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Cataclysm Beta: Engineers provide new version of Great Feast

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the humidity is down to a comfortable percentage. It is truly a beautiful day for a raid. What do you say we break out the picnic tables, slam down a Great Feast and then fire up the ol' goblin barbecue. Wait, what? Goblin barbecue?

Datamined from the next beta patch, engineers will now be able to craft a Goblin Barbecue, an engineering version of the chef's best friend, the Great Feast. Giving well fed group and raid members 60 stamina and another 60 points in another useful stat, this barbecue promises to be delicious in all the right ways. In my opinion, engineering has been getting some amazing love this expansion, truly cementing the profession as the utility-focused trade. I cannot wait for the graphic to show up. Sing it with me, engineers: Engineering, best profession.

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Breafast Topic: Do you use all available buffs when pugging?

I rarely notice buffs when I'm running heroic dungeons. Granted, every buff helps in maximizing DPS or survivability, but I personally don't find it really necessary. Do you absolutely have to have Blessings of Kings or a Prayer of Fortitude? I've had players who have absolutely refused to pull until they get all the buffs they want. I'm sitting there looking at their health and their gear and it isn't like they're fresh 80s or anything. We're talking tier 9 level stuff or higher. I don't think having Dalaran Brilliance is going to shave off a significant amount of time in a run personally.

Now when it comes to raiding, I make sure I have everything. On progression raids, I always check to make sure every buff that is available is active. At the same time, I'm a little more relaxed about it when taking on trash. I don't drop a Fish Feast for the trash leading to Lord Marrowgar, for example. I wait until we get to the boss itself before laying out one of these.

What? The feasts are expensive!

Anyway, what about you guys? Do you require every buff before tackling anything in a heroic? Are there certain buffs you can live without during raids?

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Patch 3.1 to make Cooking easier

It's being reported that high end Cooking has received a bit of an overhaul in the latest Patch 3.1 PTR build. Well over 20 recipes have been changed so they won't go grey quite so early, making the trip to 450 Cooking a much easier process.

The test realms haven't actually come back up yet so I'm unfortunately unable to get a list of recipes that have changed, but it sounds like leveling Cooking will suck much less. I think my it took my Priest longer to hit 450 Cooking than it took my Paladin to hit 450 Blacksmithing. After grinding through that, I never want to make another Feast again. Unfortunately, I'm sure I'll be making them by the dozen when Ulduar rolls around. Sigh.

I would do a great many things to be able to summon Jillian on demand.

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Embrace your Chilled Meat

Leveling through Northrend, you're probably coming across oodles of Chilled Meat. It drops off of just about every beast (and some other critters) in Northrend, so it piles up pretty quick. You get multiple stacks of it just questing normally. With it being so horirbly common, you might be inclined to just toss it. I mean, it can't be that useful, right? It's everywhere! No. Keep it. Trust me. Keep it.

Why should you keep Chilled Meat? Well, it's not only used in Cooking awesome things like Feasts (and everyone loves to feast), but it's also used in almost all of the new Cooking daily quests in Dalaran. If you're a Cook, you'll want a massive stockpile of the stuff. If you're not a Cook, your friends will really appreciate it, and if you don't like your friends that much, you can auction it for a lot. I've been watching the prices on them, and it varies wildly between being cheap and unreasonably expensive, depending on what the daily quest is and what day of the week it is. Weekends the price drops significantly since more people are leveling, but come the middle of the week, peoples' stores start slipping.

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Happy Thanksgiving from WoW Insider

America today is celebrating Thanksgiving Day, a holiday where we all sit down with friends and family, eat loads of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and all the other good stuff, and give thanks for all the blessings we've received throughout the year. WoW Insider would like to wish you, our readers, a happy Thanksgiving and a great and safe holiday season. We are thankful for many things, but mostly for you: it's because you come and read and visit the site that we get to keep it going every day of every week the rest of the year. Much appreciated -- thank you.

Many of our bloggers are also with their families and attending their own celebrations this weekend, so posting may be slow around here today and tomorrow. Odds are that you haven't reached 80 yet, and even if you have, odds are even better that you haven't grinded all the reputations you want, so just head on into the game and work on that for a bit, and we'll be back after this weekend with our usual news, views, and insight into this game and its players.

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The Queue: Feasting and Fishing

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

Welcome back! Since yesterday's picture of Malygos was so awful, I decided to give up on his righteous beard and take a picture of his lightning breath instead. Yeah, see that up there? It hurts. It hurts a lot. Just trust me on that. Let's get into the Q&A now, eh?


Why is it that tanks are always the group leaders? Why are we always expected to mark mobs? Every time I get in a group to tank for it I will always get thrown the leader. I don't really mind, but at least once I want to get in a group where someone else was willing to mark for me, instead of the other way around.

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All the World's a Stage: Top ten ways to roleplay the holidays

All the World's a Stage performs for you every Sunday evening. Reserve your tickets early!

This is a season of holidays for many people around the world, and indeed many of you may be faced with the peculiar situation of logging on to WoW only to discover that your entire guild is off with the family instead of playing online. So there you are, thinking of what to do, not entirely excited about joining a PuG with some random elf, and suddenly the idea comes to you: why not roleplay the holidays away? Even if your friends are online during their vacation time -- do you really want to just kill the same old monsters? Why not roleplay as a form of celebration?

In this edition of All the World's a Stage, we bring to you the Holiday Roleplay Top Ten. Some are serious and some are silly; some are great for spontaneous fun with random strangers, while others can be a bit more theatrical and planned out with trusted friends. Read and discuss them all, then add any of your own ideas in the comments!

Let the countdown begin:

10. Have a friendly snowball fight:
Any snowy region in the game has these handy [Snowball]s just lying around for you to pick up and throw at each other. I myself have enjoyed running around trying to hit my friends with these things while at the same time dodging their tosses by hiding behind walls. You can count hits if you're feeling competitive, or else just toss recklessly and have a blast. Be sure to express your playful glee with /giggle and /rofl, and say things like "Ha ha! Gotcha!"

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