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Bug fix patch with talent reset coming soon

Talent bugs have plagued players since patch 3.1 hit, with its dual spec system, last Tuesday. Blizzard knows this better than anyone; unfortunately, it's going to take a content patch to fix a lot of the weirdness that has been transpiring. Fortunately, they're working to get that patch out the door as soon as possible. The way they've been talking, my money's on patch 3.1.1 coming probably tomorrow, or failing that, next week.

Eyonix just posted that "in the next upcoming minor content patch," all talents are going to be wiped, but not glyphs. So (as he reminds us) make sure you put the right talents with the right glyphs, or you'll have to respec/reglyph to fix it. I would recommend waiting until tomorrow morning on any respec plans you might have (unless they're for tonight's raid), because there's a good chance you'll get it done for free in the morning.

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All characters to receive free respecs in patch 3.1

This may seem obvious considering how many changes are coming with patch 3.1, but we've been asked the question enough that I'm glad to finally see a confirmation on it: Yes, characters of every class will have their talent points refunded when patch 3.1 hits, Ghostcrawler says.

Reading further into his comments, however, it looks like the amount of changes happening to the talent trees may not be the reason for the free respecs, but rather the result of it. The free respec actually seems to be something that was necessary when implementing Dual Specs, and they went ahead and did some extra fixing and cleaning because of that.

That sort of makes sense, in the past it seems like they've mostly tried to target a few classes at a time rather than making heavy changes to all of them all at once. Patch 3.1 has hefty changes for every single class, and I don't remember very many content patches that had such widespread class changes. One way or another we would all need to respec after dual specs went in, so they saw an opportunity to make some additional changes and they took it. I'm okay with that.

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Official: talents reset with 3.0.2

I've got a special report in hand from the department of obvious news: we will all get a talent refund when patch 3.0.2 hits, still expected to be next week (four days). Just like the big pre-BC patch, 3.0.2 ("Echoes of Doom") will give us access to the new talents that we will be enjoying in Wrath of the Lich King, as well as (for many classes) new skills. And since the talent trees are so drastically changed, they probably couldn't let us keep our current specs in many cases even if they wanted to.

Obviously we won't be able to access the level 75 and 80 skills until we jet off to Northrend and get some leveling in, but a lot of skills have been retconned in, so to speak. Here are a few examples of new tricks you'll learn from your class trainers, listed with what class they're for and at what level you can learn them.

  • Dismantle (Rogue, level 20). This one quite honestly looks overpowered to me (speaking as someone who plays a Rogue), but we'll see.
  • Revive (Druid, level 12). Thank the maker; this has been a long time coming.
  • New icon for Sentry Totem (Shaman) (not really).

There are more where those came from. And that's quite aside from the new talent trees. In preparation for the patch, WoW Insider will be running down all 27 trees in the days to come (when we're not busy reporting from BlizzCon, that is), so keep an eye out.

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