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Hostage crisis: Orgimmar

On the Ravenholdt (US) realm mayhem is afoot. A member of the Alliance guild Colossus posted on the realm forums that they have taken the Orgimmar Wind Rider Master hostage. "We have your Flight Master for ransom," the ominous message reads, "There is a Mining Pick up for 100 gold on the neutral Auction House. Buy it and Doras will be freed."

Although this has been done before, it still is a novel way to bring role play into the world of Azeroth. I am always fascinated with what players can do within the framework of the game.

Can no one help poor Doras? Until something is done, all transportation for the Horde has come to a screeching halt. Please, for the love of Thrall, do something! Do we expect retaliation, or will the Horde give in and buy that blasted mining pick? Oh the humanity!

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Mind-Control Griefing: Working as Intended?

I noticed this post on the EU forums regarding massive lost of Cenarion Circle reputation after accidentally attacking a flight master who had been mind controlled by the opposing faction.  You know how you right click on a flight master to talk to them and fly somewhere?  Well, right clicking will also enable auto-attack on a hostile target.  So if the mind control is timed just right, you may not even realize what happened - the flight path window never came up, and you just lost 15000 reputation.  (Note: in this case, the initial auto-attack tagged the flightmaster to the player, and opposing faction player killed it - thus the massive reputation loss.)
However, GM response simply stated that this was "designed this way" and a CM response states that this is a GM issue.  So is it really intentional for other players to be able to cause you to loose huge chunks of reputation like this (it's -15000 for killing a member of faction), through no fault of your own?  It seems rather wrong to me, but in the mean-time I'm going to be very careful when flying out of Cenarion Hold...

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