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Ghostcrawler: Round 1 of patch 4.0.1 class rebalancing implemented

For the record, I did not ask for a pony. When I logged into my account post-4.0.1, though, my cup runneth over with them. Sadly, though, Blizzard is taking all my precious ponies away for redistribution.

WoW Insider's own Matt Rossi had a terrific post yesterday about the class balancing issues that we were seeing with patch 4.0.1. Casters like me were experiencing the thrill of god mode, with reports of mages being able to one-shot their opponents. And while we casters were getting sweet, delicious ponies, melee players got a big pile of pony excrement. Arms and fury DPS were down -- way down. So was retribution paladin and kitty DPS.

Last night, Lead Systems Designer Ghostcrawler let us all know that fixes were on the way. Today, he confirmed that fixes were implemented and explained what was done to each affected class to balance them out. The full post explaining who got buffed, who got nerfed and why is available just after the break.

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Don't freak out about the Cataclysm changes yet

There has been a lot of debate about some of the announced class changes for Cataclysm this week. Some people absolutely love the announced changes while others are either upset or confused about what these changes mean for their spec.

One important thing to remember (and something Ghostcrawler and other devs have stressed multiple times) is that almost all numbers, coefficients and bonuses are going to be changing when the expansion ships, and none of the abilities are final. This means trying to say that using certain spells or stats is a "horrible idea" because of particular issues in the current game doesn't really hold up, because your class might end up needing that stat or relying on that spell when Cataclysm hits.

Also, being as the entire stat system is getting a revamp (with a lot of the current stats going away or being repurposed completely), all of your current gear's stats will also be changing to reflect this including increased armor for cloth, leather and mail users.

There is also the fact that these previews are not the whole story. There might end up being additional talented spells for your spec or revamps of various class abilities that will change your current rotation. Some classes are getting simplified and others will be getting a little more depth.

All in all, please look at these changes with an open mind and leave any preconceived notions at the door. We still have the entire beta for them to tweak and change any of the current ideas that might be lacking or might not mesh well with your class's existing kit.

Always remember to leave constructive feedback (Note: "This sucks!", "Blizzard obviously doesn't play my class," and "Ghostcrawler promised me a pony!" are not examples constructive feedback.) and tell them what parts seem clunky, good, lackluster or just simply feel "off" of what it should be for whatever reason (and always include the reason why). If you're eloquent in your post (and sometimes even if you're not), you might be the voice that gets things changed.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will destroy Azeroth as we know it. Nothing will be the same. In's Guide to Cataclysm you can find out everything you need to know about WoW's third expansion. From goblins and worgens to mastery and guild changes, it's all there for your cataclysmic enjoyment.

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Since there's a lot of you up with the staff tonight waiting on the priest class announcement, we've decided to throw up an open thread here on the site. It's our first one of these, so let's see how it goes.

What's an open thread? From Wikipedia:
Basically, talk about whatever you want. I'm going to start posting stupid music videos and 4chan links. The only restriction is that the comments cannot be inappropriate -- both language and link wise. Depending on how this goes, we might do this again tomorrow night or in the future.

So... open thread go WoW multiverse!

Winter Olympics 2010: Ghostcrawler promised me a moose

Last night on the Colbert Report there was an interview with olympian Seth Wescott. Seen in passing footage is the image above. Yes, fans of WoW and members of the Colbert Nation, Ghostcrawler promise of a moose has gone to the Olympics.

We have no idea who the creator of the sign is, and we don't have any idea if he actually was given a moose -- however I'm sure Ghostcrawler will want to hand deliver him one after reaching international fame and stardom from this brief moment on the Colbert Report.

A larger image, full of more truthiness, can be viewed here. You can also view the entire Colbert Report episode over at Hulu. The moose sign comes in around 20:43.

Many thanks to Sean for the tip!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Epic win

First of all, I would like to congratulate Keyra for winning the virtual cookies! This batch is vegan upon request, comes with a nice tall glass of cold soy milk, and I'll even throw in some fresh berries. Khloe Kardashian was the right answer to last week's impromptu trivia question!

Watch out for this week's trivia question, buried in amongst the comics.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any new comic tips, but I don't think you'll be disappointed!

On a side note, I feel very lucky that photographing one's collection of My Little Ponies is a relatively popular occurrence, for how else would I have found such a lovely epic pony? I had more to choose from than I would have imagined, but I finally narrowed it down to the lucky pony on the right.

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Upcoming class and item balance changes

There has been a lot of good discussion lately concerning various aspects of the DPS status quo. Some classes are putting out too much compared to their cloth counterparts, and others have suddenly found themselves too powerful in certain areas of the game. Blizzard recognizes this, and this evening the Lead System Designer, Ghostcrawler, came out and enumerated a few things Blizzard believes are true.

Ghostcrawler has left the door open to these class and item balance issues being fixed (if Blizzard decides to pursue such fixes) in either a hotfix or through an upcoming patch. Chief among these changes are an increase in warlock DPS, a decrease in rogue DPS, a change in protection warriors to limit their utility in PvP, and refinements to Icecrown Citadel weapon procs.

When looking over this laundry list of areas to change, it's important to remember that Ghostcrawler is not promising a fix, and that he and his team are not ready to share specifics. He has not promised you the pony, so don't be mad if some of these changes don't happen.

Ghostcrawler's full statement after the break.

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TurpsterDoubleVision: Mounting Your Squire

We can't believe it either – Turpster has been let loose on to bring you videos from in and around the World of Warcraft! You've heard him on the WoW Insider Show, and now see him on TurpsterVision right here on

Drinking alcohol might make you feel big, but you wont be clever! Don't do drugs kids! Now I've got that out of the way, I can leave you all to enjoy the video and to get in game and complete the achievements. If you need any help then make sure you check out Allison Robert's fantastic guide on the Brewfest 2009 achievements!

Also, as some of the less filthy minded of you out there might have guessed from the title, this week's TurpsterVision features the Argent Tournament reward and the achievement of Pony Up! And I have it on fairly good word that this is indeed THE Pony that Ghostcrawler promised us -- well at least that is how I am treating it in-game (RP ftw!).

Check out more of Turpster's work, from his WoW parody songs to TV previously on, not forgetting everyone's favorite podcast 'The WoW Insider Show' and of course, TurpsterVision right here on!

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Your very own Ghostcrawler Promised Me a Pony Shirt

Ghostcrawler promised us a pony. He did. Or... did he? The statement became World of Warcraft-famous when Blizzard developer Greg Tiberius Street, otherwise known as Ghostcrawler, used the statement to end a thread that was guaranteed to become a whine and flame-fest. It also became one of's favorite quotes -- so much of a favorite, in fact, that when BlizzCon rolled around, we fitted our crew with custom-made Ghostcrawler Promised Me a Pony shirts.

It turns out we're not the only ones who like the phrase. Some of our readers who saw us walking around with the shirt asked where they could get one. People who saw the design on the site wrote in, even including some super secret Blizzard blues who presumably want to wear the shirt as an inside joke at the office. Since we love you guys, we're here to oblige. While we won't be able to give you actual shirts, we're making the high resolution file of the image we used available for download right here on the site.

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Patch 3.2.2 PTR: Confirmed TCG loot for Scourgewar, Ghostcrawler finally gives us that pony

With news of all these pets leaking out onto the interweb and the patch 3.2.2 PTR build being updated, I figured it was high time to nip to Booty Bay to visit Landro Longshot. He's usually a great source for finding out what we can expect in the Trading Card Game. Sure enough, he was updated with info on Scourgewar, which will be released on November 21st. Landro tells me that there's some great loot coming, in the form of mini mounts (the Little White Stallion and the Little Ivory Raptor), the Tuskarr Kite and the ever so adorable Spectral Tiger Cub.

We're not quite sure how the mini mounts are going to work or whether they will be faction-orientated. But it's the Little White Stallion is likely to raise a smile for all of Ghostcrawler's fans. Yes, we (and by that we mean the people who get the loot cards) will finally getting that long-promised pony! The mounts are likely to cost a couple of hundred gold each and they're not yet purchasable on the PTR. The normal codes (1111, 2222 and 3333) aren't active yet but as soon as they are, we'll be sure to bring you pictures.

2n - 1 go left, 2n go right. I don't see enough DoTs! More DoTs now!

Are you ready for the return of Onyxia? With the Brood Mother being revitalized as a 10 and 25 person raid, you'll need to be sure you know everything that's coming at you.'s Guide to Patch 3.2.2 will make sure your set for the next patch!

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Blizz may not do previews for patch 3.2

Back way before patch 3.1 was on the PTRs, the first concrete information we got about the patch was a round of class previews from the CMs. Over the course of about a week Blizzard showed us a few changes they were thinking about implementing for each class. Some (most?) got implemented in the live patch (like Savage Defense), and some got scrapped completely, like Power Word: Barrier.

It was made clear all along that these were only provisional changes, subject to modification as the patch progressed through the PTR and onto the live realms. Still, some players are upset that what they see as "promised" changes did not come true. Invoking the spirit of "this is why we can't have nice things," Ghostcrawler warns that he's "not sure if we will do previews for patch 3.2 given the response this time around."

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