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Breakfast Topic: What's your least favorite Mists 5-man or scenario?

Breakfast Topic What's your least favorite Mists 5man or scenario
Just the other day, we talked about your favorite Mists 5-man instance or scenario. Turn about's fair play -- and come on, what's a little grousing and griping among friends?

You git what you git, and you don't have a fit. The 5-man instances we have in the game right now are all we're getting for the rest of the Mists expansion. But with new scenarios keeping things fresh, we'll have plenty of material to rescue us from instances or scenarios we've come to find an utter drag.

So let it all out: What's your least favorite Mists of Pandaria 5-man instance or scenario? Do the revisions of Scarlet Monastery or Scholomance rub you the wrong way? Is there something about a barrel full of monkeys that's less than a barrel full of monkeys to you?

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What's your favorite Mists 5-man or scenario?

Breakfast Topic What's your favorite Mists 5man or scenario
A friend and former WoW player asked me a question yesterday that left me hemming and hawing: What's my favorite instance in Mists of Pandaria and why? I found myself looping about in circles, citing oddities that tickle my fancy and new fight mechanics that entertain. When it became apparent that I wasn't coming up with a firm response, my friend scoffed that perhaps Mists hadn't presented me with a scenario worth appreciating. "Aha!" I cried. "Scenarios!" And I launched into a lengthy description of scenarios, happily diverting his attention from the fact that, well, I can't seem to choose a favorite Mists instance.

Can you? Is there a Mists 5-man that rises to the top of your list as a favorite? I'll toss scenarios in there too, just to broaden the field. What about your favorite 5-man or scenario makes it enjoyable for you? Is it the setting, the music, the story? Or confess your greed: Is it more that the loot inside is your favorite loot?

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