class, a frame addon, or prime Oily Blackmouth fishing spots . We dream of demi-celebrity status in the WoW community. We try to provoke people into replying, sometimes with generous link love. We like to have the first scoop on expansion news (essentially, more showing off). We gossip about guild drama, sometimes wrapped up snuggly in the ignorance of our fellow guildies that we even have a blog. (There is a sweet freedom in finding the comfort of internet strangers.) We blog for artistic expression and to make others laugh.

And the main reason we blog? The same reason we feel itchy when we haven't called Mom in a few weeks: guilt.

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Mrrrrgllhllrrll in real life

Okay, it probably grosses less at the theater than "Dan in Real Life", but this picture, sent to WendellGrave by one of his guildies, definitely looks like a real-life murloc. Our own Arturis suggests that this is a sculpture made from a fish body, but I think we can all agree that whatever it is, it's really quite ugly.

No word on why this was created, but it does remind me of the Fiji Mermaid. The Fiji Mermaid is a popular attraction at carnival freak shows. It's a "mermaid" usually made from papier-mache and fish parts, with a dash of monkey thrown in. For those of you disappointed in this fakery, I present an indisputable real-life tauren, as well as the warlock epic mount in its natural habitat of the Ford Mustang.

Is this an accurate murloc or not? What do you think it's made from?

[Thanks, WendellGrave!]

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A whole herd of Tauren, fighting an instance of bosses

I love this-- reader David B sends us news that he was chatting with this Alliance guildies about what to call a group of Horde ("Hordies," of course, but read on), and they eventually came up with a list of collective nouns for the various player groups of Azeroth.

You know what collective nouns are-- like a gaggle of geese, or a swarm of bees. I've reprinted David's list below the jump, and I have to say, some of it is genius: "a blush of Blood Elves," "a den of rogues," and a "congregation of priests" are definitely my favorites. But there is some room for improvement-- "an annoyance of gnomes" is funny, but couldn't there be a better word for that? Maybe a "short stack"?

And there have got to be better things to call a group of Alliance and a group of Horde, so post your own ideas in the comments below. I have to say, though, "a murder of Murlocs" is just about perfect. Don't touch that one.

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Have you heard about the Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape?

Because I haven't until just now. Apparently it's a little brighter than off-white, and, when you take into account average cape sizes and the way they fit on the player models, it looks a little more elongated than most.

Yes, I know I'm way behind on this one, but I think this just overtook Leeroy as my favorite WoW meme. I can't stop laughing at the "visual aids."

Related: Warlocks ride in a file number that is not greater or less than one. (Thanks, druid dude!)

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Insignia of the Horde, Tattooed

Josh (who raids with his wife on Dragonmaw-- "Horde, obviously," he says) sent along pictures of the sweet tattoos the two of them got to commemorate their adventures in Azeroth. If you're going to get a tattoo to commemorate your time in WoW, I can't think of anything that would look cooler. These look awesome! And Horde FTW!

That's his wife above. I have to say, Josh, I like hers better. Josh's tattoo-- don't get me wrong, it's also extremely cool-- is after the jump. Think of the rep they had to grind for those! And hey, if you've got a WoW tattoo that looks as good as these, feel free to send it along via the comment form on the sidebar.

(Thanks, Josh!)

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Murlocs: the RPG

Whether you're running in fear from them, getting yourself tattooed, or just holding out for them to be the next Alliance race, murlocs have a special place in many players' hearts. Fortunately, this extremely well done Flash RPG lets you step into the (webbed) shoes of a murloc for an hour or so--perfect for satisfying those WoW cravings at work.

[via World of Warcraft Livejournal Community]

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