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World of WarCrafts: What would Thrall sleep in?

Even a Warchief has to sleep sometimes but his bedding has to be totally awesome for him to do so. I think that these sheets and blankets would certainly fit that bill and make even the mighty Thrall sleep well at night. Made by a girlfriend of a WoWer these sheets are any Hordey's dream. (Get it...dream, sheets?)

To make your own Horde sheet all you need are some acrylic or fabric paints, plain sheets a stencil you can make yourself and a sponge or sponge brush. Assuming you can find or create a picture of the Horde logo (is it called a logo?) you can pretty easily print out a template. There are some tips on making your own stencil later on in the comments.

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WoW TCG World Championships wrapup

Upper Deck's first WoW TCG World Championships are over, and the $100,000 winner is Guillame Matignon, who crushed his opponents (including the US Champ Brad Watson) with-- what else-- a Blood Elf Paladin. Unfortunately, it looks like UD's Ben Drago was far too busy to blog, but UD's official site has lots of great information and recaps.
All of Upper Deck's coverage is available on their website. Odds are that you didn't win the tournament, but worry not-- WoW Insider has your chance to win another WoW TCG prize later this week. Congrats to all the winners in San Diego, and cheers to Upper Deck for putting on what sounds like a terrific TCG event.

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