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Warlords of Draenor: New achievement for warlocks

The enterprising folks over at Wowhead have dug up more information from the latest alpha client, including a new achievement specifically for warlock players. Breaker of the Black Harvest is an achievement specifically for warlocks that have completed the green fire chain at level 90, similar to the achievement introduced for Swift Flight Form. As a Feat of Strength, there are no achievement points rewarded -- but there are plenty of bragging rights involved.

Warlocks have been able to get green fire for quite some time via a unique class quest line introduced in patch 5.2. When Warlords was announced, many players wondered if the quest chain would go the way of the dodo when the new expansion released, much like the epic flight form chain introduced for druids in Burning Crusade, or the original paladin and warlock mount quests from vanilla. While the chain is staying put, enterprising warlocks will want to act now and complete the chain before they hit level 91 in Warlords if they'd like the associated Feat of Strength. Wondering where to get started on the chain? Check out our complete guide to getting it done.

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Blood Pact: Kanrethad's defeat at mortal hands

Blood Pact Kanrethad
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill celebrates one year at WoW Insider with a fel fire victory.

I promise, I won't put unfortunate spoilers in the header this time.

One of my favorite Blood Pacts to write was a narrative based around our spells and the hints of a fascinating possible subplot just for warlocks. Instead of writing a traditional, straightforward guide for the final boss in the quest for green fire -- Ackthal's already written a great one -- I want to celebrate my personal victory with the quest and another special occasion with this story post.

See, this is my 53rd Blood Pact. I believe a certain moonkin now owes me a crown for the longest reign as WoW Insider's Defense Against With the Dark Arts professor.

For the sake of space, I've obviously shortened the story down from my actual experience with the final fight. But many of the elements are there, from spell details to actual NPC roleplay (none of the NPCs' dialogue is mine). Jump behind the cut to catch the story.

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How to get green fire for your Warlock in Patch 5.2

The Black Harvest is waiting on the PTR
Are you sure you don't want green fire? Quite sure? Positively sure? Absolutely, one hundred percent sure?

Don't lie to me like that. You want it. You want to do the end of this questline, because it's so badass. I was spinning circles in my seat and giggling maniacally at how Kanrethad completely wiped the roof of the Black Temple with my body for two hours straight, because it was so much fun to be challenged not merely as a player, but as a whole warlock. You're going to use abilities you've almost never used before in this questline, and you're going to love all of it.

I hope I don't have to say it too much, but spoilers ahead.

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The Queue: Talents in the next expansion

The Queue Talents in the next expansion
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

The talent system has been revamped in every single expansion post-Burning Crusade. Will the next WoW expansion be any different?

Gordon asked:

How do you think talents are going to work from this point on? Will we have 1 talent every three expansions? Or will we get 1 per expansion, which means 1 every 5 levels?

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Should green fire be prestigious?

Blood Pact Should green fire be prestigious MON
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill wishes the mages would stop sending out the bad voodoo vibes to everything she owns so she can buy new fun things for her birthday instead of old replacements.

There's plenty to look for through the datamining, but the question on everyone's mind is, "How do I start the questline?" Trust me, when someone finds out, I'm sure the internet will explode about it. It'll probably be on a Monday, during my other job's hours, and right after this column posts, knowing my luck.

But before I get into an all-out walkthrough of the questline, I want to discuss one thing: does green fire have to be exclusive? Is exclusivity required for meaningfulness?

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Patch 5.2 PTR: Warlock area datamined

Adriacraft have been at it again, datamining what is believed to be the containing zone for an element of the warlock-specific "green fire quest" area. On first look, the zone itself, though not the map, appears to bear a striking visual resemblance to the zone in which the Obsidian Sanctum raid takes place, but with additional items added.

It seems from a brief glance at Wowhead's warlock-specific quests that the majority of the currently known quests refer, as expected, to the Black Temple, without mentioning another zone. Could this "island" be an instanced area accessed from within the Black Temple? It looks far too fiery for that to me at least, but with the little we know about the Council of the Black Harvest, also known as the Council of Six Daggers, and their ties to other, older zones, it could be that this is some area associated with that group.

What do you think? I know I'm really pleased I leveled my warlock, these quests look really exciting, even with our very limited knowledge of how it will all unfurl. Do note, as ever, that this is datamined information, and place an according amount of weight upon it. Let's hope this leads to more class-specific quests in future!

Mists of Pandaria is here! The level cap has been raised to 90, many players have returned to Azeroth, and pet battles are taking the world by storm. Keep an eye out for all of the latest news, and check out our comprehensive guide to Mists of Pandaria for everything you'll ever need to know.

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The Lawbringer: The warlock green fire class action lawsuit

Pop law abounds in The Lawbringer, your weekly dose of WoW, the law, video games and the MMO genre. Mathew McCurley takes you through the world running parallel to the games we love and enjoy, full of rules, regulations, and esoteroic topics that slip through the cracks.

As I am gearing up for PAX East and getting my things in order for the trip, I did not have a chance to write the Lawbringer I wanted to for today. Instead, I was "busy" with other work for a new client that I think you guys and girls might be able to resonate with. Are you going to PAX East? You should come meet me and the WoW Insider crew and see the live podcast! Follow @wowinsider or myself (@gomatgo) on Twitter for more announcements about where and when myself and the WoW Insider crew will be hanging out at the convention.



----------------------------------------------------------x Index No.: 5318008

Warlocks, denizens of the Twisting Nether, and other fel beings
on behalf of all other persons and demons similarly situated,



Blizzard Entertainment, dream shatterers,


On behalf of all warlocks, fel beings, demons, succubi, fel hunters, demon hunters, fel beasts, fel handlers, felsteeds, infernals, female infernals, imps, fel imps, fel bears, satyrs, gnomes, and any and all other universal or otherwise beings that do not possess the ability to create green (or "fel") fire, Plaintiffs state the following complaint:

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Warlocks may cast green fire spells in MoP

Warlock firing a Chaos Bolt at a ghost
Warlocks, think of the one thing you most want in the World of Warcraft. If you answered "the total destruction and removal of the mage class, and green fire," you're in luck -- there's a good chance that half of that statement will come true in Mists of Pandaria! Luckily for Christian Belt, it's the latter.

According to EU CM Wryxian, Blizzard developers are looking into hopefully adding a quest line that will allow warlocks to use green fire in Mists of Pandaria.

Green "fel" fire for warlocks, like they've been asking for since... forever?

It is our hope to introduce a quest which will allow warlocks to unlock the use of green fire. :)

Remember that the key word here is "hope." Even the slightest possibility of green fire in MoP should have most warlocks salivating. This is especially true since Chaos Bolt, which is one of only two green fire spells currently in the game, has been removed from MoP talent calculators. Given that green fire has been one of the most requested features of the class for years and that MoP is an expansion bringing to us loads of vanity choices in glyphs and challenge mode sets, this seems an obvious way to go.

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The Daily Quest: Ain't no silverback girl

We here at are on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.

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The Daily Quest: Go cheetah, get banana

We here at WoW Insider are on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.

The blogs are still aflame with Ulduar excitement, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I'll be heading back in there myself tonight, and these guys probably will be, too!

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The Daily Quest: Ulduar

Despite all of the instance server problems last night, a number of bloggers throughout the community marched into Ulduar to give the place a whirl on live realms for the first time.
  • We Wipe On Trash downed a few bosses. They also, amusingly, wiped on some trash. Luckily, that trash was hotfixed today.
  • Honor's Code had a whole lot of fun figuring out Flame Leviathan. If you haven't tried that boss out yet yourself, it might be worth reading before you do. First hand experiences are even better than regular ol' strategy posts sometimes.
  • Hoof n' Healz came to the realization that Naxxramas made him a worse player, and Ulduar trash surprised him a little bit. I fear that most of my raid will come to that same realization tonight when we give the place a whirl.
  • Of Teeth and Claws is just a little bitter about the current state of the game, and hopes Ulduar will revive the endgame.

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