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Addon Spotlight: Fizzwidget's Feed-O-Matic

It's been awhile since we talked about Gazmik Fizzwidget's little trinkets. As I promised in this week's Macro Anatomy, here is an addon designed specifically for Hunters and their pets.

handles feeding your pet, automating the process of opening your bag, finding food and stuffing into your pets face. The part I find most useful is the reminder it creates for feeding my hungry wolf. I've configured the addon to create an emote when I feed my pet, just so everyone knows how humane I am in my treatment of a pet I ask to fight on my behalf. (Ironic I know, but it helps me sleep at night.)

You can configure this addon to avoid foods needed for quests, anything that provides a "Well-Fed" buff and/or is used for Cooking recipes. You have complete control over what food your pet is allowed to eat, through a series of slash commands, so with just a bit of configuration Feed-O-Matic can streamline the entire process.

Come back after the break for some tips on setting up your new pet-feeding addon.

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Addon Spotlight: Linkerator

We've looked at Fizzwidget's gadgets before here at Addon Spotlight, so you might be familiar with his wares. For this installment, I want to bring Linkerator to your attention. It's a little addon that does a big thing, it allows you to type the name of an item in brackets and Linkerator will create an item link for you.

In Patch 2.4, we saw the introduction of spell links, which have become the subject of Trade channel jokes. This mod provides a similar feature, to include the ability to link items you don't currently have or see. This can give you another way to torment people in global channels, in case Murloc movies or Chuck Norris get old.

So, the way this works is simple. To create an in-text item link, simply type the name of the item in brackets. Linkerator will also auto-fill names as you type them, in case you forget the full name. I use this mostly to compare an item I'm looking for to what I currently have equipped, especially when I was considering changing over to Engineering for some of the epic crafted items.

I'm sure you can find a use for this feature, whether its for good reasons or not. Its definitely one of those little extras I have for the off chance I use it, but that is part of what addons can do for you as a player. That's it folks, short and sweet for you on a Sunday before I make my second excursion into Karazhan since rerolling.

Are you an addon-addict? Is your User Interface a living work of art? Welcome home, my friends! Every week, Addon Spotlight profiles a different addon, brings you mod-related news and dishes out free addon advice. See out what's been said and done in the addon community by checking out past features or our addon and UI directory.

Addon Spotlight: Fizzwidget's FactionFriend

Many of you may already be familiar with the wondrous little gadgets coming from the secret factory of Gazmik Fizzwidget. For those of you who are not, I would recommend you visit the Fizzwidget showroom and browse the wares. I'll profile them in the coming months, starting with a handy one for newly crowned level 70's.

Fizzwidget's FactionFriend will automatically change the default Blizzard reputation bar based on your current zone or the faction you've most recently gained reputation with. You can also right click the reputation bar to select another faction, open an options pane or open the Reputation window.

I find this a nice "information speedometer odometer" for my paladin, who recently hit 70 and is beginning the reputation grind. Although I wouldn't call this addon a must-have, I embrace the fact that it helps me obsess about gaining reputation. With the shiny, new Shattered Sun Offensive faction, it's nice to know just how close I am to the the next level of reputation while doing the Sunwell dailies.

Read on for some of the other intuitive features of FactionFriend.

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Hunter's Helper running beta test

If you're a fan of Gazmik Fizzwidget's addons (including Feed-o-matic, ReagentCost, and Linkerator), you'll be happy to know that he's already jumping on top of patch 2.4, and in fact he's working right now on a beta of one of his most popular addons, Hunter's Helper. You can download the beta over on WoWInterface -- it won't work so well under WoW 2.3, but it's designed to be taken out on the TTR (or the PTR, if that comes back before the patch drops), and tested out.

Since it's likely that the patch will drop tomorrow, hopefully Fizzwidget has worked out most of the kinks. But it's awesome to see an addon developer ready to go for a brand new patch -- it's too bad that Blizzard hasn't been more proactive in helping these guys out with distributing their new versions around a big patch. Maybe once the Armory has gotten to a point where it's serving all the needs Blizzard wants it to, they can start working on an official third-party addon site.

[Via Mania]

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