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What I want in patch 5.2 that isn't there yet, and that Rossi didn't mention

What I want in patch 52 that isn't there yet
The eminent Matt Rossi recently wrote an article detailing what he wanted to see in patch 5.2 that isn't there yet, and while he and I share many of the same opinions, there were things that everyone's favorite warrior left out, in this writer's humble opinion at least. Given that variety is the spice of life, I thought I'd throw my thoughts into the ring for your consideration.

5-man content

I heartily agree that more small group content would be fantastic. Scenarios, as someone who mostly enjoys healing and tanking in PvE, don't really do it for me. Yes, they're great for players who focus on DPS, but for those of us who don't, scenarios are less fun. There's no doubt that a healer or a tank is a handy thing to have along in a scenario, but you're not really putting your skills to the test in a situation that's designed for several DPS to complete without your assistance. While I understand Zarhym's assertion that 5-mans would be a bit "funky" at this point in the expansion, and that 5-mans haven't typically been added with every patch in WoW's long and storied history, and whether we really need them or not, I'd love some new 5-man content.

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