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Forum Post of the Day: What will Arthas' catchphrase be?

I think we were all impressed by The Burning Crusade trailer and Illidan's ominous "You are not prepared!" speech. However, since it has become quite obvious that some players were prepared for Illidan, Tweadle on the European forums is speculating on what Arthas' catchphrase will be in Wrath of the Lich King. "No, you definately aren't prepared this time!" perhaps? My personal favorite, however, is Aeus' suggestion, "Penguins took my epics"

But what do you think we'll be hearing from Arthas when we see him in Wrath of the Lich King?

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Forum Post of the Day: What's the sound Murlocs make?

On the official forums, poster Soylent has started a discussion of how precisely to represent the Murloc sound in text. Suggestions vary from the traditional "mrglmrglmrglmrgl" to "aurrrrrrrrruuuuggguglugglugglugluguaa," with Blizzard poster Bornakk chiming in to let us know that in the I Am Murloc music video, the official line was "rwlrwlrwlrwl," though he points out that both "mgrlllmgrlrrr" and "mrrglrlrlrmgrrr" are acceptable alternatives. Until Blizzard releases an official spelling and pronunciation guide, we're on our own -- so what do you do when you're trying to convey the frightful sound of the Murloc to others?

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Forum Post of the Day: You're old school when...

Over on the official forums, there's a nostalgic discussion of how to tell an old-school WoW player from a newbie. (Of course there's game knowledge -- but there's always the chance a newbie might have taken the time to read up!) So what makes the difference between an old-school player from the rest? Well, if you remember any of this, you're old school:
  • When Dire Maul was new
  • When Warlocks were free HKs
  • When you had to go to the Barrens or Ashenvale to sign up for WSG
  • When Alterac Valley lasted at least 8 hours a match
  • When you could run 40 players through Stratholme, Scholomance, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, etc.
  • When the sight of a full dungeon 1 set was impressive
So, what makes you old school?

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Forum Post of the Day: What did the pirate spec his mage?

Well, I think this collection of jokes on the official forums is absolutely hilarious -- combining my interests in both World of Warcraft and pirates -- but quite a few posters seem to feel the thread I'm about to point you to is quite groan-worthy. So if you don't feel like you can take yet another pirate pun, you may want to stop reading now. But for those of you who enjoy this sort of pure goofiness, have I got the forum thread for you. Poster Grinbomb gets us started with this joke:

Q: What did the pirate spec his mage?
A: Arrrrcane.

And the madness continues from there:

Q: What's a pirate's favorite lore character?
A: Arrrrthas.

True Bloodsail Buccaneers will be amused. The rest of you should go on with your lives elsewhere. (And for those of you wanting to show your allegiances, there's always this fine shirt from J!NX.)

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Forum Post of the Day: What class trainers tell you

Over on the US forums, Arche has started a list of the things class trainers tell you whenever they teach you a new ability. For example, enjoy this possible dialog involving Rogue's stealth:

Trainer: Hey. Hey. You know how when you stealth, you walk really slow?
Rogue: Yeah?
Trainer: You can just walk faster while doing it, with no downsides.
Trainer: 2 gold plz, kthx

The one I'm really curious about is the Druid's cat form. For bear form and sea lion form, they have to do a complicated quest... but for cat form, all you have to do is give your trainer a few coins.

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Forum Post of the Day: Gnome hunting season

Over on the official forums, poster Flaval informs us that Gnome hunting season has begun and will last until August 28th. Though Flaval makes this sound like a Horde-only event, I'm sure there are plenty of Alliance who would also be eager to participate. But here's the big question -- when does Night Elf hunting season start? Blood Elf hunting season? Inquiring minds want to know!

So, how many of you will be participating in this year's Gnome hunting?

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Forum Post of the Day: Features you wish were in WoW

Over on the official forums, Granada asks what features you've seen in other games that you wish were available in World of Warcraft. Sure, some of the suggestions are just silliness (do we really need chainsaws and nailguns?), but there's quite a bit of good info in the thread as well. Some common suggestions:
  • The music-playing system from Lord of the Rings Online
  • Player or guild housing found in many games
  • Fully automated NPCs that could be hired to fill party slots, as in Guild Wars
  • Armor dyes found in many games
So, have you seen anything in another game that you'd like to find it World of Warcraft one day?

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Forum Post of the Day: Notice of legal action

If you aren't familiar with the Shattrath City and its the Aldor's home within, I'll explain. The Aldor reside on an upper level of the city, which is reachable either by lift or by flying mount. Says forum poster Nalle announces:

This is a notice of legal action against the Aldor. Their platform is a danger to all who use it, without safety precautions there is a danger both to residents of the Aldor terrace and the floor below. Many residents have already fallen to their unnecessary deaths, as well as taken expenses of durability in a location supposedly guaranteed to be safe by the Naaru.

But, of course, this legal action is started by a member of the Alliance. Any Horde are long-since familiar with the dangers of in-game elevator platforms via the Undercity elevators. CM Drysc responds to this complaint with:

Well, we are actually taking precautions to help make sure future elevators don't pose such serious health risks. At this time, however, the Aldor elevator is protected by the Sha'Tari Historic Landmarks Act of '28, enacted by the Sha'Tari Council of Self Preservation and Advancement. Our hands are unfortunately tied in these matters.

Hey, Drysc! What about those Undercity elevators, eh?!

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Forum Post of the Day: What if Blizzard let you design your own quest?

Of course, this design-a-quest thread started by Sheeplle on the US forums is full of all sorts of silliness, but in between that there's some interesting quest ideas. Basically, Sheeplle asks anyone on the forums what they would do if Blizzard let them design one (just one) quest for World of Warcraft. Ideas I'd love Blizzard to take some inspiration from include a low-level quest allowing you to jump to level 58 (if you already have a level 60 or 70 character) and a new Scarlet Monastery quest awarding players a trinket that increases the amount of experience gained in Azeroth. (I'm all for anything that speeds up the grind of new characters through Azeroth, though, so perhaps that's why these stand out to me -- after all, I think most of us have played through everything in Azeroth at least once.)

But what about you? If you had a chance to design just one quest for the game, what would you create?

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Forum Post of the Day: Blizzard customer service smackdown

Poor Amulet. He transfered servers and complains on the customer service forums that when he transfered, his 375 tailoring skill vanished. Ouch. After crafting that spellfire set, I can see just how painful that could be. He's complained to GMs, who have refused to fix the problem. Double ouch.

You can't help but feel for the guy -- right up until Blizzard rep Kaone jumps in:

I believe you may now be misrepresenting this issue as our fault. Looking at your petition history I notice that you made a ticket to a Game Master shortly after your transfer to the realm of Misha:
I just unlearned the wrong skill, i meant to unlearn mining not tailoring, please plase let me have it back i worked so hard on my spellfire set

Yikes. Apparently you shouldn't make up stories about your interactions with Blizzard on Blizzard's own forums -- they'll call you on it.

[Via Wow_ladies]

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Forum Post of the Day: Your favorite boss quote

Unlike boring trash mobs, bosses in World of Warcraft all have their interesting catchphrases, some more memorable than others. And over on the EU forums, poster Lindey is looking to figure out what other players think is the best boss quote in the game. At the top, so far? Molten Core's Ragnaros and Blackwing Lair's Vaelazstraz with their classic introductions:

Ragnaros: Too soon, you have awakened me to soon Executus! What is the meaning of this intrusion?
Too late... friends. Nefarius' corruption has taken hold. I cannot... control myself. I beg you Mortals, flee! Flee before I lose all sense of control. The Black Fire rages within my heart. I must release it! FLAME! DEATH! DESTRUCTION! COWER MORTALS BEFORE THE WRATH OF LORD....NO! I MUST FIGHT THIS!

But beyond Lindey's list of player favorites, the thread itself is a collection of some of the most entertaining dialog tidbits Blizzard's thrown into the game. Take a look for yourself!

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Forum Post of the Day: Best class in case of zombie attack

Forum poster Bluth asks a very important question: what's the best class to be in case of a zombie attack? And no, we aren't talking about sluggish Night of the Living Dead style zombies, but instead the more threatening type seen in recent films like 28 Days Later. Opinions of forum posters seem to be mixed.
  • Druid: Perhaps zombies would ignore cats and bears in their search for delicious brains? If that fails, restoration Druids have that handy tree disguise.
  • Hunter: If movie-lore holds true, a bullet (or arrow!) through the head can stop even the most bloodthirsty of zombies. Any Hunter worth the name should be able to pick them off from afar. And if everything goes bad? Feign death!
  • Mage: Zombies can catch fire, can't they?
  • Paladin: Bitten? Heal. Infected? Cleanse. And for everything else, there's Exorcism and Holy Wrath.
  • Priest: Shackle and LOLSMITE.
  • Rogue: Vanish.
  • Shaman: Zombies got you down? Wait until it blows over and Reincarnate later.
  • Warlock: If they could enslave zombie armies like they can demon armies, they'd be all set. If not.. wouldn't zombies be immune to fear?
  • Warrior: Hope zombies can't bite through plate armor.
Got any ideas of your own? Add 'em in the comments!

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Forum Post of the Day: I have never looted an epic

I am impressed by EU forumgoer Yippi. Despite having two characters at level 70, one at level 69, two more at 60, and a host of lower levels, Yippi has never even seen a world drop epic. That's enough to make you wonder if the darn things even exist! Even though, in my experience, I have to say that they do -- while leveling, I've gotten Robes of Insight, an Underworld Band, a Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn, and I've seen (though I didn't win) a Krol Blade. Maybe I'm as lucky as Yippi is unlucky?

But, I don't know... like the guys over at Penny Arcade say -- green is the new purple. Maybe missing out on those world drop epics isn't that bad after all.

Interested in more forumgoer opinions? Take a look at previous forum posts of the day!

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Forum Post of the Day: Your "I never want to do this again" quest

You know what forum poster Timat is talking about. Those quests that you died a half dozen times attempting to complete. The quests that took hours of travel or multiple dungeon runs to complete. The quest that you completed after it went grey in your quest log simply because you refused to let the quest beat you. Posters in the thread already have some suggestions: the druid sea form quest, the Onyxia key chain (both horde and alliance versions are a nuisance), and, of course, "Vast Ocean, Deep Sea."

See more player opinions in previous forum posts of the day.

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Forum Post of the Day: Levels 1 - 58 need reviewing

In comparison to all the excitement to be found leveling from 60 to 70 in Outland -- numerous dungeons, zones, and quests available at every level range, with great quest rewards -- old Azeroth looks awfully pale. And to this end forum poster Colrum suggests that perhaps after the 2.1 patch adds the Black Temple, Blizzard could spend a bit of time polishing Azeroth. And commenters in the post have plenty of suggestions on where Blizzard can start. While there are plenty of places in old Azeroth that I find immensely tedious to level through, I still think that I'd rather look forward rather than backwards. But what do you think -- does Azeroth need some work to bring it up to par with all the new content in Outland?

[A full version of the artwork above can be found on Blizzard's site.]

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