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Insider Trader: Northern Engineering highlights

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Engineering has seen many changes over the past year, and Wrath of the Lich King brought even more. Today, Insider Trader is taking a look at some of the highlights of the profession to help you set goals and plan ahead with your leveling.

This by no means covers every schematic, and instead looks at the big ticket items and new innovations, including stylish, if somewhat controversial, new modes of transportation, consolidations to save bag space, and more.

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Preparing for 2.3: Post-patch item farming, part 1

Nearly every patch includes new items for players to farm up. While these additions are typically new tradeskill recipes, occasionally other goodies are thrown into the mix. The upcoming patch 2.3 contains both of these types of items for your farming pleasure (or annoyance). I'll quickly cover the items, where they're dropping and the creatures that drop them in order to create a consolidated resource to help plan your farming once the patch hits the live realms.

First off is the new leatherworking bag. The pattern for the Bag of Many Hides can be found through the mass slaughter of the Gordunni ogres in the Barrier Hills above Aldor Rise in Shattrath. This recipe will allow a leatherworker to create a 24 slot bag to hold the essential tools and materials of their trade.

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New recipes in Patch 2.3

We've already covered the new Engineering Flying Machines (and what it takes to get them!), but there are also many other new recipes introduced with Patch 2.3. Our very own Insider Trader gave us an overview of profession additions and changes, but I wanted to focus on some of the new recipes that will be available.

First, there is a new weapon enchant in town that drops from the bosses in Zul'aman: Executioner. It ignores 840 of your opponent's armor, which is an increase of 2-5% dps according to the commenters on WoW Head. The proc rate isn't clear yet. There are two movies of it on YouTube. This one showcases the glowy effect and this one shows the weapon in action. It's a 375 enchant and takes 6 Void Crystals, 10 Large Prismatic Shards, 6 Greater Planar Essences, 30 Arcane Dusts and 3 Elixirs of Major Strength.

New Jewelcrafting , Engineering and Cooking recipes after the jump!

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