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Breakfast Topic: Do you use first-person view for anything besides screenshots?

Breakfast Topic Do you use firstperson view for anything besides screenshots
Screenshots -- an informal survey on Twitter as I wrote this Breakfast Topic tells me that the only time players today seriously employ first-person view in World of Warcraft is when they're taking screenshots. Quite a few smart alecks and their guilds report toying with first-person view during certain raid encounters; as one of the twitterati explained, "It, uh, did not end well usually." In a game of encounters based on moving out of the fire, the loss of situational awareness you'd suffer in first-person view is simply unconscionable. In fact, we recommend that you scroll back still more -- way, way back is the smart way to roll.

Other games often include certain encounters or tight locations in which scrolling into first-person view is most effective. When pressed, some WoW players admit to scrolling in when they're in an especially tight spot -– say, to snag the bag of loot on the pirate ship on Timeless Isle. Still, it's not a tactic players employ with any real frequency.

I have to wonder if there are players out there using first-person view for roleplaying or business around town. After all, wandering about with your UI entirely turned off can lift a veil to an entirely new way of looking at Azeroth, so why not consider popping into the head of your own character? Do you use first-person mode for anything other than screenshots?

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Breakfast Topic: Is that you?

As is often the case with Breakfast Topics, I write about what interests me, asking commenters questions that I genuinely want to know the answers to. So it should be no surprise that I read the comments pretty religiously, and often they will spark ideas that lead to more Breakfast Topics. You've only yourselves to blame for being such interesting folk.

On a recent BT about gender in WoW, two commenters got my attention. Dez and Nagaina, thanks for replying! The parts that caught my eye from their comments were as follows:

Dez wrote: I know some players consider their toons to be extensions of themselves (1st-person narrative), but personally I see them more as other people whose adventures I am following (3rd-person narrative).

Nagaina wrote: I'm principally a roleplayer. When I create a character, I'm usually doing so for storyline related reasons not representing myself in game related ones.

I personally consider my characters to be extensions of myself. When I refer to them, mentally I'm thinking, "I'm over here," "I'm getting my face chewed off by a murloc," or "I'm going to get myself a kickass new cloak." When I'm talking in game, I do much the same.

The idea of the character as a third person fascinates me. I suppose it might be reflected in games like The Sims where you control the life of a character in a different way or maybe in FPS games where you're controlling a character with a predefined story. Or perhaps it's something that is a big part of roleplaying, creating a story for a character that is (maybe by definition) not your own story. I freely admit to knowing barely anything about roleplaying, so of course there is the strong possibility that all that might be utter nonsense!

What do you think? Are your characters extensions of yourself? Are you representing yourself in game? Or, like Dez and Nagaina, are you following a third person? And why?

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