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Breakfast Topic: Do you still play your first character?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

For many, World of Warcraft was the first (and to some, the only) MMO we have ever played. In WoW, our first step into Azeroth is the level 1 character we choose for the first time. That race and class combination can be the reason you fell in love with WoW, or it may the reason you never made it past the 10-day trial. Luckily, we aren't committed to just one class, and we can take each class for a test run until we find the one we like.

With the number of race and class combinations available today, it can be hard to find people who still play their first gnome warrior or night elf priest. That gnome warrior may have become a human warrior when race changes became available, or the gnome was sent into the nether. The night elf priest may now be a worgen priest. Some people still play the first class they ever made. Others have a menagerie of alts because they love to play every class.

I myself made a gnome rogue when I first started to play WoW. My friends played Alliance, so my choices were already narrowed down. I looked over each of the races, decided that humans were too boring. The night elves resembled hippies, which didn't suit me. It came down to the dwarves and the gnomes. I looked at the gnomes first, and when I looked at a gnome rogue, I visualized what it might be like to play one. The thought of a pint-sized terror stealthily moving through the shadows, popping out and stabbing you in the knees, then vanishing again, made me laugh. A few weeks later, I created a dwarf hunter that fast became my main. My rogue is still around; he just doesn't see very much action aside from an occasional Arathi Basin match.

Do you still play the first character you ever created? Has he or she gone through a race change or even a faction change?

Do you still play your original WoW character?
No4044 (29.1%)
Yes, as a main6259 (45.1%)
Yes, as an alt3587 (25.8%)

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Insider Trader: Tradeskills for noobs

You've entered Azeroth with a brand spanking new character and you're trying to find your footing in the world. Perhaps this is even your first MMO entirely, and while looking for guidance, you're overwhelmed at the sheer volume of information available. Sound like you?

While our very own WoW Rookie column has a wealth of information specifically tailored to new players, this week's Insider Trader is going to go in-depth and personal with your profession choices to help make sure that you get the job you want.

Whether you are looking for a challenge, thinking ahead to your future, or looking to maximize your profit, you'll find the advice you need to make an informed decision. Have you already chosen, and are regretting it? Never fear, I'll walk you through backing out of the deal and finding something that really suits you.

Make sure not to skip the comments section, as input and personal experience will help you learn about the different outcomes you might face.

Read more →

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You'll always remember your first

Togus is right-- there's something about your first character. Many of us, as I said yesterday, have tons of alts floating around, but your first character (while probably not your best-- I didn't understand First Aid when I started playing the game, so I just didn't train it at all) was a big deal. Finishing that starting area and realizing there was a whole World out there, grouping up for the first time, and learning just how all the spells worked and what everything looked like-- your first character may not be your main now, but odds are it's still sitting there on the server, like an old friend from years ago.

This idea of a "first character" is actually especially interesting to me, as just yesterday my very first character dinged level 60. As I said on the podcast the other day, I'm going back to play the Night Elf Hunter (yeah, yeah-- I was young and impetuous, and I heard Hunter was a good solo class) I started playing the game with, and take it all the way to level 70, and then 80 when Wrath comes out. In some way, I see it as finishing what I started way back when. And after all this time playing something different in game (Horde, obviously, and classes besides Hunter-- Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Priest), it's been extremely interesting to go back to the beginning. And seeing Outland (and eventually Northrend) through the eyes of the first character I've ever played promises to be a trip. I feel like I'm rediscovering this game I've played so much of already yet again.

What happened to the first character you ever started? You didn't delete them, did you? Were you able to get them all the way to 70? And when the next expansion comes out, will you take them further?

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