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Forum Post of the Day: Get your mum to draw the Lich King

Adding your mom's worldly wisdom to any situation always makes it better, and clearly the EU forums agree with this sentiment! Elbonio of the European WoW forums wants you to ask your mum to draw the Lich King, even if she's never seen him before. If she asks what he looks like, just ask her to draw what she thinks he'd look like.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this meme before, on the SomethingAwful forums, replacing Arthas with Homer Simpson, but the results are still pretty hilarious. Elbonio's been kind enough to compile a gallery of the kid-tested, mother-approved images that resulted from the experiment.

If you get your mom or significant other to do it, but don't have an EU forum account, feel free to post it in the comments below and I'll assemble them for laughs at a later date.

What are you waiting for? Go ask! But be nice, because after all, she's your mum.

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Forum post of the Day: So you're off to BT/Hyjal

Fear not, brave raiders who have been stuck on Kael and Vashj! In 2.4, you'll be able to walk into Black Temple and Mount Hyjal without having to kill the pain-in-the-tuchus prerequisite bosses to get attuned. To assist you in exploring these untamed lands, Gragnarth of <Simple Math> on Andorhal has created a quick guide to all the BT/Hyjal bosses. Corrected-for-spelling highlights include:

  • Archimonde: "A great way to prepare your guild for this encounter is to have all your guildies meet up in real life and kick each other in the balls repeatedly until they break down and cry."
  • Rage Winterchill: "After 8 waves of slaying exciting and dynamic pacing mechanisms, you will do battle with Rage Winterchill, who you may have met before in your adventures to Scholomance. He hits nearly as hard as the guy in Scholomance, so make sure you have at least 1 person Bandaging the Main Tank every minute."
  • The Black Temple: "Black Temple is the home of Illidan, he is in a guild called <The Betrayer> ... While waiting for your raid to form, you can play the exciting game of repeatedly aggroing Doomwalker on a flying mount, causing him to yell at the entire zone. The lvl 68's nearby will either threaten to report for for spamming in general chat or send you whispers asking to join your Doomwalker raid. Both should provide suitable entertainment while you wait for people to hearth and come back because they forgot their SR neck."
  • Illidari Council: "All throughout your World Of Warcraft raiding career, you have been preparing for this fight. From Magmadar to Magtheridon, Ragnaros to Rage Winterchill, you have learned not to stand in bad things. Well, my friends, it's time for all that experience to pay off because Illidari Council is the SUPER BOWL OF NOT STANDING IN THINGS! This fight has so many things not to stand in including: Concencrate, Blizzard, Flamestrike, the general area around the mage guy and much much more."
  • Illidan loots: "Congratulations on your double vanquisher, healing cloak with spellhaste, felhunter on a stick and leather bracer pattern. You are also guaranteed to get a warglaive of azzinoth, unless someone in the raid deserves one ... and always remember that all your accomplishments mean nothing because they are MONTHS BEHIND."

Hardcore raiders, got any other strategy tips for those of us in the MONTHS BEHIND category?

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Forum post of the day: Patch 8.4 notes

Patch days always bring rumors of the next patch -- but I've got to say, this is the first time I've seen rumors of the patch 50ish patches from now.

Zuzupetals starts off the madness by asking if anyone else had heard if 8.4 would be holodeck compatible. Other notable rumors of 8.4 include:

  • Polymorph: Murloc now works on Murlocs.
  • The druid Overmind form has been fixed.
  • The new Player vs. Player system of 6.0 has been removed due to major HMOs declining medical insurance for WoW players, and has been replaced with the old Character vs. Character system.
  • In Alterac Valley, Drek'thar and Vann Stormpike have been moved to a floating island surrounded by Monstrous Kaliri with an improved daze rate to prevent exploiting.
  • Ender Wiggin has made his arena team consisting of him, and him alone - he plays in the 1v25 bracket (2890 rating)
  • Blessing of Protection has a new graphic. A large neon sign saying "Purge me" will appear above the target's head.
  • Bug fixes for the quests given by five hundred animals to kill Hemet Nesingwary, Hemet Nesingwary Jr., and Hemet Nesingwary III.
  • WoW = Waiting on World-ending-due-to-the-sun-burning-out.

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Forum post of the day: Insta-cast Corruption

When I rolled my baby UD lock (now 52 and lost somewhere in Feralas), my warlock friends told me that my first five talent points MUST be spent making Corruption instant cast. "Everyone does that," they said.

Well, apparently not everyone. There's a 22-page thread on the General Forums arguing for a trainable instant Corruption. A lot of endgame locks spec 0-21-40, and don't have the talent points to spend in Affliction. But Corruption's spell damage coefficients treat it as an instant DOT, even though it's a two-second cast without talents. Most locks don't consider Corruption worth it without the talents because of this.

The thread quickly degenerates into mage vs. warlock fighting, but it does raise an interesting point. A lot of other "essential" talents have become trainable -- Innervate, Evocation, instant Arcane Explosion. Should the locks get the same benefit, or are their dots already powerful enough?

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Forum post of the day: What do you do with 12k gold?

Mirages of Cenarius has what might be the most rare problem in all of Azeroth, right up there with "I am overpowered" and "There are too few people in the cave in AV and it's being attacked": she has too much gold. As she writes in the Professions Forum, she has 12,000 gold pieces and nothing to spend them on. She's gotten all the recipes she needs, all the gems ... and now there's nothing left to buy.

Jealous forumgoers give her some good suggestions, though:

  • Money fight!
  • Bribe the main tank of the top raiding guild on your server to "accidentally" wipe.
  • Pay an entourage to meet you at the city gates and follow you through the city shouting various praises to you.
  • Collect rare non-combat pets. As someone whose jewelcrafting was financed mostly by the Hyacinth Macaw, I heartily support this idea.
  • Send one thousand gold to somebody with the requirement that they never tell anybody ever, and see if they can keep their mouth shut.
  • In trade chat, advertise giving away one hundred gold to everybody who whispers you, then follow through on it. Nobody other than the initial idiots will believe you.
  • Pay off a horde guild to gather in a circle and let you AoE grind them for honor.
  • Buy one hundred and ten of "The Rock" and propose to everybody who does anything nice to you.
  • Sit next to the epic flight trainer each time you surpass 10k and pay for the next person's training.

There's an officer in my guild who has over 10,000g and continues farming. It might be some sort of hoarding disorder where he wants to be prepared for Wrath of the Lich King, but I think he just enjoys lording it over us broke peons. I still don't have an epic flyer for either of my characters, but then again, I loaned my entire epic mount fund to a friend, which was worth it.

What would you do with excess gold?

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Forum Post of the Day: What's the sound Murlocs make?

On the official forums, poster Soylent has started a discussion of how precisely to represent the Murloc sound in text. Suggestions vary from the traditional "mrglmrglmrglmrgl" to "aurrrrrrrrruuuuggguglugglugglugluguaa," with Blizzard poster Bornakk chiming in to let us know that in the I Am Murloc music video, the official line was "rwlrwlrwlrwl," though he points out that both "mgrlllmgrlrrr" and "mrrglrlrlrmgrrr" are acceptable alternatives. Until Blizzard releases an official spelling and pronunciation guide, we're on our own -- so what do you do when you're trying to convey the frightful sound of the Murloc to others?

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Forum Post of The Day: Five reasons to roll

Five reasons to roll a new classPlayer Magdar of Grim Batol server was interested in rolling a druid and asked for five reasons to do so. Players responses ranged from practical (versatility, survivability, instant cast flight form) to hilarious (more dance emotes than any other class). Even CM Tharfor got in on the fun with his list:

1) You get claws.
2) You get to be a bear.
3) You get to be a bear with huge claws.
4)You get to rip things to pieces as a bear with huge claws.
5) Apparently they make good healers when they are not being bears... (but I wouldn't know anything about that!)

But it got me thinking. With many players having seen most of TBC with their mains, there's probably a lot of alt creation going on right now. So tell us, what are the five reasons someone should roll your favorite class?

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Forum Post of the Day: You're old school when...

Over on the official forums, there's a nostalgic discussion of how to tell an old-school WoW player from a newbie. (Of course there's game knowledge -- but there's always the chance a newbie might have taken the time to read up!) So what makes the difference between an old-school player from the rest? Well, if you remember any of this, you're old school:
  • When Dire Maul was new
  • When Warlocks were free HKs
  • When you had to go to the Barrens or Ashenvale to sign up for WSG
  • When Alterac Valley lasted at least 8 hours a match
  • When you could run 40 players through Stratholme, Scholomance, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, etc.
  • When the sight of a full dungeon 1 set was impressive
So, what makes you old school?

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Forum Post of the Day: What did the pirate spec his mage?

Well, I think this collection of jokes on the official forums is absolutely hilarious -- combining my interests in both World of Warcraft and pirates -- but quite a few posters seem to feel the thread I'm about to point you to is quite groan-worthy. So if you don't feel like you can take yet another pirate pun, you may want to stop reading now. But for those of you who enjoy this sort of pure goofiness, have I got the forum thread for you. Poster Grinbomb gets us started with this joke:

Q: What did the pirate spec his mage?
A: Arrrrcane.

And the madness continues from there:

Q: What's a pirate's favorite lore character?
A: Arrrrthas.

True Bloodsail Buccaneers will be amused. The rest of you should go on with your lives elsewhere. (And for those of you wanting to show your allegiances, there's always this fine shirt from J!NX.)

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Forum post of the day: What do potions taste like?

Well, this is definitely something I've never thought about before. Corntrollio of Laughing Skull asks the forums, "Ever wonder what mana or healing potions taste like? What do you imagine them tasting like?"

After thinking about this a little, I realized that I actually do sort of subscribe a taste to potions based on their color. Mana pots are blue raspberry Icees, health pots are strawberry daquiris, and all the little yellow elixirs that I constantly drink as a rogue are Mountain Dew (it gives you energy!)

Other suggestions for potion taste include:

  • Major Dreamless Sleep Potion: Nyquil
  • Ironshield Potion: Soy sauce ("you give me someone who after taking in 900000% of their daily sodium DOES NOT think they can attack a giant fire giant, AND WIN, and I show you a better man.")
  • Adept's Elixir: Midori
  • Noggenfogger Elixir: Smirnoff and apple Pucker
  • Elixir of Major Defense: Black licorice
  • Fel Regeneration Potion: Burning

There were many suggestions, but in the end, Jivursa of Dalaran won the thread with "I believe they must taste pretty bad. After all, even if my LIFE DEPENDED ON IT I could not bring myself to drink another until 2 minutes had passed." What do you think potions taste like?

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Forum post of the day: I can has WoW

Anyone who's spent way too much time on the internet has seen the phenomenon of lolcats -- pictures of cats doing funny things with leetspeak text underneath them. Fane of Tichondrius posted a challenge to WoW forumgoers to come up with their own, wow-related lolcats by using the lolcat generator. Most of the pictures are admittedly pretty meh, but there were a few gems, which I've hosted beneath the cut.

Read more →

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Forum Post of the Day: What class trainers tell you

Over on the US forums, Arche has started a list of the things class trainers tell you whenever they teach you a new ability. For example, enjoy this possible dialog involving Rogue's stealth:

Trainer: Hey. Hey. You know how when you stealth, you walk really slow?
Rogue: Yeah?
Trainer: You can just walk faster while doing it, with no downsides.
Trainer: 2 gold plz, kthx

The one I'm really curious about is the Druid's cat form. For bear form and sea lion form, they have to do a complicated quest... but for cat form, all you have to do is give your trainer a few coins.

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Forum Post of the Day: Gnome hunting season

Over on the official forums, poster Flaval informs us that Gnome hunting season has begun and will last until August 28th. Though Flaval makes this sound like a Horde-only event, I'm sure there are plenty of Alliance who would also be eager to participate. But here's the big question -- when does Night Elf hunting season start? Blood Elf hunting season? Inquiring minds want to know!

So, how many of you will be participating in this year's Gnome hunting?

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Forum post of the day: BlizzCon etiquette tips

It seems like everyone's getting prepared for BlizzCon these days. As a member of the prestigious Too Broke To Fly Out To California club, I have to content myself with reading forum posts and leaked information from my colleagues. But for those of you that are actually going, Adriss's "Helpful Blizzcon etiquette tips" can help you avoid embarassment in front of your guildmates:

  • Upon meeting a blood elf or dwarf it is considered impolite to ask them if they would qualify for the reality show "Intervention."
  • It is impolite to refer to any member of the Forsaken as a zombie. Zombies are undead, flesh-eating humans created by George A. Romero. The Forsaken, are undead, flesh-eating humans created by the Lich King.
  • When meeting a Dev. ask an original and creative question. For instance, instead of being the 40, 599, 600th person to ask "When you fellas gonna open the instance in SW?", ask something like, "Why don't tailors have a recipe to make me a new pair of underwear?"
  • Wait at least a day after the convention to post your swag on any Internet Auction site. That way you can see how much people are truly willing to pay for a code that makes their char. run around in a fish man suit.

Do you have any handy etiquette tips for BlizzCon? Other than showering?

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Forum Post of the Day: Features you wish were in WoW

Over on the official forums, Granada asks what features you've seen in other games that you wish were available in World of Warcraft. Sure, some of the suggestions are just silliness (do we really need chainsaws and nailguns?), but there's quite a bit of good info in the thread as well. Some common suggestions:
  • The music-playing system from Lord of the Rings Online
  • Player or guild housing found in many games
  • Fully automated NPCs that could be hired to fill party slots, as in Guild Wars
  • Armor dyes found in many games
So, have you seen anything in another game that you'd like to find it World of Warcraft one day?

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