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Frostbite's shared diminishing returns are a bug

There's been a lot of hemming and hawing on the mage forums about the upcoming changes to Frostbite-- the latest test notes revealed that the talent, which gives a chance to freeze anyone hit by a "chill effect" (that's Frostbolt, Cone of Cold, Ice and Frost Armor, and Improved Blizzard), will now be subject to diminishing returns in PvP.

Which even mages agree is doable-- but their problem is that those diminishing returns are shared by other, controllable, freezing effects-- Frost Nova and the Water Elemental's Freeze. Basically, an accidental Frostbite proc, which can't be controlled by the player, could make the opponent immune to controlled freezes. And considering that Frostbite, when talented out, procs a lot, that puts a damper on regular frost mage abilities.

The good news, however, for mages is that the problem is being addressed. Tseric says that Frostbite's diminishing returns are meant to only affect itself, not other Freezing spells. They're working, he says, on fixing it.

Which is great (well, not so much for people fighting mages, but for mages it is). But this is the second big mage "change" we've seen on the PTR that turned out to be a bug. What's going on over there at Blizzard in the mage department?

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2.0.10 news for mages

As Blizzard would hate to leave anyone out of the joy of patch 2.0.10, we have recent news of a change for mages. And despite the fact that I don't regularly play a mage, I don't think it's good news for the class. Tseric informs us that you were never intended to be able to crit a frozen target and have the target remain frozen. So as of patch 2.0.10, any crit (and that is any crit at all, not just a crit by the mage) on a frozen target will immediately unfreeze them.

So watch out, rogues -- you could be the next victims of patch 2.0.10!

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