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Shifting Perspectives: Flight form, not just for flying anymore

Druid Flight FormYou veritable shape-shifter you, you've leveled, quested, and hit at least 68. As you know, you now get the express privilege of one of the coolest things in the game, Druid Flight Form. Sure, for the first while, simply soaring over Outlands is teh coolest, but after a while, you start to wonder if there is something more that flight form is good for besides high altitude tourism. Don't even get me started on how cool the Swift Flight Form is once you hit level 70.

Flight form does have distinct advantages over regular flying mounts, and rather than bore you with that, since you probably already know about them, consider these interesting uses for your newly acquired and admittedly overpowered form. Feel free to /evillaugh at this point.

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Around Azeroth: Flying over Shattrath

Sure, once you get a flying mount, these previously unusual overhead angles of locations in Outland become old news -- completely boring and uninteresting. But try to remember for a moment the excitement of you first took off on that flying mount and started zooming around Outland, taking screenshots of absolutely everything. That's what this screenshot, sent to us by Addie, is all about.

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! Or perhaps you'd just like to see more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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Around Azeroth: Ca-caw.

Imagine this: you're a Druid who's just finished his or her flight form quest. What do you do?! Well, according to the screenshots that land in my mailbox, you start looking for amusing places to take screenshots of yourself -- as shown in this shot by Satarus of Khaz Modan. I can agree with the feeling: ca-caw!

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! Or perhaps you'd just like to see more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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Druid epic flight form is live with patch 2.1

Patch 2.1 brought many treats to the adventurers of Azeroth, but one of the sweetest is the Epic Druid Flight Form quest. Unlike its predecessor, Flight Form, this ability isn't handed out to every high level shape shifter with the appropriate riding skill.

The quest to fly at epic speed is long and complex. Revered reputation grinding, Heroic instance running, escort quests, exploding foliage and much more await the intrepid druid. Oh, and they have to pay the 5000g riding skill upgrade before they can even start the quest.

When they finish, druids not only get the Swift Flight Form ability, but also a relic that works for any druid spec: Idol of the Raven Goddess - Increases the healing granted by the Tree of Life form aura by 20, adds 9 critical strike rating to the Leader of the Pack aura, and adds 9 spell critical strike rating to the Moonkin form aura.

An excellent walkthrough, Wiki style, can be found here at the Servants of Seagis guild site.

EDIT: Another reward received in the quest chain: Charm of Swift Flight, Trinket, Equip: Increases speed in Flight Form and Swift Flight Form by 10%. Thanks to Felixia from the Uldum Server for the heads up!

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Around Azeroth: Super elf!

I'm really not convinced that it's a bird or a plane. In fact, it looks an awful lot like a blood elf. But a flying blood elf? Kurthon of Aggramar explains that the shot isn't any kind of hack, but instead the combination of the quest item Sunfury Disguise and Druid's Flight Form. The result? Super elf!

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing! Or perhaps you'd just like to see more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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WoW Moviewatch: Druid Epic Flight Form

Those folks over at Dementia Myndflame are at it again. Myndflame, for those not in the know, are the folks behind Zinwrath, Illegal Danish, and the upcoming Illegal Danish: Escape From Orgrimmar. They've put out some of the funniest WoW Machinima that I've seen yet, and continue the tradition with this quick spoof ad for what the upcoming Druid epic flight form might be like. We all know that Bliz should nerf druids, and this little video just takes it to the next step.

Thanks to Clint Hackleman, Dementia Myndflame's Lead Producer, for the submission!

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Blue Notes: Epic flight form and Hunter pet despawns

It looks like not only do Druids get the free flying mount we've all discussed, but they're going to get to quest for an epic flight form as well. From Ommra:
  • We have upcoming development plans which we wanted to share now, as it could impact choices that Druids might make in the immediate future regarding flying mount riding skills or purchasing epic mounts:

    The regular Storm Crow form remains trainable at level 68 and moves at 60%. Also as previous, the normal flying mount skill comes with the form.

    An epic quest line will be going into an upcoming patch which will grant Druids an additional flying form with increased stats. The epic flying form will move at the epic rate of 280%, but basically fall under the same conditions as the previous flight form (i.e. can't run on the ground).

    However, the first prerequisite of the quest will require the epic flying mount riding skill, so it would not be a loss to Druids if they wish to purchase their epic flying mount skill now or in the near future. Obviously, one could then diversify their epic mounts beyond the Druid's casted epic form if they choose.
I think it was the right move to make it required to train epic flying, since 5,000 gold, on top of the 1,000 from before, would be a little much for druids not to have to pay.

And following up on the news about Warlock pets despawning when you flying-mount up, it looks like Hunter pets are getting the same treatment. Ommra again:
  • This change should apply to hunter's pets in the same way.

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Druid flight form FAQ

Earlier today, I hit 68 on my Priest, which was awesome because I got Prayer of Mending. However, if I was a Druid, I would have gotten something infinitely more awesome: Flight Form. If anyone's unfamiliar with flight form, it's a Druid shapeshift that's only usable in Outlands and turns you into a Stormcrow, allowing you to fly. This means a free, instant-cast flying mount, basically, as well as free flying mount training (which is much more expensive). People have a lot of questions about Flight Form; fortunately for us, Locust has compiled an excellent FAQ in the forums. I'll put the more interesting bits here, and the whole FAQ (which is rather long) after the cut for those who can't access the WoW forums.
  • Do I need Journeyman Riding skill (which is needed for ground epic mounts) in order to gain this ability? Will it cost me?
    Yes, and it will cost you 540g.
  • Will I still need to buy Expert Riding skill in order to buy Artisan Riding skill to ride a flying epic mount?
    No. Once you train for Flight Form, you automatically gain Expert Riding skill. You save yourself 800g.
  • If I activate Flight Form while falling, can it save me from a fall that would normally cause me to die?
    You bet.
  • Can I attack in Flight Form?
    No. No attacks. No abilities.
  • What happens if I die while very high in the air?
    Your body will be found exactly where you died. If you are unable to retreieve your corpse because it is too high, you will have to spirit res.
  • Normal running speed: 100%
    Walking speed: 40%
    Aspect of the Cheetah: 130%
    Cheetah form: 140%
    Ground normal mount: 160%
    Ground epic mount: 200%
    Druid Flight Form: 160%
    Normal flying mount running: 160%
    Normal Flying mount flying: 160%
    Epic flying mount running: 200%
    Epic flying mount flying: 380%
    Epic swift nether drake: 410%
    Wind Rider (Flight Master): 500%

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