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Don't Panic: Frequently asked questions in 3.0.2

Most realms should be up and running patch 3.0.2 by now soon, and there are a lot of questions floating around, many that we're seeing asked repeatedly. Fortunately, we're here with all the answers.

I right-clicked my mount/vanity pet and it disappeared! Where did it go?
Mounts and vanity pets get their own tab in the interface now. They will now be learned as spells, and will no longer take up bag space.

Where are my Badges of Justice/BG marks/other tokens?
Like mounts and pets, they too have their own place out of your bags, in the "currency" tab on your character sheet (default binding "K"). Free bag spaces! It's inventory Christmas.

Where's the harbor?
Stormwind Harbor is in Stormwind. You can't get to Northrend yet for obvious reasons, but there is a boat to take you to Auberdine. Stormwind city guards will help you get to the harbor, or just head for the tunnel between the park and the Cathedral district.

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Blizz posts DK creation FAQ

38 days from now, Wrath of the Lich King will be released, and hundreds of thousands of people will be chomping at the bit to roll Death Knights, WoW's first new class. Blizzard knows this as well as anyone, so they've posted a FAQ on DK character creation. If you've been following the news for months, there is little new here, but it's good as a recap, because these questions are, indeed, very frequently asked. So go on and brush up if you have questions about what races can be DKs (all of them), or whether you can make it the opposite faction of your existing characters (yes, unless you're on a PvP server).

There is, though, one bit of news in this post. When Wrath launches, you will only be able to create a DK on a realm on which you have an existing character of level 55 or higher. Wryxian, that maverick crocolisk CM, promises that in the future, the option will be opened up to create a DK on any realm, provided you have at least one 55-or-higher character somewhere. The previous plan was to make this the rule at launch (55+ = DK on any realm).

The only reason I can think of that they would make this change is that they were having difficulties from a technical standpoint; maybe it's non-trivial when trying to create a character on one realm to check that account's characters on other realms. Anyway, I doubt this will affect anyone too much. I for one am certainly going to make a DK on my main realm before I branch out to realms that I don't have any high-level characters on.

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Base mana for dummies

In Wrath of the Lich King, all spells are being reworked so that their cost, rather than being a static mana value, is a percentage of your base mana pool (this is largely to prevent downranking). For instance, in the current, live game, Levitate costs 100 mana. In the Wrath beta, Levitate costs 3% of base mana But what is base mana?

It's the amount of mana you have before talents, buffs, and stats (like intellect and +mana) are factored in, and before base intellect from your race is taken into account. In other words, it's the amount of mana you would have if you were naked, unbuffed, and un-talented, and had no Intellect. Thus, it is a static value for each character of a given class/level combination. Getting more Int from gear will not raise the cost of spells, because it does not raise your base mana pool (it raises total mana pool). [Thanks for the correction, Breck and Improbable.]

So to the person who wrote in asking "what's the point of getting more Int if it will just make spell costs go up," I hope that answers your question: more Int does not affect your base mana pool. Ultimately we should see little difference from this base-mana-pool spell cost change, aside from the death of downranking.

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Wrath of the Lich King Beta weekend coverage roundup

Good Monday morning everyone! It's time for most of us to head back to work and school today, which means it's also a perfect time to catch up on any news you missed over the weekend -- after you're done with your work, of course. I'm sure you checked in at least once during the weekend and saw the big news. It's not just a rumor, the Wrath of the Lich King Beta is indeed live.

I'm sure you were out barbequing, or camping, or whatever else all you people who had the weekend off were doing. We here at WoW Insider, of course, were working on rounding up and analyzing all the new information coming out from the newly NDA free Alpha and Beta. So if you missed the coverage, or if you just want to look it over again, read on. Also, keep an eye on our Wrath news page that we'll keep updated with the latest expansion news as it happens.

General Information:

Keep reading after the break for more on class changes, talents, tradeskills, and more.

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Wrath of the Lich King Beta FAQ

Blizzard has posted the official word that the Wrath of the Lich King beta invites are going out via email even as we speak. I'll be checking my mailbox compulsively. They have posted an official Beta FAQ on the website. The entire text of the FAQ is posted after the break, but here's the short version:
  • You can still opt in for the Wrath of the Lich King neta
  • Beta testers will need to create a temporary Blizzard account
  • You can copy up to 4 characters to beta, or make a new one (Death Knight)
  • Beta play has no impact on the live realm status of your character
  • You are expected to report bugs and leave feedback
  • There is no non-disclosure agreement for the beta

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Beta opt-in F.A.Q.

More beta news for everyone to enjoy tonight. Bornakk has posted what Nethaera promised earlier in the day, a Wrath of the Lich King beta opt-in F.A.Q. The complete F.A.Q. is republished here for your convenience, and is definitely something everyone should read and re-read. Some of the key things to come out of the F.A.Q.:
  • You are not guaranteed to get into the WotLK beta if you have a BlizzCon or WWI beta keys. These keys might go to another beta (like Diablo III).
  • You can opt-in on multiple accounts, but each account can only opt-in once.
  • If you get a key with one account, you can use it on another account of your choosing. However the key can only be used once.
  • Opting in early does not necessarily mean you will get a beta slot early. Everything is random (as we previous reported).
  • If you get a beta key from another source and are selected via the opt-in process, you can give your key to a friend or family member.
Full F.A.Q. after the break.

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[UPDATED] Blood Sport: Arena for dummies I

Arena Season 6 is just around the corner. For many players, it's simply another chapter in the controversial Arena saga. Some love it and thrive in the Arenas, while others loathe it. Whatever players might think, however, it seems like Arenas are here to stay. For those players who have only recently hit Level 80, or for carebears suddenly willing to take the plunge, there might be a lot of questions about these "Arenas" that everyone seems to be talking about these days.

I want to do Arenas, how do I start?
Forming an Arena team is similar to forming a guild. Once you are Level 70, you can purchase an Arena Team Charter from any Arena Organizer, such as "King" Dond in Nagrand, Steamwheedle Sam in Blade's Edge Mountains, and Bip Nigstrom in Tanaris. Of course, nowadays, it's easier to go to Dalaran and talk to "Baroness" Llana or Kanika Goldwell in the sewers.

The cost of the charter depends on the size of the team you're creating, costing roughly 40 Gold per team member. A 2v2 charter costs 80G, a 3v3 costs 120G, and a 5v5 costs 200G.

When you purchase a charter, you will need to give it a name. Don't worry about it too much at this point because you can change it later when you hand in the charter. Similar to Guild Charters, you select a Level 70 player, right-click on the Team Charter, and ask them to sign it. Once you have all the necessary signatures (one more for a 2v2, two for a 3v3, and four for a 5v5 -- you count as the first), go back to any of the Arena Organizers and turn it in. Finalize your team name before handing it in, and then design a logo for your team. Once you hand it in, you'll be able to participate in Arenas by talking to an Arena Promoter and queueing up for a match just as you would for a Battleground.

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Blizzard posts a Voice Chat FAQ

European CM Salthem has posted a Frequently Asked Questions about the new voice chat feature coming in the next patch (which has got to be just around the corner, right?).

There's not much new here, but there is a lot of Blizzard confirming what players have already discovered about the voice chat system. People will be one-click mute-able, and voice chat will be able to be disabled by Parental Controls. Blizzard also makes a few interesting points about bandwidth-- while they say voice chat won't have a big effect on those with high bandwidth connections, they say people who currently experience high latency will likely have bigger problems.

And perhaps most disappointingly, they almost sound apologetic about the quality of the sound. They recommend multi-thread processors (as if that's something someone can really upgrade to without getting a whole new computer), and they acknowledge that third party applications will likely have much better quality.

Not that their voice chat system is bad-- as I've said before (and as we found out in the voice chat survey), lots of players will definitely use it. But third party applications aren't going away anytime soon either.

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"Leaked" FAQ for WotLK

Personally, I'm pretty convinced that the forthcoming expansion is going to be called Wrath of the Lich King, mostly because the title was listed by the USK, the German equivalent of the ESRB (see update 2 here). Now we have what purports to be a leaked FAQ for the expansion, allegedly briefly visible on last night. I don't know whether this is real or not, but it's certainly interesting. Here's my favorite part (my emphasis):

  • The death knight is the first hero class in World of Warcraft; once certain criteria are met, players will unlock the ability to create a new death knight character, which will begin play at a high experience level.

That answers the question about people having to grind the new class up through the levels. I only wish it was available for all classes. According to this FAQ, the DK will be available to both Alliance and Horde, and will "combine damage-dealing and tanking" as far as party role goes. A few other points of special interest (summarized):
  • Level cap raised to 80
  • New profession: "Inscription allows the player to permanently enhance their spells and abilities and to create mysterious items of power to use, trade, and sell."
  • New and existing characters will be able to customize dances (??) and hairstyle
  • Northrend will be about as big as Outland and will take about as long to complete.
  • Players will fight Arthas himself
The full FAQ is after the cut, or you can read it at the source here (scroll down for English). Please do remember to take this with a grain of salt.

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Starting zone questions answered: Azuremyst Isle

So, want to take a break from the phat lewts in Outlands and try out one of the new races? How about Draenei? Here's the information you need to know so you can avoid asking ridiculously common questions in chat.
  • The nearest mailbox is at Azure Watch, the first Draenei town.
  • To learn Jewelcrafting, go to the Exodar.
  • To get to the rest of Azeroth, take a boat from the docks just south of the Exodar to Auberdine.
  • Your Heroic/Inpsiring Presence aura is working, it just doesn't display on yourself.
  • Draenei Priests get for their racials Fear Ward and Symbol of Hope (mana over time (MoT?) spell for party).
  • The low level character on an elekk has it as party of a quest; it's only temporary.
  • You may need to kill a few furbolgs to get the Bristlelimb chief to spawn.
  • You can only use the tree disguise by the flag.
Anything I'm missing? Let me know. And remember the lessons of the past.

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Starting zone questions answered: Hellfire Peninsula

Following up on yesterday's post lamenting Hellfire Peninsula chat, I thought it might be helpful to make a FAQ for each of the three starting zones: Hellfire Peninsula, Azuremyst Island, and Eversong Woods. I'll start with HFP, but look for baby zone FAQs soon. I only have experience on the Alliance side of things. However, if you want to contribute Horde FAQs (or any other FAQs) in the comments, please do, and I'll update the post accordingly.

Update: added two more Horde questions.
Update: more stuff for both factions

For both factions:
  • Where's the bank? Shattrath City.
  • Shat-huh? Follow the road south out of HFP and into Terokkar Forest, then follow the road west.
  • OK, how about the auction house? No AH in Outlands, I'm afraid. Blizz stated that they didn't want Azeroth to become too deserted, so they made it so that you have to go back to the old cities to use the AH.
  • Where do I find Dreadcallers? The same place as the other demons for that quest; they just have a bad spawn rate. Be sure to kill the other demons too, since they're on the same spawn table. [thanks, Roger]
  • Isn't there an easier way to get back to the old cities? I'm glad you asked! Yes, there is. There are free portals to all capitals from Shattrath, right in the middle of the city with the Maia Archon Naaru. No portals back to Shattrath though. [thanks, Tom]

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Blizzard posts Burning Crusade FAQ

Well, this should cut down on forum spam. Blizzard his posted a pretty extensive FAQ on the ins and outs of installing BC, upgrading your account, et cetera. Points of interest include:
  • What time will I be able to log in and play BC?

    You will be able to log in and play as soon as you have purchased your copy of the Burning Crusade, installed it, and activated your key. Many retailers will be open at midnight. Please check with your local store for more information.
  • Will I need to install from the CD? Why?

    It will be necessary to have a Burning Crusade CD and a Burning Crusade authentication key in order to play The Burning Crusade expansion. There is content on the Burning Crusade CD that will need to be installed that was not included in the patches we recently released. Each account (in the event multiple are played by one person) will need its own copy of The Burning Crusade expansion to install the additional content, and be upgraded with the included authentication key.
  • If I have the beta already, do I need to delete the beta and install fresh?

    When the game goes live, you will need to uninstall your beta client before installing the expansion. Use your computer's Add or Remove Programs function to remove it. If you do not see the beta listed there, just simply delete the Burning Crusade Closed Beta folder. Remember to back up any screenshots or UI settings that you may want to keep.
The whole FAQ is reposted after the jump, for those of you reading from work.

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Paid Character Transfer Coming Soon?

While this may be pure rumor (and I can't find a reliable source attribution anyhwere), there's a fairly detailed character transfer FAQ floating around with all the information on pricing and availibity.  If this is just a rumor, someone's certainly gone to a lot of trouble to write it up with so much detail.  Here are the highlights, though you'll have to read the full document to get all the details:
  • $25 per character transfered
  • Transfers can take up to 10 days to process, during which time you cannot access the character
  • Not all realms avalible for transfer (full or high population realms, realms soon to be open for free transfers, or recently released realms will not be avalible)
  • Restrictions on how much gold a transfering character may have (300g for characters level 10 to 30, 1000g for characters level 31 to 50, 5000g for characters level 51 to 60)
  • You may transfer from a PvP to a PvE rule-set, but not from PvE to PvP
  • You may only transfer to a PvP realm if you do not have characters of the opposing faction on that realm
  • You may transfer characters from one account to another only if you are the subscriber for both accounts

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Answers for Those Nagging Priest Questions

This charmingly titled FAQ provides a nice compilation of answers to questions that are posted in the forums ten times a day by priests.  From what enchant to put on your Benediction to whether spirit gear is better than mana per 5 gear, this guide isn't covering the basics - for basic information for a starting priest you might try this FAQ instead - but it does hit on all the hot topics.  If you're a priest looking for answers, this is a very  good starting place.  Hopefully it will also slow the constant inquires over the best enchant for the Benediction, but I'm probably just being optimistic...

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