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US transfers now available

I like to think this is in response to Jose here: Nethaera has announced some free realm transfers for North American players, to complement the European ones. In addition, the list of eligible realms for migration to Fizzcrank, the new transfer realm, has been expanded. The transfers to Fizzcrank are currently active, and are scheduled to run until Monday, 11/24, 12:00 PM PST. Realms newly eligible are in italics.

  • Source: Aggramar, Alleria, Alextrasza, Argent Dawn, Arygos, Blackhand, Doomhammer, Greymane, Hellscream, Hyjal, Medivh, Thrall, Silvermoon, Whisperwind, Zul'jin
  • Destination: Fizzcrank

These moves, on PvP servers, are just your run-of-the-mill free server transfers. They are currently active, and are scheduled to run until Thursday, 11/20, 4:00 PM PST.

  • Source A: Arthas, Magtheridon, Mal'Ganis, Kel'Thuzad
  • Destination A: Dentarg
  • Source B: Burning Blade, Cho'gall, Illidan, Mannoroth, Skullcrusher
  • Destination B: Haomarush

So who's switching homes? Those are some extremely popular realms in the source sections there; denizens of Dentarg and Haomarush, are you up for the influx?

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Many free transfers for Europe

An extravaganza of free character moves has just been made available for various European realms:

  • Al'Akir -> Bladefist
  • Burning Legion -> Chromaggus
  • Frostmane -> Laughing Skull
  • Grim Batol -> Genjuros
  • Kazzak -> Karazhan
  • Magtheridon -> Emeriss
  • Neptulon -> Shattered Halls
  • Outland -> Auchindoun
  • Ravencrest -> Spinebreaker
  • Stormreaver -> Burning Blade
  • Stormscale -> Boulderfirst
  • Sylvanas -> Jaedenar
  • Twilight's Hammer -> Vek'nilash
  • Argent Dawn -> Darkmoon Faire

They will be open from today, the 13th, until Wednesday, November 18th.

This is really not your typical character transfer here. Usually there's a group of source realms with one destination realms, sometimes two. I'm not sure I've ever seen something like this: 14 source realms with 14 different destination realms. This may have to do with the more fractured situation in Europe – with four realm types (PvE, PvP, RP, RP-PvP), five languages, and I'm not sure how many time zones, I can see how it might take some juggling to keep moves within one category. As always, if you do want to switch, you're advised to do it early, because transfers can be closed if the realms meet their desired populations early.

Edit: I see that all of these realms are English and CEST (thanks, Sethox). No clue why they're so fragmented, then.

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New PvE realm open for transfers

In anticipation of the Wrath of the Lich King launch this Thursday, Blizzard has opened up a brand-new US PvE realm called Fizzcrank. Some of the higher-population realms will be eligible for transfer, presumably in an attempt to lower populations so the realms don't crash and burn in a few days. So far, according to the breaking news box, players on the following realms are permitted to flee:

  • Aggramar
  • Alexstrasza
  • Arygos
  • Blackhand

That list comes suspiciously close to the beginning of the alphabet, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's a truncated portion of a bigger list. Blizzard is saying to go to the account management page to check if you're eligible. Also no word yet on what battlegroup Fizzcrank will be a part of. Stay tuned for updates.

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New Oceanic PvP realm for transfer

Well, now it seems that you can't say Blizzard's ignoring the Oceanic community any more. Starting next Monday, April 21, at 12 PM PST, free character transfers will be made available from the following Oceanic PvP realms:
  • Barthilas
  • Frostmourne
  • Jubei'Thos
  • Thaurissan
The destination will be a brand-new Oceanic PvP realm called Dreadmaul. It will be in the Bloodlust battlegroup. New character creation on Dreadmaul will be disabled until transfers are over, and the realm will have its Ahn'Qiraj gates open automatically. As always, transfer early if you want to, because Blizzard may close the transfers before the deadline if there's a mad rush on them. The transfers are scheduled to run for a week, until April 28, 12 PM PST.

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More migrations for Europe

It seems like there have been free character migrations for Europe constantly for the past few months. Well, this week is no different. Thundgot announced the following free moves, available from today, April 9th, to next Wednesday, April 15th, all for PvP realms (I think):
  • From: Frostmane, Grim Batol, Magtheridon, Twilight's Hammer
  • To: Bladefist, Dragonmaw, Spinebreaker
  • From: Molten Core
  • To: Stonemaul
Those of you who want to switch, get your move on soon, because transfers may close early if they get the population balance they want (although I can only remember this happening once). Out of curiosity, European readers: what countries are you in?

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Free migrations for Europe

Man, you European players just can't seem to balance server load, can you? /cast Evasion. Once again, here's a round of free character migrations for European servers, open from yesterday to next Tuesday, March 18 (my birthday!).
  • From: Burning Legion, Crushridge, Kazzak, Magtheridon, Shadowmoon
  • To: Auchindoun, Jaedenar
Standard disclaimer: the transfers may be closed early if the desired population levels are attained, so transfer ASAP if you want to. However, I'm not sure that this happens very often; in fact, last time the transfers were extended for another week because not enough people had taken advantage of it. Standard closing questions: if you're on one of the "from" realms, will you be taking advantage of this? If you're on one of the "to" realms, do you welcome the newcomers?

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Europe joins in the free move fun

To go along with the set of free North American character transfers that started yesterday, Blizzard Europe has seen fit to open the following free character transfers:
  • From: Al'Akir, Crushridge, Grim Batol, Outland, Stormscale
  • To: Burning Blade, Laughing Skull
The transfers are scheduled to be active from today until next Tuesday, March 4, although the standard disclaimer applies that the transfers may be shut down early if the desired population levels are reached.

Since Blizz bases their transfer decision off of their stats for what realms need it most, this should be the appropriate set of servers, but I'll ask you anyway: if you're on one of the "from" servers, are you overcrowded now? If you're on one of the "to" servers, are you glad to have some new company coming? And if you're on another server altogether, do you need some transfer loving? Sound off in the comments.

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Free US transfers now open

Once again, it's time to balance the server load a bit. Free character transfers are available on select North American realms, starting a few hours ago at 12:00 PM PST and going for one week, until Tuesday, March 4 at 12:00 PM PST. Here's the server list:
  • Group A (PvP)
    • From: Illidan, Mal'Ganis, Sargeras, Stormreaver, Tichondrius
    • To: Vashj
  • Group B (PvP)
    • From: Arthas, Burning Blade, Mannoroth, Mug'thol, Warsong
    • To: Zuluhed
  • Group C (PvE)
    • From: Area 52, Arygos, Ghostlands, Hellscream, Zul'jin
    • To: Velen
As usual, the transfers may close early if the population levels get to where Blizz wants them, so transfer early if you intend to. And again as usual, the realms chosen are based on Blizz's extensive internal stats, so at least in theory, the realms that you're transferring from are the most overpopulated, and the realms you're transferring to are the most underpopulated. Will you be taking advantage of these transfers? If you're on Vashj, Zuluhed, or Velen, do you welcome the newcomers?

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Many free moves for North America

Earlier this evening, Drysc announced a bevy of free character transfers for the North American realms, in four groups. The transfers began today at 3:00 PM PST, and will run until Thursday, January 17 at 3:00 PM PST -- that's one week, for those who shun addition. As always, transfer ASAP if you know you want to switch servers, because they do occasionally shut down early due to desired population levels being reached. And now, the available moves:
  • Group A:
    • From: Illidan, Sargeras, Kel'Thuzad, Mannoroth
    • To: Anatheron
  • Group B:
    • From: Jubei'Thos, Frostmourne, Barthilas
    • To: Thaurissan
  • Group C:
    • From: Aman'Thul, Khaz'goroth, Dath'Remar, Nagrand
    • To: Caelestrasz
  • Group D:
    • From: Emerald Dream, Destromath, Tichondrius, Stormreaver
    • To: The Underbog
If you want to take advantage of these moves, go to the Character Move page. Will you be migrating to a new Azeroth? If you are on one of the affected servers, do you think the transfers will produce a positive effect? Are you not on this list, and think you need a transfer? Blizz claims the realms are selected based on population statistics, but since they still inexplicably refuse to provide the public with their stats, we have no way of actually knowing that.

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Free character moves for the US

We've had some moves recently for Oceanic and European realms, but these are the first North American free character transfers I've seen in a while. As of noon PST today, and until 12:01 PM PST a week from today, December 28th, players can make the following transfers free of charge:
  • From: Arthas, Illidan, Mal'Ganis, Warsong
  • To: Azshara
As always, players are urged to make the transfer as soon as possible if they intend to, since the transfers do sometimes close early if desired population levels are reached. Drysc promises that the realms they choose for transfers are based on exact population statistics, which seems to imply that, out of the North American reals, the source realms are the most overpopulated and Azshara is the most underpopulated. Those of you on these realms, does that ring true? Do you plan on taking advantage of the transfers? Azshara folks, do you welcome the newcomers?

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Breakfast topic: Will you be transferring?

Yesterday we received the word that Blizzard was opening free transfers from certain overpopulated realms to certain underpopulated realms. No doubt Blizzard is hoping to re-distribute realm population to make some of the player-less "ghost" realms more playable while alleviating login queues on the largest realms -- but we'll see how well this works after transfers are completed. For those of you on realms that have transfers available, however, are you planning on transferring? And for those of you who aren't on realms allowing transfers, would you plan on transferring if you could? After all, maybe the grass really is greener on the other side...

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More EU migrations

The European free character migrations on some PvP servers continue, since apparently they haven't had quite the intended effect yet. Thundgot says:

Due to population differences between some of the highest and lowest populated PvP realms, the following Free Character Migration will be available November 7th to 13th:

From: Crushridge, Frostmane, Grim Batol, Kazzak, Outland
To: Boulderfist, Daggerspine, Vek'nilash

Please note that the migration may be closed at any time should a destination realm's population rise too high.

This is the same source realms as before, and one of the same destination realms (Boulderfist). It looks like not too many people chose to take advantage of this move last time. So get moving, people!

Oh, and to answer a question that was asked in another thread: Europe will be getting patch 2.3 on November 14th, a week from today (source).

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Free character migration for some EU servers

Wow, we haven't had one of these for a while. Starting yesterday (oops), players on a few high-population European PvP servers will be able to transfer to some of the lower-pop ones for free:

Due to population differences between some of the highest and lowest populated PvP realms, the following Free Character Migration will be available from October 24th to 30th:

From: Crushridge, Frostmane, Grim Batol, Kazzak, Outland
To: Boulderfist, Jaedenar, Kor'gall

Please note that the migration may be closed at any time should a destination realm's population rise too high.

Edit: Apparently the following additional EU migrations are also active until the 30th:
: Zul'Jin
To: Uldum, Tyrande
[Thanks, Rauten]

As the post says, you should take advantage of this ASAP if you want to move, because they do occasionally close these early.

Are you on any of these servers? If you're on the "from" realms, do you agree that overpopulation is a problem, and if so, are you going to move? If you're on the "to" realms, do you think your realm needs more players?

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