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Breakfast Topic: Did you meet your Midsummer Fire Festival goals?

The Midsummer Fire Festival ended last night with a Fireworks Spectacular to send it off. We've had roughly two weeks (minus some server downtime) to achieve what we wanted to achieve.

I ran as many fires as were convenient and/or fun on as many alts as possible to take advantage of the obscene experience gains. There were also the Midsummer Flame Fest and Server Maintenance Party for <It came from the Blog>, which were an absolute blast. I did not get the title on my "main," but alas -- she has been sidelined for a bit while I play other characters.

What were your goals for the Midsummer holiday? Did you achieve them? What, if anything, would you like to see different for next year in the new cataclysmically changed Azeroth?

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Reminder: Midsummer Fire Festival ends today

Just before midnight (realm time) tonight, the Midsummer Fire Festival comes to a close. So today is your last day to desecrate fires, pole dance and flame up the countryside.

The Fireworks Spectacular begins just after sunset ... wait. Since when does the sun set at 6 a.m.? Well, according to the in-game calendar, fireworks will be going off hourly in all capital cities and Booty Bay, starting at 6 a.m. realm time or sunset. Apparently.

So go forth and get all of your Midsummer achievements done. Or just soak up the massive XP, gold and buffs. After all, the next official in-game holiday isn't until September.

Shameless plug: <It came from the Blog> will continue to run events at least once a month, whether there is an official holiday or not.

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