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Forum post of the day: Phrases you will never see on the WoW forums

Okay, this is more like Ongoing Forum Post of the Last Month, but it's still funny. Sekkite starts out "Phrases you will never see on the WoW forums" with "PvE and PvP are perfectly balanced." The rest of the forumgoers chime in with phrases that people are too proud, too stupid, or too sane to ever post on the forums. Other far-too-true responses include:

  • You are absolutely right, I DO need to learn to play!
  • I am sorry if I took the raid's loot and transferred servers. It was my mistake and I was totally outraged at a recent event. If you want, I'll give you guys access to my username and password as consolation. After all, it is only a game.
  • Nobody has screamed my location at me in quite some time. I am posting to as for confirmation that I am still within the Mediterannean nation of Sparta.
  • I'm appalled by the lack of murlocs in Outland.
  • That NE Hunter's opinion is completely valid and should be taken seriously.
  • I looked at your armory, and even though you're wearing all AH greens and your Hydraxian, Argent Dawn and Brood rep are pretty much nonexistent, and have 300 lifetime HKs, your opinions are still completely valid and I will take them in to consideration, and help you with becoming better with your class.
  • I realize that my arrogant, elitist, and immature forum posts are a desperate attempt to compensate for my disproportionately small genitals.

What will you never see on the forums?

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Forum post of the day: One time my Astral Recall crit

One of the funniest threads I've ever seen on the WoW forums starts out in a fairly innocuous way: "One time my Astral Recall crit ... Found myself in New York," wrote the shaman Spaceshock. From that, the thread evolved into a pure being of win and awesome, as other players imagined what would happen if some of their abilities crit. The best include:

  • One time my Tame Beast crit, and I ended up with a litter of kittens.
  • One time my Lay on Hands crit, and I got sued for sexual harassment.
  • One time my Ritual of Doom crit, and Kil'jaeden showed up.
  • One time my Detect Traps crit, and I realized the rebuilt Death Star was fully operational.
  • One time my Drain Soul critted and, well, it is really useless in the end and death is really the only thing to look forward to. Death is preferable to the endless swirling darkness that is the way we treat each other at the best of times.
  • One time my Track Hidden crit and I found Osama.
  • One time my Volley crit, and we had to fight in the shade.
  • One time my Recklessness crit. I ran eighty-seven red lights, took eleven cars off the road, and smashed into a Wal-Mart.
  • One time my Summon Treants crit, and I saved the rainforest.

What do your abilities do when they crit?

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Forum Post of the Day: Notice of legal action

If you aren't familiar with the Shattrath City and its the Aldor's home within, I'll explain. The Aldor reside on an upper level of the city, which is reachable either by lift or by flying mount. Says forum poster Nalle announces:

This is a notice of legal action against the Aldor. Their platform is a danger to all who use it, without safety precautions there is a danger both to residents of the Aldor terrace and the floor below. Many residents have already fallen to their unnecessary deaths, as well as taken expenses of durability in a location supposedly guaranteed to be safe by the Naaru.

But, of course, this legal action is started by a member of the Alliance. Any Horde are long-since familiar with the dangers of in-game elevator platforms via the Undercity elevators. CM Drysc responds to this complaint with:

Well, we are actually taking precautions to help make sure future elevators don't pose such serious health risks. At this time, however, the Aldor elevator is protected by the Sha'Tari Historic Landmarks Act of '28, enacted by the Sha'Tari Council of Self Preservation and Advancement. Our hands are unfortunately tied in these matters.

Hey, Drysc! What about those Undercity elevators, eh?!

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Forum post of the day: Complaints ... from the future!

Vill of Demon Soul has an issue with the yet-to-be-released instance of Zul'Aman: "My guild and I have most of Zul'Aman on farm, but everytime we try the timed quests we always wipe on the Drummer Packs. This is obviously meant for players with significantly better gear than we can get in ZA. Please nerf."

Other players jump on the bandwagon of making up complaints about future content, in a way that makes the thread sort of a microcosm of everything that's ever been posted on Raids and Dungeons:

  • "Alliance have this encounter much easier with fear ward they don't have to worry about getting feared into multiple packs of trolls."
  • "Zul'jin deep breaths more after the latest patch."
  • "OMG the bear mount requires 150 riding skill?!1 WTF were are we goin to get 500g? so many pointles grinds......always screwin casauls.........y u brake gaem blozzard???"
  • "i heard if you patch through the floor you can go directly to Zul'jin and skip all the trash."
  • "Nihilum has killed ZJ WTF D&T where r u now? lol ur time has past no longer #1"
  • "How am I supposed to get a ZA raid together when Arena season 3 loot is 10X better and only requires you to kill a couple nerfed clothies a week which takes like 10 minutes max"
  • "GG BLIZZ!! I can't equip the Mantle of Zul'Jin because it's too small to fit on my giant orc shoulders!!"
  • "Would somebody please loot the dang troll hound so we can skin it?"
  • "Zul'Jin is Mograine's other son!!! Behold Ashbringer!"

Like the World of Cryingcraft, this is a good self-mocking example of the WoW forums. I'd just like to add that WTF, why does Arthas require a 10-step attunment chain? This is a SLAP IN THE FACE to the people who PAY THE SALRIES of BLIZZ EMPLOYES. Thank you.

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Forum Post of the Day: What if Blizzard let you design your own quest?

Of course, this design-a-quest thread started by Sheeplle on the US forums is full of all sorts of silliness, but in between that there's some interesting quest ideas. Basically, Sheeplle asks anyone on the forums what they would do if Blizzard let them design one (just one) quest for World of Warcraft. Ideas I'd love Blizzard to take some inspiration from include a low-level quest allowing you to jump to level 58 (if you already have a level 60 or 70 character) and a new Scarlet Monastery quest awarding players a trinket that increases the amount of experience gained in Azeroth. (I'm all for anything that speeds up the grind of new characters through Azeroth, though, so perhaps that's why these stand out to me -- after all, I think most of us have played through everything in Azeroth at least once.)

But what about you? If you had a chance to design just one quest for the game, what would you create?

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Forum Post of the Day: Blizzard customer service smackdown

Poor Amulet. He transfered servers and complains on the customer service forums that when he transfered, his 375 tailoring skill vanished. Ouch. After crafting that spellfire set, I can see just how painful that could be. He's complained to GMs, who have refused to fix the problem. Double ouch.

You can't help but feel for the guy -- right up until Blizzard rep Kaone jumps in:

I believe you may now be misrepresenting this issue as our fault. Looking at your petition history I notice that you made a ticket to a Game Master shortly after your transfer to the realm of Misha:
I just unlearned the wrong skill, i meant to unlearn mining not tailoring, please plase let me have it back i worked so hard on my spellfire set

Yikes. Apparently you shouldn't make up stories about your interactions with Blizzard on Blizzard's own forums -- they'll call you on it.

[Via Wow_ladies]

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Forum Post of the Day: Are PvP weapons balanced?

The forum is ablaze over at WoW's official European site. And it all has to do with the upcoming Arena Season 2. The patch just hit the test server this week and the dps on the new weapon rewards is...eye popping.

One player wonders why should she be raiding 5 hours a night, 7 days a week for months to get a weapon that can be earned quicker in PvP? Her guild is only on Serpentshire Cavern, but she worries about her motivation to continue the grind towards Black Temple when she can acquire the same weapon much quicker by PvPing.

Is Blizzard making a mistake making high end PvP gear more accessible than PvE raid gear? Do they expect players to both PvP and PvE to mix and match the best gear? Shouldn't non-raiding PvPers get their game best gear also? Tell us what you think.

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Forum Post of the Day: Your favorite boss quote

Unlike boring trash mobs, bosses in World of Warcraft all have their interesting catchphrases, some more memorable than others. And over on the EU forums, poster Lindey is looking to figure out what other players think is the best boss quote in the game. At the top, so far? Molten Core's Ragnaros and Blackwing Lair's Vaelazstraz with their classic introductions:

Ragnaros: Too soon, you have awakened me to soon Executus! What is the meaning of this intrusion?
Too late... friends. Nefarius' corruption has taken hold. I cannot... control myself. I beg you Mortals, flee! Flee before I lose all sense of control. The Black Fire rages within my heart. I must release it! FLAME! DEATH! DESTRUCTION! COWER MORTALS BEFORE THE WRATH OF LORD....NO! I MUST FIGHT THIS!

But beyond Lindey's list of player favorites, the thread itself is a collection of some of the most entertaining dialog tidbits Blizzard's thrown into the game. Take a look for yourself!

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Forum Post of the Day: WoW Artpad

Every now and then, someone posts a link to Artpad on the official forums, asking people to draw something WoW-related. Artpad is a neat thing for letting people draw and share their drawings on the internet -- it's even neater for letting you see the process they went through in order to draw their work. The latest post of this kind has a grab bag of really good art and non-sensical, or even one or two profane sketches.

Still, the quality of the art that's there (especially if you skip page two of the thread) is worth a look. Some of it is beautiful, and some of it makes you chuckle a bit. If you're not in the mood to sift through the good and the bad of the post, here are my five personal favorites in the thread as it is at the time of this writing.

Night Elf maiden (pictured above)
Draenei maiden
Orc huntress
Murloc and Tauren
Facing Ragnaros

Can you draw something on artpad or find something someone else has drawn about World of Warcraft and link it for us in the comments below? Let's see how WoW Insider reader's art compares to the readers of the forums!

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Forum post of the day: New Karazhan opera events

Hey, it's cerebral humor on the WoW forums! My brain just exploded. Anyway, Hoshizora of Eredar has started a thread in R&D suggesting a new Karazhan opera play: Waiting for Godot. As he puts it, "The curtain opens to two guys standing on stage. They are not attackable. They have a repetitive and confusing conversation for two hours, and then walk offstage and despawn. No loot."

Other players have their own ideas, including the Oh! Calcutta event, where you have to be naked to get loot, and Death of a Salesman, where you must be liked but not well-liked with The Violet Eye to participate.

I can think of a couple myself:

  • Pirates of Penzance opera event. The stage fills with hundreds of small, inconsequential yet annoying trash mobs, singing high-pitched but catchy songs. Unfortunately, you can only defeat the event if you are the very model of a modern major General, which makes it tough for Alliance and non-PVPers.
  • La Traviata opera event. You can kill the enemies, but instead of looting, you get to listen to them sing about how they're dying for half an hour.
  • Music Man opera event. Much like Prince Malchezzar's axes, the main enemy summons seventy-six trombones to brain you.
  • Rent opera event: Anyone who has over 1000g on their person is vilified and mocked as a tool of capitalism.
  • Cats opera event: Just a lot of level 1 critter cats. There's no loot, but you can kill them as much as you like.

Can you suggest any new opera events?

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Forum post of the day: Get thee behind me, Satanic raiding guilds!

I have long awaited the day when Saristinae, the Guild Relations forum troll that gets me angry beyond comprehension, would venture out to the General forums and get flamed into a crisp. And forsooth, that day has arrived.

For those of you unfamiliar with the WOW Forums, casuals vs. raiders is one of the big arguments that always crops up on the forums. And if casuals vs. raiders could be compared to, say, Republicans vs. Democrats, Saristinae would be Fred Phelps, doggedly protesting everything without making any sense at all.

Now, I'm not a hardcore raider -- I'd wager I fall somewhere on the line between casual and raider -- but Saristinae's arguments make me incandescent with rage. Basically, he believes everyone who ever considers themself superior to another person, in any way, shape or form, is evil. Not just bad, EVIL. And SATANIC. And raiding guilds, by the process of being proud about their progression and not accepting every single recruit, are the forefront of EVIL in WOW. WOW is apparently a moral battlefield between the forces of good equality and evil exclusivity. Oh, and to see any of the content you apparently have to be a "sexist European."

Some wonderful quotes:

  • "So, your sense of self worth depends on other people being below you? By people losing? That, my friend, is what we call a superiority complex. And it is wrong and evil."
  • "Raiding brings out the worst in people. The greedy people and the fascist people. At this point, no sane person could ever believe that raiding is a good thing."
  • "Unfortunately, I don't think that 25 people in this game exist who aren't either megalomaniacs, loot !*#%#s, or just plain evil."
  • "Are you one of those people who thinks that not working hard makes a person subhuman? Because if you think yourself superior to a person in any way, you think the other person is subhuman. And that is evil."
  • "Feeling superior to another person just because you work harder than they do, or even for any reason at all, is satanic in my opinion."
You can see how arguing with Saristinae gets tiring. Very few people enjoy being called evil fascist dictators, and any argument is turned into "You want to silence my beliefs! You believe others are subhuman!" The sad thing is, he does kind of have a point, as I'm also tired of the "QQ casuals lrn2zelda lol" threads. But extending that attitude to every raider in game is ridiculous. What do you think?

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Forum Post of the Day: Best class in case of zombie attack

Forum poster Bluth asks a very important question: what's the best class to be in case of a zombie attack? And no, we aren't talking about sluggish Night of the Living Dead style zombies, but instead the more threatening type seen in recent films like 28 Days Later. Opinions of forum posters seem to be mixed.
  • Druid: Perhaps zombies would ignore cats and bears in their search for delicious brains? If that fails, restoration Druids have that handy tree disguise.
  • Hunter: If movie-lore holds true, a bullet (or arrow!) through the head can stop even the most bloodthirsty of zombies. Any Hunter worth the name should be able to pick them off from afar. And if everything goes bad? Feign death!
  • Mage: Zombies can catch fire, can't they?
  • Paladin: Bitten? Heal. Infected? Cleanse. And for everything else, there's Exorcism and Holy Wrath.
  • Priest: Shackle and LOLSMITE.
  • Rogue: Vanish.
  • Shaman: Zombies got you down? Wait until it blows over and Reincarnate later.
  • Warlock: If they could enslave zombie armies like they can demon armies, they'd be all set. If not.. wouldn't zombies be immune to fear?
  • Warrior: Hope zombies can't bite through plate armor.
Got any ideas of your own? Add 'em in the comments!

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Forum post of the day: Forty people, one class, one unsuspecting town

Zingeri of Emerald Dream has a plan. He wants to make a one-class only guild, specifically to do forty-man raids on the Alliance cities of Azeroth and drive his opponents crazy. But which class? For this, Zingeri turns to the WoW Forums for help. Each class has its pluses and minuses:

  • Forty rogues could stealth and attack from the shadows in various parts of the city. As the Alliance rush to help one victim, two more rogues will gank in other quarters. It's death by a thousand cuts!
  • Forty warlocks could summon forty infernals ... or forty doomguards! Or maybe forty Seeds of Corruption in the auction house. Plus, forty DOTs on a boss could really do some damage.
  • Forty mages could sheep just about everyone in town.
  • Forty paladins could, in a coordinated effort, attempt to Divine Intervention each other all at the same time. I have no clue what would happen. Also, a raid of forty druids or pallies would be able to tank, DPS and heal -- the only raids that would actually be able to down a boss.
  • Forty balance druids ... well, they could stealth into the trade quarter. Then they could unstealth and immediately pop into moonkin form and summon their 120 treeants! Chaos ensues.
  • Forty shamans could drop 160 totems. With a whole ton of micromanagement, they could probably bring Ironforge to a standstill. And if they died, they could all ankh at once!

I can't really think of anything good for forty hunters, warriors or priests. What do you think of this idea? Totally insane, or so crazy it just might work?

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Forum post of the day: WoW stereotype scavenger hunt

We've all heard of the girl who sleeps with the guild leader, and the night elf named after a Final Fantasy character, and the guy who fishes in battlegrounds ... or have we? Bovus of Dunemaul doubts that any of these things exist, and has set out a challenge to the WoW forums to actually find these people:

"1. The 11 year old who cannot understand the basics of either group play or the English language
2. The Far East Farmer who speaks not a lick of Engrish
3. The undead rogue loot ninja who everyone seems to keep inviting back
4. The braindead paladin
5. The promiscuous harlot that sleeps with the guild leader

Read more →

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Forum post of the day: Rez me, unworthy peons!

I used to think that certain healers had developed a martyr complex due to their constant complaining about their treatment at the hands of the mean, mean DPSers. All the DPSers I know are nice to healers -- after all, they keep us alive, and ticking off the dude with your life in his hands is rarely a good idea. Is there anyone really stupid enough to be mean to their healers?

Well, there's at least one guy. Brainwashed, a mage and guild leader on Detheroc, has earned the ire of healers across the realms with his semi-coherent rant on the Detheroc realm forums. Somewhere along the line, Brainwashed picked up the idea that since priests, druids, shamans and paladins can rez, it's "their job" to run back and rez the rest of the group after a complete wipe. Especially since because, as he says, "99% of the time a wipe is because of the healer, the other 1% its a mispull or lack of DPS." Oh, and he also thinks it's a smart idea for druids to use their battle rez to rez another rezzer after a wipe.

The rest of his server takes it upon themselves to inform Brainwashed that in the sane parts of Azeroth, a wipe means everyone runs back, and that it's not the rezzer's job to run back while the rest of the group alt-tabs to watch naked ladies. He then insults the skill of all of his Horde opponents and threatens to camp his Alliance foes. Brainwashed stopped responding to the thread shortly after it spread to the paladin, druid, priest and shaman forums, bringing in a fresh tidal wave of healers laughing at him. But there's still a lot of entertainment left, including one of Brainwashed's guild paladins /gquitting in the thread due to the massive amount of stupid.

What do you think about this thread? Is it a common attitude among DPSers, or is Brainwashed just extremely lazy?

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