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Activision Blizzard leads the gaming industry

Within the last week, articles on a couple different websites has given us a little look at how much of a juggernaut Activision Blizzard really is on the gaming front.

The first comes from VentureBeat. Not directly about Activision Blizzard, this article talks a little about the current state of PC gaming. VentureBeat mentions that The NPD Group, a market researching group, has said that online gaming subscriptions generate around $1 billion per year with World of Warcraft leading the pack. I wouldn't use this as proof of PC gaming still going strong as VentureBeat does, but rather that the PC gaming community has shifted toward subscription based multiplayer experiences with consoles taking over single player experiences, for the most part. You can probably thank piracy for that. That bit is a topic for another time, though.

Our other bit comes from Gaming Today on Filefront. This one is quite directly about Activision Blizzard, mentioning that they've become the number one game publisher around with a net earning of over $2.9 billion. That's a lot of money! Again according to The NPD Group, Activision dominated both the console and handheld markets. Between the Guitar Hero series still going strong and the upcoming release of Wrath of the Lich King, it won't be much of a surprise to anybody if Activision Blizzard comes out on top again in 2009.

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Last Week on Massively: WoW-related stories

This week's round up of WoW-related posts on our sister site Massively covers many different angles of the MMO universe dominated by World of Warcraft. You can click on the links below or subscribe to a special WoW-only Massively feed.

New MMOs breaking the combat mold?
In many ways, the dominant style of MMO combat we see in games today, particularly in the Everquest and World of Warcraft vein, is a direct descendant of tabletop gameplay. As much as that model has served us well over the years, some, like JoBildo over at TTH, believe that the future of MMO combat is almost upon us, and once we see the light, we'll never want to go back.

World of Noobcraft, the 2.4 debate
With the changes comes to World of Warcraft in 2.4, many of the hardcore raiders out there have begun wailing once more. To some, this is tantamount to a whole new kind of "welfare epic" and demeans the accomplishments of the game's elite. As Ron at Gaming Today points out, this is exactly the kind of attitude that turns so many people off of MMOs in the first place.

Behind the Curtain: Rehashing an old argument?
I just wanted to share my thoughts on the whole Casual vs. Hardcore debate – you see, I've never been comfortable with the Casual and Hardcore labels in MMO games. I disagree with the idea that you suddenly become Hardcore when you pass a specific number of hours played. I used to argue with guildies that the Casual and Hardcore labels were meaningless, and we should invent new ones, but as I've thought about it more I realise that the labels themselves are valid, but just not in the way they are commonly accepted and applied.

WoW's new arena season delayed to hold off AoC?
Timing the release of popular content to coincide with the release of competitors' products is a time-honored practice in the game industry. Hell, it's a time-honored practice in ANY industry. You steal some of their thunder in terms of headlines, community buzz, and most importantly, player dollars. In a recent blog post, Relmstein questions Blizzard's logic in delaying the start of World of Warcraft's PvP Season 4 for at least another patch.

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