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Love is in the Air event plagued by bugs

While Love is in the Air on the calendar, the air is full of grumbles in game as people discover that not only has the holiday changed on them, but a lot of bugs and anachronisms have popped up. Among the most dire:
  • Quests for the faction leader gifts currently point to faction leaders who died in the Cataclysm, including Cairne and Magni.
  • The dailies and main quest chain currently do not function for level 81-85 characters, leaving anyone who has a new 85 or just didn't get around to doing the quests in previous years unable to finish their achievements.
  • It's hard or impossible to buy certain special vendor items due to errors that show up when you click on them.
  • Apothecary Hummel is sometimes not showing up in the LFD tool for level 81-85 characters.
Blizzard is aware of these bugs, and blue poster Nephadne has posted a list of FAQs on the customer service forums that address many of the changes and bugs, including workarounds for the latter two issues listed above. She's also assured everyone that these bugs will be fixed either with hotfixes or when patch 4.0.6 drops. Read on after the break for the full text of Nephandra's FAQ.

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The OverAchiever: Guide to Love is in the Air 2011

Love is in the Air, a completely revamped holiday as of 2010, will be back in 2011 from Feb. 6 through Feb. 20 (you'll need to check your own server for exact start times). After many tweaks to the holiday, it's definitely one of the less annoying and RNG-riddled outings from among the What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been meta. Before you ask -- yep, it's required if you're still on the warpath for your Violet Proto-Drake. The finished holiday meta will also reward the title the Love Fool.

I've revamped our 2010 guide past the cut. Our 2010 FAQ on the holiday should still be accurate if you're completely new to the whole deal; otherwise, we'll be dealing with the holiday achievements here.

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Breakfast Topic: Did you accomplish your Love is in the Air goals?

It's official. I'm a Fool for Love. Now all I need is the Lunar Festival, Children's Week and Midsummer Fire Festival metas in order to get What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.

What about you? Are you still going for the Violet Proto-Drake? Did you get a Big Love Rocket Mount? What were your goals for Love is in the Air and did you get them accomplished?

Also, did you like the changes to the quests and achievements this year? My favorite change was the Goblin Detective quest chain. Goblin running FTW! What was your favorite part of the new event?

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Reminder: Love is in the Air ends tonight

Love is in the Air ends just before midnight server time tonight. Which means that today is your last day to get your Love Fool title and to try for the naughty, naughty Big Love Rocket Mount.

This is also your last chance to: Warning: sometimes events end a little bit before the time in the calendar, so don't wait until the very last minute to get everything you want done.

Please see our Guide to Love is in the Air for all of the activities to do before the holiday ends.

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Breakfast Topic: What are your plans for Love Is In the Air?

The yearly holiday Love Is In the Air went live today, and with it a host of new features -- a new boss in Shadowfang Keep, several revamped achievements, and overall a lot of spit-and-polish on a holiday that had been extremely frustrating to many players in 2009. Last year, your ability to get the meta Fool For Love done was entirely dependent on dumb luck over a 5-day period. Blizzard's looking to blunt the impact of RNG this time around by extending the holiday and introducing a much less painful means of getting the achievements.

So what are your plans for Love Is In the Air? Does your main already have the meta from last year, or were you among the unlucky souls doomed to keep getting the same candy drops? Are you planning on hitting the new boss in Shadowfang Keep? And are you, like me, just ecstatic that you don't have to spend days hoping for a Peddlefeet pet to drop?

Note: A few of us were around as soon as the holiday went live, and our FAQ on Love Is In the Air and OverAchiever on the holiday's achievements have now been updated to reflect the 2010 event. They'll be expanded later today with more information on the holiday questline and the new Shadowfang Keep encounter.

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Love Is In the Air FAQ

The 2010 Love Is In the Air holiday doesn't much resemble its 2009 version; Blizzard's eliminated much of the frustration surrounding RNG and item drops, and overall things are a lot more fun This FAQ covers all of the questions we think will be most helpful to readers concerning the holiday's mechanics. If you have any questions not answered here or in our OverAchiever guide to the holiday's achievements, please drop a comment below and I'll try to make sure it gets answered!

Help! Where do I go to get started?

Head for any of your faction's major cities in Azeroth (Stormwind, Ironforge, the Exodar, or Darnassus for Alliance, and Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar, Undercity, or Silvermoon for Horde). New goblin NPCs (most from the Crown Chemical Company) will have popped up around the more heavily-trafficked areas (read: AH/bank) with quests and information.

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The OverAchiever: Guide to Fool for Love achievements

The in-game holiday Love Is In the Air begins Sunday, running February 7th (3:00 am server time) through February 21st (3:00 am server time) this year. Doing most of the achievements related to the holiday will reward you with the meta Fool for Love, the title "the Love Fool," and one more notch in the long trek toward What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been.

Love Is In the Air has been markedly changed for 2010; Blizzard's eliminated much of the painful RNG that drove players up a wall in 2009, and right now you can expect a rather cool and fun little holiday that's not entirely unlike Brewfest in its approach to achievements. You can do dailies and other quests for Love Tokens, and buy holiday items from vendors in addition to enjoying some stuff that's just for fun.

But you're here for the meta, right? We all know you want that drake. Before we get started, I would advise reading our FAQ article on Love Is In the Air if you're not already familiar with the holiday.

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The Queue: Vanilla Coke edition

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Hey, everybody! How's your Friday afternoon so far? Mine is full of rain and Vanilla Coke. Mmm. Delicious Vanilla Coke. You know, I'm definitely a Mountain Dew man, and Voltage is my lifeblood, but some days you just want something else. I couldn't drink Vanilla Coke every day, but cracking one open now and then? Caffeinated heaven.* Now, if I can just find my dentures, I'll start answering your questions...

Hellscreamy asked...

A few days ago I read in one of the posts that Noblegarden would be getting new achievements, items and events. Is there any indication at the moment (PTR or otherwise) that this will count towards the 'What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been' achievement?

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You may be a Love Fool after all

ButterflySha@flickr, wall of candy hearts
If you played WoW at all during the Love is in the Air holiday event that ran in early February, then you surely heard the moaning about the meta achievement, Fool For Love, which grants the title, Love Fool.

Whether you wanted to celebrate this month or not, anyone seeking to complete their long and strange trip and acquire the coveted Violet Proto-Drake, had to be a Fool For Love.

One of the requirements was to complete the achievement, Be Mine, which had players running back to old world capital cities, dousing themselves in smelly concoctions, and begging the guards and citizens not to break their hearts.

This gave us one chance per hour at obtaining the elusive Bag of Candies that would allow players ten chances to create, ideally, eight unique candies. The drop rate for the bag was so poor and the holiday so short that people begged Blizzard to improve their chances.

While the drop rate for the bag was increased at the last minute, many people who put in a superb effort still did not acquire their title.

Blizzard has since crunched the numbers, and some great news was handed down by Zarhym that should put everyone's mind at rest. While the Be Mine achievement is not being removed as a requirement for completion of the meta achievement, instead of needing all eight candies, you will only need to have obtained six!

Not only that, but you won't have to wait until next year. As of patch 3.1, all you will need to do is login to be granted your achievement, as well as your title, as long as you had made at least six unique candies.

Many players would still like to see that particular achievement removed from the meta entirely, but Blizzard stands firm that the point of What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been and its reward is to be something that only a dedicated few will earn each year. They aren't about to make it too easy.

If you missed this requirement, will you be getting your title on patch day, or are you still feeling disgruntled?

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Using city gift collections for extra Love is in the Air supplies

When I originally posted the Love Is In The Air achievement guide, I left out the city collection quest Gift Giving (A/H) because they didn't lead to an achievement. But they do provide more supplies for you to complete the achievements if you need them, so they are worth looking into. Each time you complete this quest you have a choice of the following rewards:
These will help you complete:
Plus, you will always get a Box of Chocolates which will help you with the Sweet Tooth achievement. After the jump, how to put the collections together.

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UPDATED: Bag of candies working as intended

[UPDATE: It seems that Blizzard bent over to much QQ (again?) and decided to raise the drop rate of the Bag of Candies in a hotfix applied last night, according to Kisirani. So you shouldn't complain about it anymore, really. Oh, and Kon Yelloweyes does not have a higher drop rate than other NPCs. Stop it.]

Some people are crying foul over the apparently horrendous drop rate of the Bag of Candies, which produce the various candies needed to complete the Be Mine! Achievement. This, in turn, is required for the Fool for Love meta-Achievement. On average, players will need to get two of these bags of candies to produce all of the eight possible messages, as each bag has ten charges.

Many players haven't had much luck picking up the Achievement, including our own Liz Harper, who claims to have gotten one bag in two days of trying. One guildie swears that a specific NPC in Thunder Bluff hands it out, dismissing the fact that it is actually... completely random. This random drop rate has gotten some players up in arms. Blizzard poster Zarhym comes over to the forums to pronounce that the Bag of Candies drop rate is, in fact, working as intended.

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Updates to Love is in the Air

There's been a lot of chatter lately about Love is in the Air. Some achievements necessary to get the Fool for Love aren't exactly working as expected (at least for us players). But we've got you covered.

After the break you'll find a concise listing of what you need to know to get the Fool for Love achievement done, as well as pointers to other places to look for more information. Don't forget to check back here and send us a tip if you notice things amiss.

And remember, you only have until Sunday to finish everything up. And if you're like me Saturday night will be a solid no-WoW night, so you probably need to do everything tonight and tomorrow night. Unless of course Kara Thrace is your other girlfriend, in which case Friday night is out too.

All the updates to Love is in the Air after the break.

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The OverAchiever: Completing Fool for Love [Updatedx3]

Every week The OverAchiever gives advice, walkthroughs and guides on completing your latest Achievement obsession. This week we offer a second installment out of unconditional love.

This year's short-lived Valentine's event, Love is in the Air, comes with its own meta-achievement, A Fool For Love (A/H). Though this event may not be your idea of a good time since it's mostly RP related, it's still necessary if you are trying to complete What A Long Strange Trip It's Been (A/H) for a Violet proto-drake. You only have five days to complete the meta-achievement starting tomorrow, so let's get to it.

The Basics
Head to an Innkeeper in any capital city with a heart over his head and purchase Love Tokens as well as a Perfume Bottle if you want to attract male NPCs or a Cologne Bottle if you want to attract female NPCs. Douse yourself with the stink water and talk to the Guard NPCs in the city with hearts over their head. Give them a Love Token and they may give you a Pledge of Adoration or a Gift of Adoration (from non-guards) along with the Adored debuff which will prevent you from doing this again for another hour.

NOTE: The Stormwind Harbor guards are bugged currently so don't waste your time with them.

UPDATE: Bouquets of Red Roses don't seem to be dropping from the old world bosses. There may be a level limit involved. Waiting on blue response. Also, you must enter Naxxramas for I Pity The Fool. Though the outside meeting stone is listed in game as Naxx, players are reporting that the achievement isn't working unless you zone in.
UPDATEx2: Red Bouquet no longer drops in game per Blue. See below.
UPDATEx3: Red Bouquet's drop from the same mobs as the Black Bouquet.

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Love is in the Air begins tomorrow

Love is in the Air everywhere I look around.

Love is in the Air every sight and every sound.

And I don't know if I'm being foolish, don't know if I'm being wise. But it's something I must believe in, and it's there when I look in your eyes.

Tomorrow will mark the start of the Love is in the Air season event. Theoretically, from past events, it should start around 4:00 a.m. sever time. But whether or not that ends up being true, you'll have to check for yourself.

You'll need to get finish the achievement Fool for Love in order to get the ultimate seasonal achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been. The thing is... you only have a few days to get Fool For Love, so hurry up. The seasonal event ends early next Monday morning.

Ideally you'll want to set aside some time tomorrow night; you don't want to be waiting until Saturday evening to do this. Unless, you know, you and your significant other are into that sort of thing. (I'm talking about playing WoW together. Jeeze... get your mind out of the gutter. You don't think I'm just going to sit here and make gratuitous Valentine's Day jokes for the rest of the week, do you?)

So what are you waiting for?

"AFK honey, need to become a fool for love."

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