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"Flintlocke" creator moving to Blizzard

Readers Geamo, Dice, and Leethax have written to let us know that Dave "Fargo" Kosak, co-founder of Gamespy and creator of the wildly popular "Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth" and its Horde follow-up "Flintlocke vs. The Horde" is leaving for...Blizzard!

In his farewell message on Gamespy he says he'll be creating content for Blizzard games and World of Warcraft specifically (so be on the lookout, as he writes, for "quest instructions (shouted) at you in a very loud, very poor Scottish accent"). Kosak has been responsible for hearthstones being memorably described as "the chickenrock," an explanation of aggro mechanics, The Five Stages of Warcraft, and the ultimate goblin-engineered weapon (which you can find in Area 52).

Unfortunately, it looks like he's not going to be able to continue the "Flintlocke" comics while at Blizzard (whether for time-related or legal reasons, I'm not sure), so that's kind of a downer. The current Horde comic has already been planned all the way to its end, which will occur at some point in late April. I was disappointed to read this -- I love Flintlocke, and the Horde storyline is amazing ("What kind of combat skills you got on that thing?" "Probably flee and mate") -- but I expect we'll be seeing some of Kosak's influence ingame.

Congratulations, Mr. Kosak, and from all of us here at WoW Insider, good luck!

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Flintlocke returns, now with more Horde

Fan favorite webcomic Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth is back in business after a far-too-long hiatus. Sort of. The GameSpy hosted webcomic is back in sequel form, entitled Flintlocke vs. The Horde. With a plan to release five panels/pages each week from the original Flintlocke author Dave Kosak, I'm pretty excited about it. Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth was by far one of my favorite WoW comics when it was still running.

Flintlocke vs. The Horde actually has no Flintlocke in sight yet. It's told from the point of view of the Horde rather than our old pals from the previous series. We'll see them eventually, I'm sure. So far the comic has gotten some laughs out of me, but it's been a little too heavy on the stoner humor. Don't get me wrong, stoner humor can be hilarious, but it usually works better as a support joke rather than the punchline. That's just my thoughts on it, though. Regardless, I've bookmarked this comic to see where it goes and I recommend at least giving it a look.

[ Thanks, Bryn! ]

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