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Community Blog Topic Results: Favorite class and spec

Community Blog Topic Results Favorite class and spec
Last week, we asked "What is your favorite class and spec?" We got many answers from altoholics who couldn't choose to enthusiastic odes. Here's what everyone had to say, listed in order of popularity.


AlternativeChat over at ALT:ernative says
If it's Hunter shaped, I'm going to play it.
She favors the Beast Mastery spec due to its utility in soloing and farming as well as its pet buffs granting access to all DPS and crowd control abilities.

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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite quest zone in today's game?

Breakfast Topic What's your favorite quest zone in today's game
Here at the Breakfast Topic breakfast nook, the question of favorites is a favorite. A year or so ago, we ran through your thoughts on your favorite quest zones. Later, we dug into your favorite Mists beta zones. Now that we've all had time to loop back with enough alts to see most of the Cataclysm zone revamps (both Alliance and Horde) and then get cozy with Pandaria, it's time to rethink our favorite zones. Has another zone captured your heart?

As much fun as I've had nudging my way around the new zones and tracing criss-crossing storylines, I find that I still prefer atmospheric zones with self-contained storylines. To me, these zones feel more like places and less like transparent attempts to level me up or fill me in on an overarching story. Duskwood does a great job of making me feel as if I'm actually exploring a dynamic, populated region. Playing through it on a realm with an Alliance guild that uses Duskwood as its roleplaying base is like tossing dark chocolate chips into the brownie batter -- mmm.

In today's game, what's your favorite quest zone? Are you still in love with a classic, or is your favorite a revamp of an original zone? Do you find yourself irresistibly attracted to a brand new zone in Pandaria?

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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite raid boss?

Here's a good question from the official forums: What's your favorite raid boss, and why? The original poster chose C'thun, from classic WoW's second-hardest raid, AQ40; Bornakk agrees. I haven't actually seen C'thun, but from what I hear it was both incredibly frustrating and incredibly awesome. Crygil picks Doomwalker, but he might be a little biased.

As for me, picking out of the fights I've done, I'm going to say Hodir. I don't remember classic raiding very clearly, and I only got through Karazhan and most of Zul'aman in BC. Ulduar is probably my favorite raid instance out of all the ones I've done, and the Hodir fight is really fun and demands a good amount of coordination from your group. What's your pick?

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