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Breakfast Topic: Draenor raids yet to come

So we know we have Highmaul fully unlocked and Blackrock Foundry will be unlocking some time in February (if I'm understanding 8 weeks after Highmaul correctly) and that leaves me wondering - how long will these two raids be expected to last? I doubt patch 6.1 will have a new raid, which might means 6.2 will - but what will it be? Will we be raiding the Iron Horde seat of power that quickly?

If not, what will we be raiding? Where will it be? Will it be in the Spires of Arak, some forgotten bastion of antiquity in Gorgrond? Perhaps we'll find ourselves back on Azeroth raiding a troll raid (it's happened before) before returning our focus to the Iron Horde. What do you think the next raid or raids will be?

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Breakfast Topic: Anniversaries

This year, being the tenth anniversary of World of Warcraft, we actually saw quite a bit - we got the 40 man LFR version of Molten Core and the Tarren Mill/Southshore PvP deathmatch BG, both of which are going away soon. What this leads me to wonder is, what will we get for the 11th anniversary? Are they even going to try and top this year? Or will it be more like previous years, with a tabard and a note at most? I'd personally be disappointed if we backslid in that way, but then again, what else could we really reasonably expect - 40 man LFR Naxxramas? Crossroads as a deathmatch BG? What's left?

Or maybe a better question is, what would you want to see? What would be the best way to go forward with anniversary celebrations? Should we save big celebrations for numbers like five, ten, maybe fifteen?

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Breakfast Topic: Revisiting the question of flight

The developers' decision to remove flight from Warlords of Draenor zones was controversial to say the least -- some were fans of the decision and others were decidedly not. We've been without it for awhile now. After having experienced Draenor without it, how do you feel?

Personally, I was a fan of removing flight. Getting my first flying mount back in Burning Crusade was a magical moment, I'll admit. Over time, though, I felt its inclusion detracted from World of Warcraft have a cohesive, meaningful world. It's often said that if you don't like flight, you don't have to use it. While that's true, players are going to use all of the tools available in a video game, myself included. I didn't like flight, but the game had flight, so I wasn't going to intentionally make my experience more difficult than that of everyone else. I stand by that. In general, I'm a fan of a no-flying Warlords of Draenor and continue to be.

There is one exception: Nagrand. Treasure hunting in Nagrand proved frustrating. Those treasures felt like the developers created a zone intended for flying mounts prior to removing them. Trying to use the Steamwheedle gliders only infuriated me more -- I couldn't even see half of the treasures in the game world to know where to aim even though they were on my map. The glider moved too fast for me to look around and spot it. It's entirely possible (and likely) that I am just bad at navigation with those things, but I gave up on getting those treasures and most of them still lay unclaimed. Trying to get them made me rage more than a little, and for the first time, I wished flight was still a thing. I'm also perplexed why they added an item such as Aviana's Feather in the expansion in which they took a stand against flight. With its relatively short 10 minute cooldown, I can use it to get wherever I want to go without partaking in the actual world whatsoever, much like a flying mount. A glider-on-demand is apparently okay, but flying mounts are not. Bizarre, I think.

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Breakfast Topic: WoW needs a Boxing Day

If y'all don't know what Boxing Day is (I didn't until I moved up here) it's basically pretty awesome. It started out as a day where the people who ended up having to work on Christmas (people like servants of nobles or tradesfolk) would still get something from the people they worked for. It goes at least as far back as the 1600s, and might actually date back further. Nowadays, it's mostly an excuse for sales as companies try and shift their unsold stock and people bring presents they didn't want in to be exchanged.

What with folks trying so hard to get that specific present under the tree yesterday (and it not always working out for them) I think it would be cool if there was a Boxing Day which allowed us to go exchange stuff we didn't want for stuff we did. But I guess that depends -- did it work out as you intended? Do you wish you could make a switch? Or did you get what you were looking for?

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What was under your Winter Veil tree?

Everyone loves loot drops, and for many of us, today is the biggest real-world loot drop of the year. So today seems like the ideal time to talk about holiday gifts: just what did you find under your (real-life) Winter Veil tree this year? Did you snag any great gaming gifts or did you just find lumps of coal (or cheerfully tacky holiday sweaters) in your gift haul this year? And if you're not celebrating (or got a disappointing gift selection), what's the best in-game gift you've gotten this holiday season?

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Breakfast Topic: The Day At Last

Hopefully, if today is a holiday for you, you're spending it with loved ones of some description, or enjoying it in whatever way you like best. For some of us, that includes a heaping helping of World of Warcraft - in past years I participated in special raids on Christmas day, or did a day of dungeons, or even ran AV all day (this was back in the day, of course). So it behooves me to ask you, if you're going to be playing WoW today, and if so, what're you up to in the game?

And have a happy holiday, if you're celebrating.

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Breakfast Topic: What do you want to see in Winter Veil?

World of Warcraft's holidays are a fun change of pace from the normal daily grind, but after a while even they can seem a bit same-old, same-old. Take a look at Winter Veil, for example, which brings festive decor and quests across the land throughout the holiday season... but some of these things -- like those cookies you always forget to farm eggs for -- have been the same since the holiday first appeared.

Sure, there are some additions this year, but much of the holiday can be filed under "been there, done that," even if the holiday decorations are always nice to see. So for today's discussion: just what would you like to see added to Winter Veil in the future? Personally, I'd love to be able to bring Winter Veil my garrison for the holiday, placing excessive quantities of holiday lights on everything. That's what the holiday season is all about, right?

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Breakfast Topic: Where would you draw the line?

So we're going to potentially be able to buy game time tokens and sell them in game for gold. This has been called buying gold, which is interesting to me, since it's not really much different than when we could buy the Guardian Cub and sell that in game for gold. But what the discussion really got me thinking about was this - what would be the line, the one thing they could introduce that would be too much for me to go along with? I can buy 90 out of a 100 levels, I can buy transmog gear, what do I think is absolutely not a good idea to sell for real life money?

For me, it's actual in game epic gear. If Blizzard started selling best in slot or even just good gear for max level characters, that would be too much. One of the reasons I'm a little leery of the game time for gold transaction is that right now, some good epic gear is available for gold, and if you make gold something you can pick up with IRL money... you see where that would go.

So now it's your turn. What's too far for you?

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Breakfast Topic: Are you participating in Winter Veil content?

I almost forgot about Winter Veil. There doesn't seem to be any kind of decorations or indication that the event is going on on Draenor -- unless Warspear has been decked out, but I haven't been out there in weeks. However, the event is in fact going on, and will continue until we're all opening those presents under the tree in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Why Ironforge, and not Stormwind you might ask? Fun story -- back in vanilla, the only two cities with auction houses were Orgrimmar and Ironforge. I'm assuming that when they originally set up the event, it only made sense to place it in the city where players congregated the most -- and in the case of the Alliance, that was absolutely Ironforge.

I haven't really been participating in the holiday daily to kill the Greench, but I will happily make a trip to both Orgrimmar and Ironforge on all my characters to pick up the holiday goodies. With a ton of new items, I'm kind of hoping I'll be able to collect all of the new stuff between all of my characters. Have you been participating in the holiday content? Are you still looking for that elusive Lump of Coal pet? Are you looking forward to nabbing your presents from under the tree? ...and isn't Greatfather Winter about the grumpiest looking orc you've ever seen?

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Breakfast Topic: Have you replaced any buildings yet?

I have this love-hate relationship going on with my garrison. The whole follower mission thing is pretty fun as far as sending people off to go fetch things, but the buildings themselves are giving me a headache. Part of it is the fact that so few buildings in the Horde garrisons have important things to weather the cold, things like doors, or ceilings, or chairs to sit on. Part of it is the buildings themselves, which would be giving me pause regardless of Alliance or Horde.

I ended up ripping down my storehouse a few weeks ago, partially because I realized getting a level 3 blueprint for the place was going to be nearly impossible (but has since been adjusted via hotfix, and I can now purchase the plans), and largely because I'm an engineer and I can pretty much summon a bank whenever I want to. The level 3 version of the building doesn't really do anything but give me a transmog vendor, and that wasn't worth my time, and it wasn't worth the space the building took. So I tore it down, and now I have a nice salvage yard.

But I have a problem when I think about my larger buildings -- I have the barracks and a war mill, and I don't really want to get rid of either of them. One gives me followers, one gives me gear for my followers. I would, however, like to try out a set of stables at some point -- I just don't want to tear down one of my big buildings to do it. So now I feel kind of stuck. The storehouse was an easy decision -- it wasn't really doing anything I couldn't be doing myself. The big buildings, though, the buildings with things like walls and ceilings, those I'd really hate to tear down. Have you guys replaced any buildings? Are you happy with the idea of just swapping a building out when you want a better one? Are you attached to the layout you have, or are you content to switch things out at a moment's notice?

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Breakfast Topic: My WoW eyepatch

That's my WoW eyepatch.

I have two eyes. The problem is, for whatever reason, ever since I got a horrendously bad sinus infection (and I still have it, although not nearly as bad as it was) whenever I play WoW I get headaches, nausea, and really serious vertigo. I've found that I can cope with this by closing my right eye. (It doesn't work if I close my left eye.) But of course, it's not really very natural for me to keep my right eye closed for extended periods. I keep forgetting and opening it, and as soon as I do, it all starts up again.

Hence the eyepatch. I'm hoping with it I can play for longer before the head pain and nausea starts up. (Chronic illness sucks, btw. I don't recommend it.) So I figured I'd take this opportunity and ask, what's the weirdest thing you've ever done to keep playing WoW?

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Breakfast Topic: What would you bring back?

As expansions come and go, some features come into play, exist for a while and then are retired, or never actually make it live - reforging comes to mind as a big one, a feature that was of critical importance for two expansions before it was removed. While flight itself wasn't removed, it's of no utility in Draenor's 90 to 100 zones, and mechanics like hit and expertise, weapon skill, and others have been removed over time. Raiding has fundamentally changed repeatedly. Talent trees are almost unrecognizable from the old days. Several old dungeons and raids were removed or revamped, with their original versions gone from the game.

So this morning I ask you this - if you had the power to bring back anything from any era of World of Warcraft or its beta periods, what would it be? Would it be Naxxramas 40 player? Reforging? Weapon Skill? Path of the Titans? Please share your vision.

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Breakfast Topic: What do you love, what do you hate?

I'll go first. Nobody loves everything about the things they enjoy, and everyone has things they prefer - things they wish weren't there and things they wish there was more of to experience. So I'm curious what these things are for you. What do you love about Warlords, and what don't you love? What makes you outraged, or makes it worthwhile to keep logging in, keep your sub active?

For me, I really hate Frostfire Ridge. I think this will be the expansion I finally stop saying I'm someone who plays both Horde and Alliance, because I cannot get through this zone. Seriously, I just can't. I like my tauren quite a bit, I really do, and I feel awful that there's no way in heck I'm going to get him to level 100 because I cannot stand this zone. Oh my word I hate it. Yes, the end cinematic is nice, but man, I just don't care otherwise. Can't get through it.

As for what I love... well, it's kind of self evident. So I won't waste your time there.

What about you?

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Breakfast Topic: Your dream graphical update

We know that blood elves are being worked on and we'll see the soon(tm), so I started wondering - if there was no limit to the resources that could be applied, what would you want to see get a graphics update next? Old tier sets and gear from classic WoW? Redesigned dragons? Non-playable races like kobolds and gnolls? Old school mounts? Worgen females (I am never letting that go.)

Personally I'd really like to see them redesign the original Dungeon Sets. I think Tier gear, even old stuff like Might and Wrath, look fine for modern transmog but old dungeon gear like Valor or Heroism could definitely use a sprucing up. But that's just me, though.

What about you? What would you most like to see get the updated look?

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Breakfast Topic: World firsts and you

With the world first race for Mythic Highmaul done with, it occurred to me that there was a time that I was on tenterhooks for this kind of news. Over the years I've gone from keeps careful track of every world first kill to is aware of it, but wasn't keeping score - I still know who wins, but I no longer watch the race. Some of my friends are still hugely into who will be world first, while others never cared at all.

That got me wondering where you, the reader at home, falls on this spectrum. Do you watch the race and pay close attention, watch all the videos, marvel at the down to thew wire raiding? Or do you simply only care about a boss kill when you're there for it?

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