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Patch 4.0.1 gem changes detailed

With the new stat changes from patch 4.0.1, many jewelcrafting gems are changing or being removed entirely. Blizzard has posted a comprehensive, official list of the changes for players, to make the change a little bit easier for all of us. In addition, the stats that are going away have their conversion stats, showing you what to expect when you log on later today.

Bashiok -- Gem Changes in 4.0.1
As previously announced, we're changing many of the stats in the game. Some stats are being removed entirely, while others are being redefined. These stat changes will affect gems as well, as we've made a series of basic changes to them, including color changes and stat conversions.

Gems are being changed as follows:

Color Changes
  • Hit is now blue. This makes blue gems interesting for all specs and classes.
  • Mastery and Dodge are now yellow. This change ensures good yellow gem choices continue to exist for tanking. The addition of Mastery to yellow increases the color's value to all specs.
  • Intellect is now red. Red needs to be a great choice for casters, and a universally good color for all specs.
If after the patch you have gems that have changed color, they may no longer match the socket they're in, and the socket bonuses will no longer be applied.

Some stats are being converted into others as detailed below:

Stat Conversion
  • Attack Power is converted to Agility.
  • Spell Power is converted to Intellect.
  • Mana/5 is converted to Spirit.
  • Defense is converted to Dodge, and sometimes Parry.
  • Armor Penetration is generally converted to Critical Strike.

I love these new gem colors, especially because my main is a tank. Having mastery as a yellow gem and hit as a blue gem make for some very interesting gem builds, especially in response to all the stamina-stacking for tanks that has been going on for the entirety of Wrath of the Lich King.

This is it! Patch 4.0.1 begins the slide into December's upcoming expansion. It's a whole new game from here on out. Get oriented with our roundup of everything there is to know about patch 4.0.1 and how it changes the game until the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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New Jewelcrafting patterns in the latest Wrath beta push

The latest beta push introduced a lot of tradeskill recipes, including Jewelcrafting. Elizabeth took some time to check out what new gems we might be seeing in Wrath, pending they survive the horrors of beta testing.

The effects on the gems you find on the trainers aren't incredibly mind blowing, but the raw stats they supply is pretty impressive. Of course, this is all scaled up for level 80, so we'll probably be finding quite a bit of the crafted gear impressive as we find more of it. If you want to see what the trainers have to offer so far, check out the gallery down below.

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Breakfast Topic: How's Season 4 going for you?

The first day of Season 4 has come and gone, and with it, I'm sure a lot of players spent a lot of time recovering from the switchover and beginning the climb to Gladiator rank for the end of Season 4. Arena players rushed out to buy new Season 4 gear -- at least the stuff that didn't need a high rating -- while many battleground regulars probably went to get their hands on the Season 2 gear for Honor points. I'm sure a lot of teams started play today if only to try to push up their rating and get more gear earlier.

If you're a little overwhelmed by all the Season 4 hubbub whipping around, let WoW Insider get you squared a way a bit better. You can check out our Season 4 Information roundup, chock full of useful articles that will help you get the most out of this season, or you can check our Season 4 brutal gladiator gear roundup for information on all the new stuff you can spend your Arena and Honor points on.

If you plunged right into the thick of things, how did you do? Did you fight enough Arena battles to get a set of bracers, or are you waiting for the teams to settle into proper brackets before you dive in? Did you just stick with buying some season 2 gear or a new belt with some saved up Honor points? Or, did you just sell armor patches and gem cuts to everyone looking to kit out their new gear? Let us know how the new season's treating you!

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Investigation into missing spell haste gem cuts is "underway," says blue poster Syndri

So when patch 2.4 came out, you might remember a certain line in the patch notes: "Added several new tradeskill items to the new Sunwell Daily faction vendor: Three jewelcrafting recipes to cut gems with spell haste from Dawnstones, Talasite, and Noble Topaz."

Here's the problem: Those recipes actually don't currently exist anywhere in game, or at least haven't found their way to any Jewelcrafters. You can find Quick Dawnstone, Reckless Noble Topaz, and Forceful Talasite on all the WoW item database sites, but the recipes themselves seem to have gone missing, and aren't on Eldara Dawnrunner, nor do they so much as appear to drop from any mob.

Don't worry though, Jewelcrafters, all hope is not lost.

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Talasites to be slightly less useless in 2.4

For those of you who like Spell Haste, I have good news! Patch 2.4 is bringing you a few new Jewelcrafting recipes to reduce your Global Cooldown. Noble Topaz, Dawnstones, and our good friends the Talasites all recieve a new cut.
  • Quick Dawnstone - +8 Spell Haste Rating
  • Reckless Noble Topaz - +4 Spell Haste Rating and +5 Spell Damage
  • Forceful Talasite - +4 Spell Haste Rating and +6 Stamina
While the effectiveness of Spell Haste is still up for debate, new options for gems are always good. I have a feeling this won't do much to help the Talasite market, the +Stam/Resil cut didn't even help much, but at least it's another use for the things. I'm pretty sure everyone who plays WoW has a stack of them sitting in the bank.

Additionally, we have a few new metagems coming our way!

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