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Forum Post of the Day: The fight to enter Zul'Aman

Patch 2.3 is adding a lot to the game we know as WoW, including a new ten man instance, Zul'Aman. With the addition of this instance, a question arises on the forums: exactly how will players get into the instance with all the chaos that will be going on outside?

By chaos of course I mean PvP. Like the original poster states in the title to his forum post, "one does not simply walk into the Ghostlands." For some this is a concern, for others it points to an exhilarating challenge looming on the horizon. On PvP realms this sort of struggle is common (can we say Ashenvale kids? Come on, say it with me Ashenvale.), but on other realms, PvE or RP, the sudden forced PvP that must inevitably occur outside the gates of Zul'Aman is something dreaded.

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Polls arrive at WoW forums

Forum-goers have been requesting polls for a while now, with posts such as, "It's time to start POLLING your playerbase," which actually argued that Blizzard should set up in-game polling stations to ask about whether or not players really want various new features in the game. Nethaera responded to this particular post right away; her basic point was to say that "Polls can be incredibly inaccurate" -- they're fun, but there are actually a wide variety of methods that need to be used in order to get proper feedback. Furthermore, just because the popular voice thinks that the game should move in one direction, that doesn't actually mean that would be the best direction for the game to move in. The developers need to make decisions with feedback in mind, but also balanced against the hard, cold core of the reality they're facing, not the dreamland that players may have in mind. That said, apparently there are lots of player suggestions that have been put into the game, including even flight path changes and new graveyards.

But Blizzard wants to give us polls anyway! As Drysc tells the American forum-goers:
Welcome to our first test of the World of Warcraft polling system! With this new poll system we'll be able to pick the collective brains of the forum goers, and encourage discussion based on the questions they pose. While we're pretty sure that they won't always be accurate, it will hopefully still be a lot of fun. With our first poll we're asking you, the poster, the controversial and highly debated, discussed, and argued question:

Does .999~ = 1?

While we already have some great poll questions all lined up, we need more! Offer us your best questions for future polls. These can be yes/no or multiple choice, and if we like it, you may just find your poll up here in the weeks and months ahead.

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Patch 2.3 and you: Thursday grab-bag

Though the torrent of tidbits coming from Blizz Central has slowed, there are still a few new and interesting items for everyone (particularly Hunters, Mages, and melee people) to peruse today.
  • [Hunter] Trueshot Aura will be free to cast and is going to last until canceled. (source)
  • [Hunter] Serpent Sting, Immolation Trap and Explosive Trap are going to gain additional damage based on ranged attack power. (source)
  • [Mage] Fire Ward and Frost Ward now gain additional benefit from spell damage bonuses (source)
  • [Mage] Detect Magic removed, all players will see their target's beneficial effects at all times (source)
  • [Rogue] one other change to poisons though is that they will last for one hour now, increased from 30 minutes. (source)
  • all disarm immunity effects in the game were changed to 50% disarm duration reduction (non stacking) (source)
  • The Guild Banks are still in the works and planned for patch 2.3. (source)
  • Duration of wizard and mana oils created by enchanters has been increased. (source)
  • Auction House will now sort server side. If multiple pages exist you will be able to sort across all pages.
  • Auction House post times have been changed to 12, 24, and 48 hours. Deposit prices remain the same for each time increment.
  • You will now be able to ctrl-click a recipe to preview the item the recipe will create in the dressing room.
  • Ogri'la Faction Vendor: This vendor now sells potions useable anywhere for a large number of Apexis Shards. 50 shards, as good as super mana/heal pots. (source for the above 4)
The big news here, as I see it, is that there will no longer be full disarm immunity in the game, at all, period. I sense a drop in value for Steel Weapon Chains. The TSA change makes perfect sense: it is called an aura, after all. And being able to sort AH searches across pages is also long, long overdue. How do you all feel about this latest preview of patch 2.3?

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Patch 2.3 and you: Et cetera edition

With the bonanza of upcoming changes coming out, there are a few categories that don't have enough changes to merit posts of their own. These are their stories.
  • We're adding new relics to support all talent trees in patch 2.3 for Shaman, Paladins and Druids. In addition, (not that this will sweep you off your feet), most of the arena-system relics have been renamed so there is a more consistent naming convention. (Eyonix)
  • Those who completed the [Tempest Keep] attunement process will have access to the title "Champion of the Naaru". Also, the plan is to hard-cap it at 70, meaning you can't go back at 80 and "cheese" the title. (Eyonix)
  • We're looking into potential improvements for earth shield, and even lightning shield (Eyonix)
  • Fear Ward will be available to all priests at level 20, but there are some changes in addition. Current plans are to reduce duration to 3 minutes, and increase the cooldown to 3 minutes.
    To give the dwarves and draenei something else to even it out, they'll see a new ability called Chastise (also given at level 20) which will cause holy damage and incapacitate the target for 2 seconds. (Drysc)
Yay! Fear Ward for all! Racials are still a stupid idea, in my opinion, but this takes some of the sting out of them. A new title, and some new relics are both very welcome; the current relics are in many ways a bit silly.

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Forum Necromancy

Forum necromancy (a.k.a. Thread necromancy) is the dark art of resurrecting long-dead forum threads on the official WoW forums by posting something new in them and sending them to the very top of the list. This heinous act is not to be mistaken with a "bump" -- sending a baby thread with trouble attracting viewers' eyeballs back to the top of the list. "Bumping" is no more reprehensible than "grinding" is. But beware those who seek to raise dead topics from the grave! These people are dangerous and Blizzard will punish them.

I have proof! In an ancient era long forgotten -- back in May -- a young dwarf named Grothym asked if his character, after many many in-game alcoholic beverages, could black out or even die from alcohol poisoning. Drysc, the Blizzard Community manager, rightly thought this was a funny suggestion and commented: "I proposed that eventually the screen goes black and you wake up in a random capital city of the opposite faction, but it didn't fly." Then the thread went on for a few more pages and petered out. Aside from a brief stint in July, the thread remained dead until just a few days ago, when some druid with an impossible-to-pronounce name raised this thread from the depths of the forum archives, back onto the front page. No doubt he had been inspired by the Lich King.

Fortunately, Blizzard's Gruul-like defender of the forums smashed this zombie-thread with the following words:
As a rule of thumb, bumping an old discarded thread to the first page is considered to be against the Forum Code of Conduct. While there are indeed exceptions based on the topic and circumstances, in general it is recommended not to post in this manner, as it can lead to suspensions of one's posting privileges.

A good guideline to go by is that if the most recent post in a thread is over a month old then it would be better not to reply to that thread.
Yes. You read that right: suspensions of one's posting privileges for unleashing undeath upon the hapless citizens of the official WoW forums. Beware temptation to turn to the dark side. Post in living threads only.

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Death Knight tidbits from Neth

In a silly thread in the Druid forums asking whether the druids would get a "dark form" to go along with the Death Knight being a dark version of the Paladin (which it...sort of is, I guess), US CM Nethaera dropped a few interesting pieces of DK information.

[when asked if DKs will start at level 55, instead of 60 or 70] That is the current thinking. It could still be subject to change though and is not concrete. We're still toying with ideas of how we want to make it all work. We want people to feel like they are learning not only the how's of becoming a Death Knight from the lore perspective, but also how to play one.

[More character slots?] Undetermined as of yet. We'll let people know when we know more.

[...the current feeling is that a player with any class over 55 (or whatever the level ends up being) will be able to unlock Death Knight? ] yes. That is our current thinking.

[asked about balance] It is going to be balanced against other classes and will not be able to stomp everyone else just because it's a Death Knight. Yes, they will be powerful but in their own unique way. What makes it a Hero class is that it is from Warcraft lore as a Hero class and also you will get access to it at a higher level. Any race can be a Death Knight in our current thinking as well since the path to corruption can be founded with good intentions much like what happened to Arthas.

[How many abilities will DKs start with?] Undetermined as of yet. We're still fleshing a lot of things out. This is another reason we caution people about the perception that the expansion is coming out 'too soon'. We have only shown people the tip of the iceberg and have a lot more that we are still working out and planning for. Once we have more details, we'll be sharing them so people can discuss it more and plan for the future.

So there's a lot of "not sure yet" in that post, but there's also some good information, notably that they currently think DKs will start at level 55. That's a bit lower than I would have expected. 58 or 60 would make more sense, in my opinion, in order to be able to start out in Outland (but then again, does that make sense lore-wise?). So how excited are you about Death Knights? Are they your main reason to buy Wrath? The change that will kill WoW?

[thanks, Natulcien]

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The collision of Hogwarts and Azeroth

(There are no spoilers in this post-- see note below.)

We've been trying to stay away from covering the specifics of this, but I'm pretty sure that by now, everyone who wanted to read Harry Potter's last book spoiler-free has done so (I finished it last Saturday night after a marathon reading session, and really enjoyed it). So perhaps now's the time to, as Terra Nova does, examine these strange relationships between virtual worlds.

Why would the WoW forums (or any MMORPG forums, as TN mentions FFXI) be a hotbed of spoiler posting, and not, say, a note posted on the door of a bookstore (or any other place that is likely to hit more Harry Potter fans than the forums)? What is it that attracts the WoW playership to be both inclined to post spoilers, and inclined to be bothered by them?

The answer, I think, lies in the fact that WoW really has two audiences-- there are gamers, like myself, who also play Halo and Counterstrike. They play games to get the highest level and the best gear and most Arena points, and they think the Harry Potter books are nothing more than kids' books about a stupid wizard school. These are the people who think it's funny to post spoilers on a forum, and who take pleasure in ruining someone else's appreciation of something they have no appreciation for. But there's a second group that also plays WoW, and they are very different.

*Note: Before you go any further, I should mention that if you haven't read the Harry Potter books yet, you may want to stay away from the comments on this post. Spoilers will be deleted from our comments, but we can only act so fast, and any post about spoilers is bound to attract some itself.

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Forum Post of the Day: Notice of legal action

If you aren't familiar with the Shattrath City and its the Aldor's home within, I'll explain. The Aldor reside on an upper level of the city, which is reachable either by lift or by flying mount. Says forum poster Nalle announces:

This is a notice of legal action against the Aldor. Their platform is a danger to all who use it, without safety precautions there is a danger both to residents of the Aldor terrace and the floor below. Many residents have already fallen to their unnecessary deaths, as well as taken expenses of durability in a location supposedly guaranteed to be safe by the Naaru.

But, of course, this legal action is started by a member of the Alliance. Any Horde are long-since familiar with the dangers of in-game elevator platforms via the Undercity elevators. CM Drysc responds to this complaint with:

Well, we are actually taking precautions to help make sure future elevators don't pose such serious health risks. At this time, however, the Aldor elevator is protected by the Sha'Tari Historic Landmarks Act of '28, enacted by the Sha'Tari Council of Self Preservation and Advancement. Our hands are unfortunately tied in these matters.

Hey, Drysc! What about those Undercity elevators, eh?!

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Beware of posting spoilers on the official forums

Over on the European forums, Aeus is getting serious about banning people from the forums for posting spoilers. (Likely due to the immenent release of the final Harry Potter book, though he's clear that bans will come down for people posting any type of spoiler.) Says Aeus:

Posting spoilers is one of the worst ways to troll; not to mention the amount of players whose enjoyment and anticipation can potentially be utterly ruined.

If you were around the day the previous Harry Potter book was released, you would understand where Aeus was coming from. Every forum was packed with posts giving away the book's ending, in the titles of the posts and hidden behind misleading titles. And, I don't know about you, but I visit the official forums to talk about World of Warcraft. Aeus is off to an enthusiastic start, telling a spoiler-posting player:

Suspended for 9 days, that's when the book comes out. If... [the spoiler occurs] this becomes a permanent.

But while I admire his enthusiasm, with the number of posts on the topic that appeared with the release of the last book, I wonder if it will be practical to keep the forums spoiler-free. However, if you're a fan of the Potter series, I've got to recommend staying away from the forums -- and the general chat channels -- until after you've finished the book.

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Forum Post of the Day: What if Blizzard let you design your own quest?

Of course, this design-a-quest thread started by Sheeplle on the US forums is full of all sorts of silliness, but in between that there's some interesting quest ideas. Basically, Sheeplle asks anyone on the forums what they would do if Blizzard let them design one (just one) quest for World of Warcraft. Ideas I'd love Blizzard to take some inspiration from include a low-level quest allowing you to jump to level 58 (if you already have a level 60 or 70 character) and a new Scarlet Monastery quest awarding players a trinket that increases the amount of experience gained in Azeroth. (I'm all for anything that speeds up the grind of new characters through Azeroth, though, so perhaps that's why these stand out to me -- after all, I think most of us have played through everything in Azeroth at least once.)

But what about you? If you had a chance to design just one quest for the game, what would you create?

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Guides to choosing and leveling your pet

Recently Lizzie experienced the joyful tribulation facing many hunters as they work their way through from levels 10 to 20, puzzling out the question of which pet suits them best. This is one of my favorite choices in the game, partly because there are so many pets to choose from, partly because your choice really makes a difference, and partly because you're not locked into it if you want to try something different later.

For you hunters out there who are looking into what your first pet should be, there is a guide to choosing a pet available on the US forums, which for some reason has not been stickied. It gives you a good overview of the different issues involved in choosing a pet, and sets you in the right direction you'll need to make your choice well.

For those of you who have already reached level 70, but decided that you actually want a pet that is only available at low levels (such as that pretty red kitty from Eversong Woods), there is a guide on the EU forums on how to level that pet up in the quickest way possible. You'll need patience for this, of course, and many hunters just don't have enough, even for picking up the highest-level boar in the game from the Eastern Plaguelands. Still, if you have the resolve, this guide can help you take lots of the pain out of the process.

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Blizzard answers development priorities question

Bloodsong asked the following on the General Discussion Forums today:

WoW or Starcraft 2? Balancing classes or creating new content? Raiding or PvP?
Professions or transportation? Next patch or next expansion? New races or new classes? New zones or new quests?

Bloodsong's questions are timely. People are leaving WoW and those that are staying would like to know what to look forward to. Yes, Blizzcon is coming up, and we will find out more about upcoming development then -- but we are impatient.

CM Nethaera responded:

World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 are being developed by different but equally dedicated teams.

Everything else goes hand in hand since they are all interconnected.

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It came from the Blog: Hide & seek, and this week's adventure

This last Saturday, the Undercity on the Zangarmarsh server saw an odd assortment of people running wildly amok. And no, it wasn't because of the Fire Festival or Apothecary Faranell's red light special on body parts. The onslaught of rampaging Hordies was purely made up of members of the Wow Insider guild, <It came from the Blog>, all out to hide and seek as best they could!

For the first round, Roark and Charcuterie agreed kindly to help me hunt down members of the guild. I'll tell you this much: there are some serious nooks and crannies in the Undercity. However... there are a few places you don't ever want to try to hide. Those hanging out under the elevators, in coffins, and most of the folks in the slime in the sewers were largely the first caught in the initial sweep. However, after a good half-hour of searching, there were five folks who were still nowhere to be found...

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Constructive criticism with the forums and the Armory

Some European players recently posted topics to their forums which focused on giving constructive criticism to whoever was above them in the thread. As the draenei author of the hunters' "what does the hunter above you need?" post put it:
This isn't another "Rate my armory" thread. But rather a thread to give constructive criticism and directions for the above hunter. Like when you see a hunter in peril running around with a 2H Sword of the Bandit you could point him towards the Sonic Spear in Shadow Labyrinth. Or when a confused survivalist spends 2 of his precious talent points in Imp. Feign Death you could tell him to spend them on something more useful like Clever Traps and so on.

May the Naaru bless you all.

Not only is the idea tremendously useful, there's something about the humility and camaraderie in the attitude of this sort of post that gives me a pleasant surprise. Usually the forums (and anonymous Internet communication in general) have of all sorts of nastiness, and it's refreshing to see people using everything that the forums and the armory provide in such a cooperative way.

I found "what does the player above you need?" posts for Hunters, Warlocks, Rogues, and Warriors. If you have found similar forum posts for other classes, or posts with remarkable constructive criticism of another sort, please mention them in the comments below.

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Forum Post of the Day: WoW Artpad

Every now and then, someone posts a link to Artpad on the official forums, asking people to draw something WoW-related. Artpad is a neat thing for letting people draw and share their drawings on the internet -- it's even neater for letting you see the process they went through in order to draw their work. The latest post of this kind has a grab bag of really good art and non-sensical, or even one or two profane sketches.

Still, the quality of the art that's there (especially if you skip page two of the thread) is worth a look. Some of it is beautiful, and some of it makes you chuckle a bit. If you're not in the mood to sift through the good and the bad of the post, here are my five personal favorites in the thread as it is at the time of this writing.

Night Elf maiden (pictured above)
Draenei maiden
Orc huntress
Murloc and Tauren
Facing Ragnaros

Can you draw something on artpad or find something someone else has drawn about World of Warcraft and link it for us in the comments below? Let's see how WoW Insider reader's art compares to the readers of the forums!

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