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Breakfast Topic: Life without transmog

If you played World of Warcraft before the addition of transmog to the game, you probably remember your first faithful trip into Outland, when you ditched armor you'd carefully collected since launch for brightly colored and mismatched gear. It's pretty clear that no one had put a lot of thought into how this gear might look when together, which made the clownishly colored gear a rite of passage... or maybe a punishment for daring to level beyond 60. The only thing that was clear was that Blizzard really didn't like us in order to deck our characters out like this.

But these days, some players don't remember the time before transmog. They go out intentionally trying to find the worst-looking pieces of gear -- which are perhaps even those same Hellfire Peninsula greens that were so memorable to anyone who leveled through them. So today, tell us, readers: did you live through the famed clown suit era? And do you now transmog your way out of it?

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Breakfast Topic: I should be better at this

I can't play ranged DPS to save my life.

My hunter is terrible. It's not his fault - he's well geared and he has an awesome pet worg - but the only reason his DPS is even respectable is that it's hard to do poorly at level 61. Frankly, I'm just the most atrocious hunter you've ever seen. Even in dungeons I'm completely familiar with, I make rookie mistakes on him constantly. I forget to turn Pack off. I leave Growl on. I don't reapply Serpent Sting. So far I've managed to not tab target over and pull other adds into a group pull, but that's mostly because I don't like to tab target.

Seriously, it's kind of nuts how terrible I am at this hunter. I picked up shaman, paladin, and DK with a lot less effort than this guy. I'm objectively trying my hardest to get good at this, and I'm not pulling it off. And it's very frustrating.

So let's turn that around - any classes or play styles you just can't master? Are you a clutch healer and an awesome DPS, but tanking eludes you? An awesome tank and raid leader who can't heal for beans? Are you a druid who can do anything... except figure out that kitty spec you keep wanting to play?

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Breakfast Topic: This is what I actually look like?

I'd actually forgotten what my character's gear looked like. I've been so heavily into transmog since the end of Cataclysm, I've long since stopped paying attention to the gear I have, and instead keep compulsively looking for the gear I want to look like - running older content, scrounging old quests, occasionally hitting LFR for a new skin or color of a piece I already have.

One of the consequences of transmogrification is that I can blissfully go throughout my game play never really actually knowing what the gear I have on looks like. For instance, I'm really not a fan of this sword model - I love the stats, but the look of it isn't one I like. It's not as outright ludicrously evil as Xal'atoh, and not as elegant as Gar'tok, one of my favorite models from the current raid. But since I have one of those, I haven't had to look at this model since I got it.

In a way I'm kind of glad I switched everything back to its actual model. It's good to take a look at what you're actually wearing from time to time - and now I know I'm probably dumping every single piece of Warrior tier 16 as soon as I start leveling through Draenor, and I'm probably going to disenchant that sword. Or at least one of them. I admit, I'm such a completionist, DEing both would be hard. My weapon collection would be upset.

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Community Blog Topic Results: Making professions better

Gesticulating gnome
In our last Community Blog Topic, we asked how to make professions better. As usual, we got many verbose answers and I've excerpted just a few of them.

JC_Sway from LOL Survival has a few suggestions for improving professions.

Every profession should be able to make a mount, and they should all require that trade skill. The current situation is inconsistent and convoluted.

New armor and weapons should have unique models. There should be exactly ONE way to get some awesome looking models, wether it's for transmog or not, and that is a craftsperson.

Multiple recipes on a shared daily cooldown. Right now, my alchemist makesLiving Steel every day regardless. That isn't exactly interesting.

Maybe make those cooldowns weekly so we don't feel compelled to log in every day. Want to make 7 Living Steel on Tuesday and be done with it for the week? No problem.

The ability to repair things you can craft at a nice discount. Maybe put it on a 2-5 hour cooldown.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you have a set schedule for playing WoW?

I don't do well playing WoW on a free-form basis. During the first half-dozen or so years I spent in Azeroth, I had a schedule to keep. There were raid nights. There were farming and upkeep nights. There were alt nights, and there were PvP nights. And then somewhere along the way, things got more relaxed. That's when I discovered that when I don't have set evenings to settle down with a good session in Azeroth, real life takes over in a major way. Nobody at my house would sweat me for sitting down to play WoW, but there are just so many things that need doing! When I realized what was happening, I put myself back on a WoW schedule based on my husband's raiding schedule in another game, which made a neat fit for the whole family. The routine keeps things rolling.

Do you have a set schedule for playing WoW? Is that built around raid and event schedules, or do you play then because those are the times that work best for your schedule or your family's schedule? Or do you prefer to log in at your whim, morning, noon or night?

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Breakfast Topic: What MMO lingo grates on your last nerve?

Please don't tell me about your "toon." That word drives me to utter distraction. I despair at the idea of players callously shoving their characters out into the boss encounter like so many chess pieces. That's your dude we're talking about! Your avatar, the thing that represents you-ness and all your innovative, adventuresome, heroic purpose! I want to think I'm surrounded by players who are invested in the characters they're playing, rather than simply hopping into them for a quick joyride through LFR before screeching into a parking space and hopping into a new one.

"Toon" doesn't carry the same connotations for plenty of other players, and they couldn't care less about the term. Why should they, when there are so many other pet peeves to fret over -- like players who type "PST whisper" or "PST me." PST is an acronym for "please send tell"; it's not meant, as some players mistakenly believe, to represent the more onomatopoeiaic "psst" sound. There's no need to add anything else after saying PST. In fact, you shouldn't allow your "toon" to "PST anybody," ever. Ouch.

Is there a snippet of MMO lingo that grates on your last nerve? What about it drives you batty?

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Breakfast Topic: Why can't we fly?

If you're the right level -- and have the appropriate riding training -- you can fly in most parts of World of Warcraft. For those who are accustomed to flying, venturing into one of the areas you can't fly feels a lot like having weights attached to your feet, as even the grandest flying mount will can't quite manage to get airbound. And, really, it's an embarrassment when, believing you can fly, you leap off a ledge to find you can't. It's even more embarrassing when you die of fall damage because of it.

The places you can't fly are few and far between -- at this point the only no-fly zones are mostly forgotten bits and pieces of Burning Crusade content, like The Exodar, Silvermoon City, and the daily hub Isle of Quel'Danas. These aren't exactly well-traversed areas -- probably one reason they haven't been updated -- but traveling through them they stand out like sore thumbs from the rest of the game world and you've got to wonder why they haven't been.

So for today's discussion topic, readers, tell us: do you think we should be able to fly throughout the game? Or do you like these hidden, ground-based areas?

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Breakfast Topic: What we longest lament

I still miss Zul'Gurub.

It's been gone from the game since Cataclysm, but I don't think a week has gone by since it's removal (and eventual replacement with the current five man) that I haven't wished it was still accessible somehow. There were plenty of fights I hated in there, like the bat boss with her bomb dropping trash, but it was one of the instances with a strong, self contained feel to it - it really felt like we were raiding a place, storming into a stronghold with large stretches of outdoors, bridges, open bodies of water (with monsters you could fish up) and consequences to bad decisions - it was generally a very bad idea to pull Hakkar without killing at least some of the other bosses.

We did a lot of weird, stumbling runs in there, with 20 exhausted raiders fresh out of an MC run trying to get a couple of epics to fill gaps in their gear, and I didn't always have fun in them. But I find myself missing the place, and all the other raids and dungeons that have been removed and updated over the years. Shadowfang Keep, the Deadmines, Zul'Aman, the original Scarlet Monastery dungeons, and soon Blackrock Spire will join the list. I don't mind that content gets updated, but sometimes, I wish there was a Caverns of Time for content that got updated to let us go zone back and see it the way it originally was.

So what about you? Do you miss anything like this, or are you always glad to see it get swept away?

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Community Blog Topic: How to make professions better

BlizzCon Garrison Mine
For this week's Community Blog Topic, we turn to Neuromante:
I'd like to throw in ideas about what to do with main professions: how to simplify them, make them more entertaining/profitable, less grindy, etc.

For starters, I'd love it if my scribe could summon a table and chair to actualy write glyphs, and my alchemist summon a mini-lab with bunsen burners and all.

One thing I really liked about Star Wars Galaxies was the crafting. I loved that you could go out and harvest mats and they would vary in quality. Therefore if you were diligent enough about gathering, you could craft items that were better than other people's. I'd like to see something similar in World of Warcraft.

The problem is that SWG had harvesters you could go and plant and set to gather while you were away. You would just have to go and empty them when they got full. There's no way that a setup like that will work in WoW. Too much would have to change.

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Breakfast Topic: What will you do with your level 90 boost?

While there's been plenty of discussion about whether level boosting is good or bad for the game, we do know that everyone will be getting a free boost to level 90 with Warlords of Draenor. For those of us actively playing the game now -- who already have at least one level 90 and perhaps several -- this raises the question of just what to do with our boost. Should we kick-start a new alt (like a hunter)? Jump into a different faction for a change of gaming perspective? Or maybe take advantage of this to hop to a server to play with friends away from our usual WoW realms.

There are plenty of things we could do, but the question remains: when you pick up Warlords, what are you going to do with your level boost?

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Breakfast Topic: What do you collect?

For a game that's not really about collecting -- it's no Animal Crossing -- there's a lot of collecting to do in World of Warcraft if you're of a mind to collect things. And when there's not a lot of new content to occupy players, collecting things can take center stage. After all, there's tons of things you could collect, from the straightforward pets, mounts, transmog gear, toys, or tabards, to the more challenging reputation, achievements, or level 90s. Fortunately for those of us who collect pets or mounts, there's an in-game storage system to keep our inventories from overflowing -- but those of you who collect tabards, toys, or other items that don't get the same treatment are probably finding your bank overflowing with items.

So today we're talking collections. Do you play the collection mini-game? And if so, just what do you collect?

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Breakfast Topic: How many boosts do you need?

Warlords of Draenor is doing something we've never had as a bonus for an expansion before, and offering players a free level 90 with the pre-order of the expansion. This is actually pretty cool as far as I'm concerned, because it means people will be able to purchase the game and play through all the new content immediately, instead of having to go through a long, drawn out leveling process before getting to play with the awesome orc dudes on the box. But in addition to this service, we've also discovered that the level 90 boost will be a paid service -- which allows players to boost a character to 90 without purchasing a second game license to get the feature.

A brief flicker on the Blizzard Store with the release of patch 5.4.7 displayed the price for the purchase of this service as $60. Now, I'm not really interested in discussion about the price itself -- it's a little high for me, but that's not really what I'm curious about, here. I'm wondering how many people actually plan on purchasing a boost from the store, and how many characters they plan to do it with. Myself, I'm content with the two boosts I'll get from my two game licenses -- I don't really need any more than that.

So I'm going to pose the question to you guys, because I'm curious, here. Forget the price we saw on the store. In a perfect world, at a perfect price, how many level 90 boosts would you purchase, in addition to the free one that comes with the Warlords expansion itself? Do you have a whole stable of alts you want to boost to 90? Is this a service that you would realistically use, if the price were right -- and how many characters do you think you'd boost to 90?

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Breakfast Topic: Home is where the hearthstone is

As you level up, your hearthstone is most likely set to whichever area is nearest the quests you're working on. But when you hit level 90, just where does your hearthstone send you? You might set it to a location nearest the dailies you've been doing on or simply put it somewhere that's convenient to portals, like your faction's Shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

But not everyone makes their hearthstone decisions with practicality in mind. For some, certain places in the game just feel like home. Or maybe you don't care for the crowds or layout of the terribly utilitarian Shrine. So today, tell us: where's your hearthstone set? And, then, what's your reasoning behind that particular location?

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Breakfast Topic: What will you miss from Pandaria?

The Horde Shrine and the Alliance Shrine are two oddly different places. While I'm used to the layout of the Horde Shrine, the Alliance is just different enough that I find myself getting lost every now and again. It's not quite a mirror image. But the Alliance Shrine has the advantage of Andrea Toyas, pictured above. She's a musician who will happily play you any of the many inn themes from Pandaria for just 2g.

I have wasted so much gold on Andrea.

But I totally love the different inn themes that were introduced this expansion. They're crazy, lively, peppy little numbers that instantly cheer me up the second I hear them. And I realized that after we leave Pandaria, we're going to leave the crazy inn music behind too, which makes me kind of sad. I'm sure Warlords will have some amazing music, but I highly doubt any of them are going to be remotely like what we've heard in Mists, and I'll miss those weird crazy little tunes. What are you going to miss when we leave Pandaria behind? Is there a bit of music you really like hearing? A place you enjoy hanging out? A particular NPC you look forward to seeing when you log in, for no real reason other than you like their name or what they do? When we leave Pandaria behind, what will you be sad to say goodbye to?

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Community Blog Topic Results: Your new WoW holidays

Art Panel
The current Community Blog Topic asked you to design your own World of Warcraft holiday. We got many detailed responses, but I've only taken excerpts from them. If you like the general idea of the holiday, click through the link to the original.

Astalnar from Cogitationes Astalnaris gives a very detailed description of the Rites of Passage holiday.

Rites of Passage, as I would call this holiday would take place between 8th and 22nd of March. Thus it is right between Love is in the Air, and Noblegarden. During this holiday daring adventurers would embark on epic journey across Azeroth to obtain the items that would prove their worthiness, and let them pass the Rites. Such items would be a Dry Cloth from Ocean's Bottom, Lie of Many Colours, and Horn of Hornless Old Hag.

The search would take them across all the continents of Azeroth, both known and unknown. Most of the items would be located on still undiscovered continents. There would be number of clues pointing to Outland, and they would need to fish for hours in the backest of the backwaters Azeroth can offer. Searching for the next clue. It would be fun, if the clues for every player would be randomly generated, thus the Holiday stays actual even years after it would first appear.

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