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The Queue: The one where Fox takes over

Welcome to your daily dose of The Queue. With Mike, Alex and Adam busy, their precious Queue was left unguarded and captured by Fox Van Allen. All members of the Van Allen faction shall enjoy a 5% buff to damage and experience for the 24-hour duration, and Spirit Shards may now be collected.

Before I start the queue in earnest, I shall innaugurate the first ever Fox Van Allen edition of The Queue with a question I want to clear up once and for all: "Is Fox Van Allen your real name?"

Yes. That's totally my name. For serious. We all blog under our real names here, and I'm no different. The ladies at Panera never believe me, though. "Well, you know, people sometimes give us fake names."

They think they're so hot just because they have, like, six different kinds of soup. Well you know what? They're not. They're not hot at all. Hmph.

hp1 asked:

My understanding is that there won't be a new neutral city in Cata, a la Shattrath or Dalaran. So where will all the lvl 85's be hanging out? I didn't play in Vanilla but heard most Horde "lived" in Undercity because of it's proximity to Scholo, Strat and to a lesser extent Blackrock. Do you think we'll all be parked in faction-specific cities or someplace new?

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15 Minutes of Fame: Behind the scenes at WoW Insider

From Hollywood celebrities to the guy next door, millions of people have made World of Warcraft a part of their lives. How do you play WoW? We're giving each approach its own 15 Minutes of Fame.

Who are the people who write all this stuff, and how did they come to start writing about World of Warcraft every day? Being a WoW Insider writer is admittedly a pretty cool gig. Readers ask us what it's like on a regular basis. Giving a single, accurate answer, however, would be a mighty difficult proposition. Some of us are full-timers, while others pen a single column each week; some of us spend most of our time behind the scenes, and some remain constantly before readers' eyes. Despite being scattered all across the world, we come together every day (well, it's more like a waxing and waning, 24-hour cycle) in the WoW Insider chat room (war room? newsroom? Pandora's box of geekery and chaos?) when we're working. Being on the WoW Insider team is a little like being part of an incredibly tight guild, whose members manage to share not only World of Warcraft and many other interests in common but also their workdays, as well.

Although we do have an old, outdated series knocking around somewhere that looks at members of the blogging team, we thought it was about time to give you a fresh look behind the scenes at WoW Insider. Without further ado, let's meet a tiny sampling of the people who work at WoW Insider:
  • Zach Yonzon pens The Art of War(craft) every week and creates many of the graphic images you see on our home page, guides and posts.
  • Matthew Rossi, one of the most seasoned hands on the crew, is our resident warrior expert who also writes about game lore and general news.
  • Michael Sacco, a senior editor, started writing at after working at Blizzard itself.
  • Alex Ziebart started out as a weekend blogger and is now a senior editor.
  • Fox Van Allen joined early this year and writes the shadow priest portion of our priest column.
  • Lisa Poisso (that's me) started out writing the professions column three years ago and now works behind the scenes as an editor and turning out several weekly columns.

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Spiritual Guidance: Holy? Disc? We're all priests

Every Sunday (and the occasional weekday) Dawn Moore reinvents what "smitelol" means to her shadowy cohort, Fox Van Allen, by busting down a door with penance lasers and raising holy hell to a Tarantino soundtrack. In the column Spiritual Guidance she offers advice to holy and discipline priests on how to wield the holy light, with style.

When I first started raiding, it was in late Burning Crusade. At the time I fancied myself a PvPer, shying away from raids due to attunements, and the long gear climb I'd have to perform in order to catch up with friends doing tier 5 content. Despite this, sometime during tier 6, a friend of mine convinced me to come along to a raid. How he convinced the raid leader though, I can't imagine. I remember standing there in my resilience gear, surrounded by players in their various shiny gear sets, and asking myself over and over, "what am I doing here?" I sheepishly put my talents into the holy tree, and tried to arrange my bars to accommodate the spells I hadn't cast in months. I was out of my element.

And then I saw Baba. She was beautiful.

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