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Patch 5.4 PTR: Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart

Sometimes you get hungry. And sometimes when you're hungry you want food that will give you 1007 in a useful stat for one hour. Apparently in patch 5.4, that food will exist, and it will be delicious noodles served piping hot from a noodle cart. Available in both 10 and 25 person varieties, the noodle cart (or Grand noodle cart) is taught by a recipe - where this recipe is learned is up in the air at this point, it could be on a vendor, it could be a drop. We know that both recipes are bind on pickup, so it probably won't be something you see on the AH.

Now, it's possible that the PTR is just giving out odd numbers for stat food at the moment - current Pandaria recipes are listed as giving far higher stats on the PTR than they grant on live. So always remember, it's the PTR, don't be surprised if it changes before it goes live. Still, even if it's just another way to make stat food, who doesn't love a noodle cart?

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Breakfast Topic: This icon is making me hungry

I've been playing World of Warcraft since 2005 and one thing has always driven me absolutely insane ... The icon for Roasted Quail looks absolutely delicious! Every time I see it I find myself salivating, which is pretty frustrating when you consider that almost every innkeeper in Azeroth sells it.

I don't even know why the image is so appealing to me either. When I examine the rendering critically nothing about it strikes me in the same way food photography does, and I've never eaten quail so it's not like I'm drawing from some point of reference. I just don't understand it! Of course, it could just be a general weakness of mine. The icons for Soft Banana Bread, Mok'Nathal Shortribs, Goldenbark Apple, Friendship Bread, and Sliced Raw Billfish have a similar affects on me, though none have as much power as Roasted Quail.

So it made me wonder, am I the only one? Am I crazy, or are there any other players out there who crave a taste of Conjured Mana Pie or Winter Veil Cookies? If so, let's hear it.

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The Queue: Slanderous words

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

I honestly have no idea why I'm using this particular header image. I was looking through some past Queues to provide an acceptable answer for today's final question and stumbled across it. I think it's one of the first images I ever used on WoW Insider, and I just add or remove white space to the sides when we change our column width on the site. It was originally used on a European maintenance announcement over three years ago. Every time I find it again, I can't help but recycle it.

It's a good picture.

EidlonImp asked:

All over Azeroth there are raptors, and they're all decked out in pretty feathered armbands and tribal necklaces. Who, exactly, is bored and insane enough to be decorating velociraptors like Christmas trees?

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BlizzCon 2010: Food cart sells Murloc baked goods, potions

The line to pick your badge for tomorrow's 2010 BlizzCon remains a bit of an endurance test. With hundreds of fellow players, you'll be waiting for hours in a line that snakes around the convention center. The usual array of pizza boxes and fast food wrappers lay strewn about, but there's one more relief for the hungry and afflicted line waiters this year. A food cart travels up and down the line, selling baked goods ostensibly provided by Cookie the Murloc, the Defias' chef, fruit from Stranglethorn Vale, sweets from Smokywood Pastures, and bottled water that doubles as a rejuvenation potion, according to the cart's sign. I have to say, those prices don't exactly inspire Heroism in me or anything, but hey. If you're hungry and stuck in line, you do what you gotta do. Maybe next year that Taco stand will finally rebrand themselves Murloco's Tacos.

For high res pics of the cart and more, check the gallery below.

BlizzCon 2010 is upon us! WoW Insider has all the latest news and information. We're bringing you liveblogging of the WoW panels, interviews with WoW celebrities and attendees and of course, lots of pictures of people in costumes. It's all here at WoW Insider!

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An analysis of all the food and drink in WoW

Not long ago, a friend of mine from college asked me to resurrect his WoW account so he could get back into the game before Cataclysm comes out. The first week that he was back, he messaged me quite frequently with various questions about trends in raiding and PvP at level 80. I answered his questions without much thought until one afternoon, he sent me a different type of message.

"Did you notice there is nothing but meat in WoW?"

My thoughts stumbled over the question for a moment before he continued. "There is meat, fish and fruit, but no vegetables." (My friend became vegan since the last time he played WoW -- thus his sudden epiphany.) He then proceeded to tell me about a quest in Teldrassil where you gather spider meat for a kabob recipe. He said something along the lines of, "They're on a big freakin' tree, full of plants and they're eating spiders! Spiders!"

I'll admit, he had a good point. Curious, I decided to start looking over the types of food in WoW to see just exactly what Azerothians eat.

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Insider Trader: The very best buff food

The opening of Noblegarden, and its corresponding real-life holiday, means one thing around my home: food. And this holiday was no different, as about a half-dozen friends and family all gathered around the kitchen to enjoy a spring-time feast. It was good times, of course, with a lot of light hearts and happy faces. And then when the festivities were over, everyone went home, got online and we raided Icecrown Citadel.

Obviously we all knew that we were going to be raiding in the evening, so as we sat down around the dinner, there were more than a few jokes. "Fish down!" "Who's got pig?" My non-WoW family didn't really get the jokes, but the raiders surely did.

We don't cover cooking here in Insider Trader a whole lot, even though it's a fairly universal skill. Since it's a secondary profession, it's one that every character could have, if they took the time to level it. It's also a pretty important secondary skill, compared to its two compatriots, fishing and first aid. Cooking provides a wide combination of buffs as well as the ever-useful health and mana.

Take a look behind the jump, and let's do a tour of the some of the most popular foods used in the end game.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Black Jelly

It's the third anniversary of Phat Loot Phriday and in celebration we bring you an item that we can all enjoy. So raise a pint and enjoy the feast before you!

Name: Black Jelly (Wowhead, Thottbot, Real life)
Type: Common FoodDamage/Speed: N/A
  • Why are we featuring a food on Phat Loot Phriday? Because it's only the best food in the game right now -- this baby restores 45,000 health and 38,400 mana in one sitting. For both of those, this is the biggest gain you can get.

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A bag for Cooking

Profession bags are a godsend for almost anyone leveling up a profession -- while the loss of bag space in favor of specialty slots can be a problem sometimes at the lower levels, almost all high level characters can definitely make use of at least one profession bag, to hold all of the extra ore, or gems, or leather, or whatever else you're hauling around all the time. But Natalia over on WoW LJ makes an excellent point: just where is our cooking bag? And how about a fishing bag? You might argue that only the gathering professions are meant to have bags (the Blacksmithing bag is actually a Mining bag, so even Engineers can make use of it), but that's not quite true: Engineering does have its own bags, as does Inscription. Cooking and/or Fishing, you'd think, should both have their own profession bags.

Of course, they are both secondary professions, so maybe Blizzard believes that because they're more or less optional, you should be able to carry around all of your food and spices and lures in your regular bags. But cooking especially has gotten pretty complicated lately (there are a few foods that you've got to have in your bags regularly to do the daily quests, especially Chilled Meat), and so a lot of players would definitely find a use for a dedicated bag. First Aid, probably not, but Cooking and Fishing? Definitely.

And if you want to really dream, maybe food could actually get a bonus from being kept in a special "refridgerated" bag -- nothing big, just maybe a few extra points of the bonus stat or a little longer duration when you actually take care of your food rather than just tossing it in with all of the Kobold eyeballs and oily swords and cloth that you're also carrying around. But that would be extra -- for now, just a bigger bag meant for cooking and fishing utensils would be fine, thanks.

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Happy Fourth of July from

It's that time of year again -- Summer is in the air, baseball is well underway (I'm still pulling for the Cubs, even though it's a rollercoaster as usual), and things are grilling on the, um, grill. Here in America, today is Independence Day, and we're celebrating our independence from you EU folks -- don't take it personally, but we'd had it up to here with your taxation without representation, and we just wanted to spend some time on our own for a while. So while most of our bloggers are relaxing and lighting explosives on fire, posting might be a little slim around here today. Just in case you need something to read, you can always catch up on all the amazing Patch 3.2 details, dream about going to BlizzCon (or just ogle the costumes), or finish up your Midsummer Fire Festival achievements.

And if the last few years are any indication, there'll be some celebrations in Azeroth this evening as well (yes, even on the EU servers), with fireworks aplenty (we're pretty sure they do them on the hour every hour this evening -- Booty Bay always has a nice display, not to mention that the bruisers are drunk there today), and free beer and food outside the capital cities. So if you're here in America with us, be sure to have a very happy and safe Fourth of July from all of us here at!

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Preparing for BlizzCon: Money -- you're going to need it

BlizzCon approaches! Preparing for BlizzCon is your regular source for tips on how best to prepare for Blizzard's gaming extravaganza.

If you have the resources to pick up some extra cash or the space in your budget to save some more over the next couple months, I recommend that you do. The ticket is paid for, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. You already know you need money for lodging and getting there, but here are a few more things for which you are probably going to want to have extra cash in the bank:
  • Food: It really isn't practical to bring your own and in some cases, not allowed by Blizzard. For example, anything in glass, large containers or cans are a no go for the convention. Many hotels consider a tiny box of cereal or a couple slices of toast a "free breakfast", so don't count on them either. The food in the Anaheim Convention Center is convenient but overpriced, as is normal for conventions. In the evenings, most people will be dining at one of the many delicious Downtown Disney eateries, which are great fun and usually pretty expensive. All in all, your food bills will likely be far greater than your normal food budget.

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Nourish, a WoW recipe blog

Blogger and friend Pixelated Executioner has introduced a brand new blog project -- he's working with a few other folks in the community on a new blog called Nourish, dedicated to providing some fun and relatively easy WoW-related recipes for real food. It all originally started over on Twitter, where a few of them decided to come up with some WoW-themed dish names, but eventually it escalated into the idea of an actual set of recipes, with the added bonus of getting some WoW players some real homemade food to eat as well (you can only go so far on Doritos and Mountain Dew, after all).

There's only two recipes so far (both submitted by another friend of ours, Cadistra of WoW, Eh?), but that spice bread does look pretty tasty. If you're a foodie or just have been looking for a way to use something other than the microwave in your kitchen, it seems like a great place to start. And if you need more than the few they've got up so far, don't forget our old Well Fed Buff column -- it's retired now, but we've still got plenty of great WoW-related recipes to try making there as well.

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Potion tips for the uninitiated

Tanking Tips has a good (you guessed it) tip for potting up before a raid. They say that you can't use two potions in combat -- or can you? Any potion that relies on a proc to get used up (like an Indestructible Potion) can be downed early, then let the two minute cooldown on potions pass, and then you can drink another potion during the fight. Good deal.

You could say that only the highest level raiders are going to be that worried about making sure that they have every single buff they can have, but even as a casual raider, I've found a lot of use in buffing as many ways as possible. Unlike the really epic guys (who use food, potions, and elixirs to beef up their already awesome gear), I tend to use potions and food to cover my weaknesses. For instance, I don't have as much +hit on my gear as I should have, so I specifically carry around hit food at all times, and I can see the results in my DPS. Even if you don't have the best gear, using the right potions and food buffs at the right times can help you drop bosses and win fights you normally wouldn't.

Of course, that seems obvious to min-maxers, but many raiders with less experience don't realize how much of a difference the right pots and food can make on the raiding game. Lots of these buffs are cheap to buy (and even cheaper to farm if you've got the professions), so if you're raiding with regularity, definitely take a look at your stats and see if you can't throw a few temp buffs in the mix.

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World of Warcraft partners with Hungry Man

Blizzard's merchandising hasn't stopped with Mountain Dew, no sir. This past week the WoW Insider staff received a lovely surprise in the form of a package from Swanson. Many of the producers of Blizzard-licensed products (such as UpperDeck) tend to send us advance, review copies of new products. Swanson followed suit and has sent us a variety of the new Hungry Man dinners that will be hitting stores this summer.

Hungry Man Gamer Grub (which we've dubbed 'Hungry Gamer') is a line of World of Warcraft themed frozen dinners. It seems this is yet another company jumping on the bandwagon of catering to the gaming demographic, but it would be unfair of us to write this product off from the start. To be completely fair to them, neither the box art nor the documentation that came with our package made any cracks about gamers as these things usually do. Essentially, it just seems like Hungry Man is trying something new. Gaming is 'in' now, you know! After the WoW line, I'd bet we'll see Halo Hungry Man or Noby Noby Boy Hungry Man. Well, maybe not that second one.

Anyway, we were given one or two of each of the upcoming dinners to taste test. We took volunteers from the staff to try them out, and in the following pages you'll find our thoughts and reviews. Some were a hit, but others? Not so much. Click through the button below to find our reviews, and if you want to see a larger picture of the box art for each of the meals, simply click on the picture and it will take you to our gallery.

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Insider Trader: Patch 3.1, profits and preparation

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Patch 3.1 is looming ever closer, and things are about to change in a big way. Today I'll be discussing how the patch is going to affect your professions, and how you can take advantage of this by maximizing your profits on the Auction House.

Players have become increasingly bored with raiding because the content that was released with the expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King, was too quickly conquered. Across the board, players are showing up to raids on an inconsistent basis, and many people now spend much of their time on the Public Test Realm playing through Ulduar.

This has contributed to falling prices on the Auction House for raiding materials and consumables, because not only have many people stopped raiding, many others have decided to save their gold and raid without being buffed to the gills.

What should you do in these tight times? Aside from the things for which you are currently saving, the patch will bring with it a 1000g bill to learn how to dual spec, costs to fund raid wipes, bring new consumables, and enchant and gem new gear.

By learning what to sell and purchase and when, you can minimize your post-patch costs and make some gold while you're at it.

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Breakfast Topic: Good eats

Blizzard has generally done a tremendous job with in-game items. Aside from the mandatory epic gear, of course, they've also given great detail to even the most worthless (or seemingly worthless) items. One aspect of the game that they've put as much effort into are the food and drink. Some foods in game actually make me crave for the real thing, like the Delicious Chocolate Cake. I mean, I know eating it certainly make me very happy.

Most of us keep food that serve as raid or utility buffs, usually from Cooking. This is actually one area that Blizzard still needs to polish, with some foods harder to come by than others. That said, I pack some Dragonfin Filet for those dungeon runs, and a stack of Great Feasts for raids. I would love to bring Fish Feasts, but my Fishing is still at a deplorable 1 (I'm too poor to keep buying the fish off the Auction House).

However, my current favorite food these days are Blackened Worg Steaks, and I never go around without the tracking on. It's an extremely useful buff, specially on a PvP server, so I hardly get jumped and it's very easy for me to track down nasty gankers. I also keep stacks and stacks of Festival Dumplings for general use and because I just love Chinese food. Lastly, I have stacks of Star's Lament because it's the only drink you can take in Arenas.

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